Comment from: Ben Swieringa (Holland, MI USA) [Visitor]
Ben Swieringa (Holland, MI USA)

Here's a tip for running in cold weather with KSO's. If you have stretchy running pants, tuck the leg cuff under the velcro strap before tightening it. The forward part of the ankle is then protected from wind and cold and the feet stay warm with no need for socks.

Congratulations on your race Raymond and thanks for the photos from the Netherlands!

03/10/10 @ 13:23
Comment from: Marc [Visitor]  

I experienced tremendous calf trouble making the switch....almost made me doubt my beloveed VFF. I tell everyone...make the switch slowly. I didn't. 100% convinced that if you want to run into old age (my advice...don't run to much) VFF or barefoot are you're only options to most likely stay pain free.
Justin, his link is spelled wrong. It's not wegloBer.

Congrats Raymond. I like your NYC story.

03/11/10 @ 06:45
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Crazy fast transition. I was doing a 30 runs in 30 days challenge and was trying to incorporate my VFFs every other day for 3-4 mile runs. I still couldn't transtition over fully after all those short runs. Sad.

03/11/10 @ 09:23
Comment from: Chris C [Visitor]
Chris C

Just ran 13.1 Miles in FFV classics. No more calf pain.
How? I was reading Matt Fitzgerald latest book and he advocates techniques for gait improvement. One of the techniques are pulling your foot back or paw back, just before ground contact. Elite runners do that. What happens is it reduces your ground contact time and your foot goes almost silent. I noticed after my run and the next day my calves were slightly stiff but no more pain. I ran two consecutive days after the 13.1 and my legs felt great. Hope this helps. Don't give up on FFV's! Once you break through, your old running shoes are obsolete!

03/11/10 @ 09:52
Comment from: Jawa [Visitor]

Raymond, Congratulations on a great run. I think you were running bio-mechanically correct before VFF. I mean your were probably midfoot/forefoot striking already so you didn't need a transition.

03/11/10 @ 10:24
Comment from: Raymond [Visitor]  

Thanks for the responses!

@JxA For me it seemed regular shoes kicked back my heel somewhat, or of course my footstrike wasn't optimal :) So I don't totally agree that running injury free is only about footstrike.

There's a video from last year in this post. If you want I can put up the original file somewhere. I don't know if I maybe have a video with a better close-up of my footstrike.

03/16/10 @ 11:43
Comment from: Daniel [Visitor]  

Hey Raymond,

great story and I love the picture "Can you find Raymond" - I think you're running in the right spirit :-)
I'm transitioning myself at the moment, started about 3 weeks ago, slowly, 500 m first, then 1,6 km and so on. 2 days ago: 11 km, yesterday 5 km, today another 10 km, all in VFFs - and almost all on unpaved tracks. It's amazing how much fun it is.
Even during the heavy snow we've experienced recently I did some 4 to 5 km runs and then switched to my regular, running shoes (without cushioning either).

Keep running and having fun!

03/20/10 @ 16:14
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]  

Good story!
I think the problem most people have is the gradual switch, and still using the old shoes. If you have pain running in the VFF's on roads, run on trails instead. The dirt and mud cushion the foot so it is not as bad as running on pavement. 2 weeks after starting, I can run as far as I like in my VFFs, as long as it is on trails. Running on sidewalks/roads, I can't do much more than 3 miles.

03/22/10 @ 00:27
Comment from: phil [Visitor]

I also started my transition using bioms. They are really good shoes and they allowed my achilles tendon problems to clear up. However, I found I still had more heel strike than I wanted and developed a few other foot problems. This is probably because I have wide feet and they just didn't fit quite right. I did improve my 10k time by 7 minutes in them. All that being said, I love my VFF's so much more. My calves get a little sore, but not my joints.

04/05/10 @ 23:59
Comment from: Jim [Visitor]

I started the transition about 3 weeks ago. I usually run about 30miles a week. I had Addictions and I'm a bing pronator. Also I've had two knee surgery. The VFF's are the greatest thing I have ever bought. I am running 10k with no knee, no IP strap, no joint pain. I can't run in my old shoes anymore because they now feel totally uncomfortable.

03/29/12 @ 14:14
Comment from: hauziran [Visitor]

i use kso evo for 3 months.i have never run as a sport(i do play tennis).1 month ago i started running in vff. i started with 1,8 km in one session and after less than a month i ran 10 km strait on dirt left shin hurts a little bit like 2 out of 10 the day after, but really i felt i could have run even you think this is normal or should i stop.i must mention that when i grew up i walked a lot barefoot(even in forests) and i do walk barefoot in my home all the time

09/07/14 @ 01:39

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