The above photos came in from Ryan, who has been taking his VFF collection on the road (or in the air) as he’s traveled to India, Hawaii, and gone on an ocean cruise! Here’s a bit more:

Greetings, Justin!

I’ve had the pleasure of taking my VFFs to some pretty exotic places, really putting the “Travel” aspect of VFFs to good use. From the dusty streets of Delhi, India, to the Taj Mahal, to a Cruise Ship and trekking across the islands of Hawaii.

I snapped a few pictures of my experiences (and VFFs, of course!), and thought I would share them with you and The picture of me in front of the Taj Mahal in my KSOs is fairly self-explanatory 🙂 The people of India certainly didn’t hide their stares at my funny “lizard feet,” but very few people said anything, unless they were trying to sell me something 😉

The other KSO pic is my foot in a mountain stream on the island of Maui. That’s another great thing about VFFs — in addition to being great walking shoes, even over large distances, if a stream, lake, ocean or whatever looks inviting, you can just wade right in!
These were great all over Hawaii, and I had no problems walking over rough terrain- even lava rock!

The pic of me in my Flows is from a snorkeling excursion in Kona. The water was kind of chilly, so it was nice to have the extra bit of warmth the Flows provide. They also had great traction aboard the moving boat, which was a big plus!

Finally, the Moc pic was taken aboard the Cruise Ship NCL’s Pride of America, and I can say without a moment’s hesitation that Mocs make *perfect* cruise ship shoes (assuming no rain) — they’re light, extremely comfy, and really let you feel the plushness of the carpet, as well as the warmth of the sun out on the decks 🙂 Add in the more formal look, and the *tiny* amount of space they take up in a bag, and they ended up being my favorite shoes on that cruise by far!

Anyway, I just wanted to write in and share some of the adventures I’ve been having in my VFFs this year. I’m finding they really do make fantastic travel shoes.

I hope 2010 treats you well!

Thanks for the awesome website,


Glad to see you’re putting your varied VFF collection to excellent use while bounding about the planet, Ryan! No doubt all of us in the Northern Hemisphere are all dreaming of warmer climes right now, and this time of year it’s almost pleasant in India (Still hot, but not too bad).

Thanks for sharing!