Ronald recently ran a 10K in his black KSO Five Fingers and was fast enough to get a 3rd place finish! Here’s what Ronald had to say:

Hi Justin!

Just wanted to share my pic and experience with my VFF KSOs.

I’ve been training in them since September and finally used them on an actual race, last December 5. I finished my first 10k for the year with a time of 54:02, good enough for 3rd place. Pretty fast, considering that I’m into ultras. Haha! I really enjoyed my experience with my KSOs and hope to get the Treks soon. And if I decide to use VFFs in an ultra, I’ll let you know.

More power to your website and to the VFF community!


Definitely keep us posted on any ultra runs you do in them! Good to hear you’re having so much fun in your new set of feet!