Comment from: Martin [Visitor]


How do you think the earthrunners cardacian and elemental hold up against the gladsoles? Comparing both the sole and the lacing system?

Ive been using the gladsoles street and eco for a year and i love them but every now and then I have issues with the lacing causing it to sit too loose.

04/04/16 @ 02:54
Comment from: [Member]


The sole materials are pretty similar, but the uppers make the Earthrunners slightly less flexible relative to a bare sole of a different sandal of the same thickness.

As you can see from the photos, the laces are more diagonal with all the ER sandals, while the gladsoles can be more tailored to your foot needs.

I have entire marathons with Gladsoles and did not have to adjust my lacing, but I have also encountered situations where I would have to finely adjust them for a bit and fiddle until they would be comfortable. It's a bit of a learning curve that even I still have to readjust at times.

The key is to make sure that the placement is perfect for the main strap between your toes and to make it is taut during each looping. It's not always going to be perfect, but it's great when it works.

I would say give these a try or Shamma Sandals, which are more comfortable in my opinion, but it all depends on your feet and your needs.


04/04/16 @ 09:39
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]

Based on your reviews and comment and other review I will probably extend my gladsoles arsenal with shammas warrior and maybe the jc as well Hehe. Getting something for technical trail seems overkill since I really run technical trail and when I do I can use something I already have. I used the gladsoles eco on a 40k trail workout a few weeks ago. The paracord snapped unfortunately after 30k in very muddy conditions. So getting shammas would be great for occasions where I don't want to worry about backups. I've also ordered webbing to try on the gladsoles eco instead of paracord. The paracord works good on the street but the eco is a bit heavier so I think that's one issue with small string.

04/04/16 @ 13:29
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I am so sorry to hear that! What a pain!

I have never experienced the paracord snapping on my gladsoles, but the toe post did fray a bit underneath the shoe. A quick relighting of a match took care of that for me.

I think you would enjoy the latest Shamma Sandals, for sure. They are very polished and well-designed. I do wish that they had more variety in foot shapes, but their standard template fits me just fine.

Yeah, as I commented in my ECO review, I like them, but they are bottom heavy due to the density of the tire tread. It takes a bit more care to tie them property for a good fit compared to the Trail and Street versions.


04/04/16 @ 17:38
Comment from: [Member]

Hey guys!

Earthrunners have updated their line.

The Circadians are now a 9mm Vibram Sole, while a new model, Elemental, features an 8mm sole.

04/26/16 @ 11:55
Comment from: Mike DeAto [Visitor]
Mike DeAto

Hey Jarvis!

I have a pair of 6mm Gladsole Trails which I love for most every situation. However, when wet my foot tends to slip a bit on the footbed and doesn't provide quite the traction between foot and sandal I would like.

I saw that ER updated their line to include Hemp footbeds which intrigues me greatly. How does the Circadian hold up up in regards to foot-to-sandal contact? I'd love something that sticks to my foot a little better than my Gladsoles do. I know ER's new hemp footbed is supposed to be better for traction but I thought I would ask you how they preform in general. If you've had a chance to try out the new hemp footbed I would be interested to hear how that is too!


03/23/17 @ 11:43
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Mike!

I actually just received a pair of hemp footbed and lace Circadians from Earthrunners!

From a design point of view, you will definitely have better stability and security with the Circadians for a number of reasons over the Gladsole trails (which are still great, but perhaps not quite what you are looking for).

The Circadians have wider straps, which will hold more and distribute your movements more evenly. Better yet, the hemp laces are actually a bit thicker and a great deal softer; they should feel sturdier than the traditional nylon ones.

I was a bit apprehensive about the hemp footbed at first. My previous experience with footbeds with any discernible texture would usually lead to discomfort, but this new hemp footbed is really nice! Somewhat soft, never scratchy (my main concern), and does quite a bit with odor absorption. I still need to do some wet weather testing, but I think they are a winner! All the good things I've said about the Circadian still hold true, but these are a marked improvement on a winning design.

You live in the area, right? Let me know and you can check them out sometime before I finish the review!

03/24/17 @ 11:00
Comment from: Julian [Visitor]  

Hi Jarvis!
I recently got into barefoot running and really enjoy every bit of yor blog! great work!

I wondered if you already had a chance to compare the new circadians with the elementals? Does the hemp footbed hold up? it looks like it gets pretty dirty quickly because of the light color. Are the circadians traction-wise much better than the elementals?


07/05/17 @ 19:06

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