Comment from: dirk verelst [Visitor]
dirk verelst

The Soft Star Roo looks very interesting. I will be very curious to hear your take on the BeNat-shoes, which I`m really enjoying a lot and seem to offer comparable advantages in barefootness...

12/13/11 @ 15:49
Comment from: Khris [Visitor]

I would like to have some on right now.

12/13/11 @ 16:12
Comment from: Ellen [Visitor]

Did you know that there is another (custom) sole option?

The Tough Leather Sole!

The tough leather sole is an excellent option. I currently own Soft Star suede moccasins with the tough leather sole. It is still quite flexible, but is very resistant to wear and is excellent on wet and rough surfaces (although I do not recommend them for wearing when it is actually raining). I am also positive that stepping on an electrical cord would not be as painful as it would be with a suede-only sole! Ouch!

I have owned my Soft Stars for almost two years and the only noticeable signs of wear include a shiny black gloss on the sole where it has made continuous contact with the ground. I wear them everyday inside, and at least a few days a week outside.

Extra Notes:
The tough leather sole can only be combined with suede uppers! I was told that the glue used does not allow for the sole to bind to smooth leather. Also, there is an additional fee of (what I remember to be) $20. Lastly, if you are interested in this sole simply add that the "tough leather sole" is wanted in the "Special Instructions / Notes" section when shoes are ordered.


12/13/11 @ 16:45
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]

I have owned a pair of Original Runamocs for a few months now and use them as a winter shoe. I have noticed some of the same issues with the sole. It makes the shoe much stiffer and heavier and does block ground feel. I wear my Runamocs everyday and they have kept me warm so far, although I predict I will need socks eventually. To handle the wet weather I found a suede waterproofing spray. This waterproofs your shoes without damaging the leather! I would be interested in seeing how the Roos hold up with waterproofing and maybe the heavy leather sole. I'm definitely want a winter moc with better ground feel. The search goes on!

12/16/11 @ 17:02
Comment from: CJL [Visitor]

Thanks Ellen for talking about the thick leather sole option. I was going to post a comment asking if anyone had Soft Stars with that option, now I don't have to.

The only Soft Stars I have now are a pair of Ramblers. Unlike what Justin found in the review, I don't find that they hang off my foot or slop around at all. But my normal shoe size is a 12, so I didn't have to go up a half size when buying, which is probably why I get a snugger fit.

Anyway, I highly recommend them. They're probably my favourite and most comfortable shoes, and I'll definitely be getting some other Soft Star models at some point.

12/21/11 @ 12:15
Comment from: Jamie [Visitor]

I just bought a pair of Soft Star shoes today, based on this review! I am a VFF lover but needed an indoor shoe. I tried the Jaya & the Classic but the toe pull upwards drove me crazy:( I want relaxed happy feet. But my birki shearling lined clogs had long since lost most of their lining due to 12 years of daily wear & the soles have cracked in half at the forefoot. These look like they might fit the bill for daily house wear. I have a home daycare & wet socks drive me bonkers! But with kids around(and stocking/bare feet only allowed in my house), there is always something wet somewhere.
I just missed out on getting the cheaper code off, but no worries. I am still super stoked to give the SS shoes a try.

01/09/12 @ 16:48
Comment from: Aaron [Visitor]

This is still, by far, my favorite review that you have ever written. Great writing, and the review spurred me into purchasing a pair of grippy roos for work. Great job.

01/27/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: Matt P. [Visitor]
Matt P.

How do you think the Rambler would do in warmer weather? What Soft Star shoe do you think would be best suited as an all-season casual shoe?



03/20/13 @ 09:33

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