Comment from: Chad R. [Visitor]  
Chad R.

Great job, Paul! Glad you stepped up to a marathon in your Fivefingers. What interests me about your story is your level of pronation. As you know, the Brooks Beast is a heavy motion-control shoe developed for significant overpronators. For you to go to Fivefingers is a huge accomplishment. I'd imagine that your feet muscles will strengthen over time and you will pronate less and less. Way to go!

12/12/09 @ 15:42
Comment from: Kyle Kranz [Visitor]
Kyle Kranz

I love how the photographer at the finishing is looking right at your VFFs!

12/19/09 @ 19:31
Comment from: patrick [Visitor]


Where can I buy in Montreal five finger shoes please?

03/22/12 @ 09:44

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