In the mailbag from Sarah:

Hey when I saw Nathan Owings shoes I had to get some. We are in the same gaming community and he told me about your site. I was at my house lounging on the hammock rocking out in my black classic vibram fivefingers. I think the star toe socks make the picture. ^_^

I think Sarah’s combination of starry toe socks and black 5-finger classics works fantastically*, so I asked her where she got them for anyone else who might want to know:

I just got the socks at a store called rue 21. I remember when toe socks were really popular when I was in highschool. Now they seem pretty hard to find, after finding these shoes I hope toe socks come back in style. ^_^ It was nice at first since my feet weren’t used to the shoes, but now that they are, they are comfortable without the socks as well.

Thanks for sharing and glad you’re enjoying your fivefingers!

* Though I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off starry socks, maybe I could do plaid … perhaps while wearing a kilt?