Comment from: [Member]

Congratulations! What an awesome event. I've a friend that did that race years ago. Sounds brutal; just the kind of stuff I like to do! I'm sort of surprised that the RD and other folks were so gloom and doom over your choice of footwear. They probably figured that the Spyridon was just like every other VFF out there. Really though as long as you got a decent amount of traction and some sort of rock plate I can't see how the Spyridon is much different than most of the more minimal trail shoes out there (i.e. racing flats) other than being a very snug (sock-like) fit and individual toe pockets. Anyhow, way to get it done.

11/19/12 @ 12:40
Comment from: Horse Rider [Visitor]
Horse Rider

That is amazing! What an accomplishment! You have some guts for sure Stuart. People are always ready to assume the Vff's won't hold up, but if you are trained properly in them, I have learned they can handle ANYTHING.
Go Vff's!!

11/19/12 @ 13:34
Comment from: bob.e [Visitor]

i'm sure the vff TREK SPORTs could
have also make it through the jungle.
thanks for sharing!
wish i could have some
adventures in the jungle but the

11/19/12 @ 14:35
Comment from: [Member]

"will not offer enough support..." Why is that always the response? Your feet are your support!

11/19/12 @ 15:10
Comment from: Maisha [Visitor]

Congratulations! I've been saving money for Spyridon since my Trek Sports is about to fall apart. I used Trek Sports for two hours hiking today thru mud, soft soil and hard ground. I love it but I really want to try Spyridon for outdoor activities. Your article motivates me to buy them on black friday sale on November 21st which is tomorrow.

11/20/12 @ 19:22
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

Amazing story Stuart. This just reinforced my decision to buy a pair of Spyridons for my obstacle races next year! Thanks and congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!

11/20/12 @ 19:28
Comment from: Federico Ciapi [Visitor]  
Federico Ciapi

Unfortunately my Spyridon LS do cause me blisters under my biggest toes :(

02/21/13 @ 08:32
Comment from: Ted_S [Visitor]

This documentation of the ability of the Spyridon to not get sucked off while going through deep mug is extremely valuable. I've been researching doing a mountain hike in Uganda that starts with a couple of days slogging through mud and ends slogging through snow, and I was looking for exactly this kind of information.

There are now a couple of VFF with ankle cuffs that were not available at the time of the jungle marathon: the Lontra and the Maiori. I'm wondering how either of these would fare, as their cuffs should keep mud and most water out of the shoe.

Has anyone tried either of these in environments where they are getting submerged, either in mud or snow?

07/08/13 @ 15:23
Comment from: Peter Emmerson [Visitor]  
Peter Emmerson

Hi Stuart

I'm running the 2014 event and I currently run in Vff bikilas. I wasn't planning on running in vff's until I read this and now I'm seriously considering in switching to the spyridons and running in them.

If possible it would be great to chat to you a bit more about the event in general, as well as the choice of shoes. If you would be willing to share some more advice and insights please let me know.

Thanks very much and congratulations on your great finish.


07/30/13 @ 13:28
Comment from: Timothy [Visitor]

Congrats on the amazing achievement! I was actually looking for trail running tips and came across this. I am going to be doing a 50K trail run in February. I currently run exclusively in my VFF Seeya's, but I was going to buy the Spyridon model (same colors as yours). I am glad to hear that they held up.

10/17/13 @ 11:39

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