Comment from: Lars [Visitor]

I'm a huuge fan of the new balance minimus trail 10. Been running in it for little more than 1 year now in all kinds of weather.

When the shoes gets older though I notice 2 things, the yellow foamy material gets very very stiff and also the black rubber parts are falling off.

I'm wondering if the 10v2 has the same yellow foam, or if they switched the mixture in the new version.

03/20/13 @ 10:50
Comment from: Jeremy [Visitor]  

Do the versions 2's fit the same as the originals? For the first version I had to order a half size up. Do you think this would be the same case?

03/21/13 @ 09:24
Comment from: James Thrift [Visitor]
James Thrift

I cannot begin to say how big of a fan I am of the New Balance Minimus shoe line. I am so happy the a really big shoe company has made such a commitment to not only the minimalist style shoe, but the natural no drop type shoe.

With saying all of that, I can say that I like the original way more than this "new and improved" version of the Minimus line. I am a nag for the tongue in my shoe to be a certain way, and the tongue in this shoe leaves me wanting. I find that it almost always slides to one side of my foot, exposing the upper of my foot to the laces and the side it slipped to a rubbing and hot spot annoyance. I do not know if its how I walk or run, but it always ends up like this. I hope that the stitched in tongue comes back in the next version.

Does anyone else have this problem?

James T.

03/21/13 @ 16:13
Comment from: [Member]

@Lars - From what I can tell, the foam looks and feels pretty similar. Not sure if the material used has been altered though.

@Jeremy - I'm an 11 in both the Trail 10 and the Trail 10v2. Both feel okay at first, but after a couple hours the Trail 10 feels tight across the top of the foot.

@James - Which model do you have the tongue problem with? The Trail 10 and 10v2 seem almost identical and the Road 10v2 no shares the attached tongue like the Minimus Zero Road.

03/21/13 @ 22:41
Comment from: ACC [Visitor]

The color is ... awful...

That is all

03/22/13 @ 17:31
Comment from: HLL [Visitor]

I have the NB Minimus Zero (not trail) and they are great, but have no grip so aren't good for trail running. This is a great review; it helped me to decide to get a pair of the Minimus Trail 10V2 shoes. I hope I like them as much as my (now quite worn) women's Merrell Pace Glove shoes!


PS - I agree with someone's comment above about the Minimus Zero Trail shoe. I only tried it on but immediately I felt that it would not suit (my) trail/mid-length (20km) running. It was very very light but did not feel very absorbent to shock nor was it comfortable.

04/18/13 @ 20:09
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

Hi Tim. Good article. I'm looking into getting the Minimus and it seems the trail might be the best bet. Am I going to ruin the shoe if I take it out on the road? I will be taking them out in the wilderness too. Thanks.

05/01/13 @ 13:50
Comment from: [Member]

@Michael--the trails will do just fine on the asphalt. They don't have a serious enough lug to have any issues.

05/01/13 @ 20:51
Comment from: Dehan Louw [Visitor]
Dehan Louw

Hey Tim, In conclusion, would you consider the minimus road 10 to be suitable for wide feet? Don't have the 2E in South Africa, so would have to settle for D. Worth it?

07/04/13 @ 04:27
Comment from: [Member]

@Dehan, the Minimus Road 10v2 in this review was quite wide. I think you could get away with a D if you normally use a 2E.

07/08/13 @ 16:53
Comment from: Ran [Visitor]

Hi Tim, thanks for the review.
I have a pair of minimus oo, I enjoy them for most runs, but on rougher terrains my feet just kept getting wounded by rocks and stones. Are the soles for the V2 any thicker or different, or prevent the problem in any way? and if not, is there a shoe that does the trick in that sense (currently I run with brooks pure grit on tougher terrains)?

08/04/13 @ 12:17
Comment from: [Member]

@Ran - The V2 soles are pretty similar in terms of thickness compared to the V1s. If you looking for even more protection, take a look at the Vivo Barefoot offerings.

08/07/13 @ 19:00
Comment from: margie mcginnis [Visitor]  
margie mcginnis

I love running in the NB minimus on both trails and asphalt but I find that they don't hold up well. They seem to do well for about three months and then completely fall apart. I only run about 15-20 miles a week and some of that is completely barefoot so I don't think I am putting that much stress on them. I have tried several different styles with the same result. The fabric tears, soles come off etc. I am on my 4th pair now and I keep hoping that I can find a pair that will last since I love the feel of them. Has anyone had the same problem?

08/13/13 @ 08:23
Comment from: Mairead [Visitor]  

I accidentally bought the trail version online even though I generally run on road. Do you think I need to return them or can I go ahead and use the trail for road use?

06/12/14 @ 02:14

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