Comment from: Doug [Visitor]

Wow. Those look good Justin. I might have to go with these instead of the Dash. I've been wanting to get a pair of the Dash smooth for wearing to the office (casual dress), but the WAF has been pretty low on them (WAF = Wife Acceptance Factor).

I'll show her these and see if they are up to higher standards.

Question about the Breathe-O-Prene. Is it lined in the whole upper, or just where your foot goes in?
The stitching makes it look like it stops just inside of the upper.

12/06/12 @ 14:45
Comment from: [Member]

It's throughout the entire upper, so your foot only touches either sheepskin insole or breathe-o-prene liner.

12/06/12 @ 14:48
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Size worries me... I see they only go up to size 12, but I normally like to wear a size 13 in other footwear... and I note that you go up a half size when you order, so that makes me very nervous!

If they made these in black, I could wear them to work! I wonder if black shoe polish would do the trick?

These would make a great casual shoe, from the looks of it...

12/07/12 @ 19:26
Comment from: Fran [Visitor]

Great review Justin. I will cosign that these shoes really are amazing.

I own a pair of Rogue's, and I must say that they are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes that I've ever worn. The comfort provided by theese shoes is akin to the feel of a pair of cozy slippers worn indoors on a cold winter day.

The shoes fit snug like gloves, or a skull cap on the head; and despite the beefy look, the soles are foam-like as Justin has said, and they do not affect your gait in the least bit.

The only downside to the shoe is the price, but that is mitigated by the outstanding quality. Soft Star is grass roots when its comes to shoe making, and that's what makes the company and their products so special. I think the Rogue's could easily withstand many miles of walking before they even dream of coming apart. Mines still look great after about a month of wear, and over 50 miles of casual walking.

I highly recommend the Rogue's. They are a must have for your casual minimalist footwear.

12/11/12 @ 13:56
Comment from: Marnix Volckaert [Visitor]
Marnix Volckaert

Hello Justin,

I have read your reviews of these Rogues, and of the VFF Speed XC. I'm looking for a minimalist shoe to wear casually (got Bikilas for running), and both appeal to me aesthetically.
However, I was wondering about the differences in terms of fitting. More specifically: do the rogues feel a bit like they're 'hanging loose' around your feet, compared to the more snug VFFs? The Rogues seem more comfortable and seem to have more ground feel, but I'm just worried that walking on them will make me want to clench too much to keep them on, since I have a rather low arch. Do the laces on the Speed XC mean they are easier to fit more closely on the arch? Also, is there a significant difference in warmth? It's getting kinda cold here now...

Thanks, cheers from Belgium

12/16/12 @ 09:12
Comment from: Kelly Williams [Visitor]
Kelly Williams

I like them! I don't think they are particularly feminine... I have the Ramblers and like you, I find that while they are comfy, they aren't the most stylish things out there. I do like their new merry metro though and plan to pick up a pair for myself soon.

12/17/12 @ 07:18
Comment from: [Member]


The two are very, very different. The XCs are going to feel snug/tight on your feet and be a good bit stiffer in the sole. Ground feel will be different due to the much denser rubber being used (though similarly thick to the Rogues).

The Rogues don't really feel like they're hanging loose on my feet (like they're going to fall off) but they do wear "loose" on my feet -- they don't feel bound to my feet, in other words. It's like the feel of a thick cotton sock you've been wearing all day long, if that helps.

12/17/12 @ 11:20
Comment from: James [Visitor]

Received these a week ago, these are my new favorite casual shoes. Great review and awesome product!

12/22/12 @ 12:22
Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Well my size 12 are snug, as I suspected... My feet measure 11 3/8 in length and and 4 1/2 in width and should fit their size 12, but with my morton's toe they are too short and my pinky toe is a little constrained too... however I have continued to wear them since they don't sell anything larger and have found that there is enough give in the material that the snugness is not enough to make me give up on this pair. The sheepskin footbed is incredible for comfort, these transion from slipper to casual shoe and I love them in both settings. Although the design does not have the wife approval factor going for it, I have not had anyone else comment on the appearance, which can't be said for my luna sandals or my vff...

12/24/12 @ 21:05
Comment from: ML [Visitor]

Great review, Thanks.

01/08/13 @ 20:26
Comment from: AH [Visitor]

Had my pair for 2 weeks now, these are great shoes! I get lots of compliments on them, great company to do business with too

01/30/13 @ 10:53
Comment from: Kay E [Visitor]
Kay E

I finally bought a pair of Rogues-Aged Oak. And decided since I've been eyeing this company via this blog for over a year now to get the Ramblers as well.

I don't think I'll ever wear a "traditional" shoe again. I'm in love!!!!!!!!!!

04/08/13 @ 20:37
Comment from: Michael A [Visitor]  
Michael A

Question for Justin (and anyone else): Which Softstar shoes are best for winter - Rogue, Roos or Rambler? I live north of NYC and spend time both in and out of the city. Probably will be wearing these in light snow conditions on the city streets as well as walking in the woods near home. I'm curious about both warmth and water resistance. (I suppose in really snowy/slushy conditions I could add rubber galoshes if necessary). Any thoughts? Or other brands/models I should be looking at? Thanks, all!

11/24/13 @ 21:36
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Michael A

I would go with the Rogue for winter. It has a thicker sole than the Roo (similar to the Rambler) but a lined upper (Rambler upper isn't lined).

11/26/13 @ 08:17
Comment from: Michael A [Visitor]  
Michael A

Thanks, Justin! Good to know.

11/27/13 @ 08:48
Comment from: TAK [Visitor]  


11/29/13 @ 12:26
Comment from: brian [Visitor]

I keep on hoping softstar will make the shoe I want them to make, and I'm wondering if they ever will. I have the dash in a size 11 and honestly, there is a lot of extra footbed material, a "lip" as you call it. I asked them to make me a size 10.5 and they wouldn't do it. I tried the Moc3s and liked how they got rid of the extra sole material around the perimeter of the footbed but I didn't like the feeling of breath-o-prene all over my foot. It felt un-natural. For some reason Softstar believes there should be an extended lip of sole around the perimeter of all their shoes, except for the moc3 I guess. It really restricts natural movement because you have to lift up your foot as opposed to roll it forward.

Why can't they just make a shoe that is made of all natural materials, put a little more structure into it, cut out the extra footbed material and make the sole more like the moc3, and offer it in half sizes?

04/02/14 @ 16:07
Comment from: brian [Visitor]

So I tried out the rogues in size 11 (i'm usually a 10.5-11 in other shoes) and my feet are quite narrow.

These shoes are extremely snug and small fitting. My toes come nearly to the end but with 1/2 cm to spare, so the length almost too small but I think it is workable. The vertical space in the toebox is very limited. I think this is why people are sizing up, not because of the length, but because it is just too snug fitting around the toebox. Now I'm in the unfortunate position of having to size up to a 12 (!) in order to get the toebox room I need. I don't think I'm going to do it, as that would be far too long of a shoe for me, and I've already caught the front lip on the ground.

It's sad, everything else about the shoe rocks.

04/07/14 @ 20:46

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