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Miha Stare

Aren't they just copy of Luna Sandals? What is better here over Luna's? Thank you

06/18/18 @ 22:01
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Hey @Miha,

Hoping Jarvis chimes in on this, too. That said, I've got a few thoughts.

* Luna Sandals are much more a traditional huarache-style design. One strap that originates at the toe post wraps the ankle at two insertion points on either side of the ankle, going around the heel, terminating using a buckle on the instep (top) of the foot that you can adjust. If you want to tighten Lunas you tighten at the endpoint buckle and then work backwards through the various loops that go into the sole. See the Oso Flaco here.
* Shammas (mostly) use two adjustment points: the first is the "traditional" spot on the top of the foot. You can tighten or loosen the sandals at this point, similar to Lunas, EXCEPT 2 Shammas have a static adjustment point at the heel. (See the Chargers photo here.) This is a fairly big difference in the two sandal styles as it changes the way you adjust the sandals. In practice, the Shammas are going to be much easier to adjust relative to the Lunas b/c you don't have to fuss with the friction of running one strap through the sole at two different points. The downside to this is that you have a more complex build with some static spots and an additional strap to mess with that uses velcro (added materials).
* Xero Shoes huarches use a two strap method, too, but use another novel take on adjustment. Bedrock Sandals take yet another approach.

It's sorta amazing how different companies adapt the huaraches design.

Hope that helps. I've only got one pair of Shammas, personally, and they're the "Old Goats," which are arguably the most similar to Luna Sandals Chocolate Mono (mine lack the now-added power strap). These two sandals are both leather and both use one strap (though the Mono uses the traditional knot to end it off and the Goat uses a buckle). Even here, the Lunas and Shammas are very different in feel and style, despite being highly similar "on paper."

06/19/18 @ 09:37
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Thanks for asking!

They are similar in that they are running sandals, or huaraches, but you can say that all running shoes are similar in that they are running shoes--at least from a glance.

Justin provided a very good overview of many of the notable differences between the two companies and their sandals.

Aside from Vibram Morflex in a few select options, both companies use different soles, entirely different strap designs, fabric and sole materials, manufacturing techniques, etc.

Basically, they are different interpretations of the running sandal design.

Personally, I have always enjoyed the simplicity and the thoughtfulness of the Shamma designs. They are very easy to use and live with. The use of two velcro adjustment points (one on top and one on the heel) makes a huge difference in dialing in the right sense of security on foot and fluidity of movement.

Each sandal maker has their own interpretation of how to design a sandal and this gives us, runners, a wonder world of options. The most custom fit will be a sandal that is traced from your foot and tied using a single cord, but this requires a lot of practice and play. On the other side of the spectrum, there are sandals that have dead easy adjustments, but are less customized because of, as Justin said, static parts within the design.

Shamma Sandals, aside from their Goats line, are also thinner and more flexible than their Luna counterparts. This will depend on your own running experience and needs, but I prefer thinner sandals over thicker ones--and I while I have a very nice working relationship with Shammas, I did have to knock the overly thick nature of their goats trail sandals, but purely from my own perspective, they would be excellent sandals for a great number of people.

Another difference is pricing and you can decide based upon your budget and needs. Most huaraches are very competitively priced, in my opinion.

Please feel free to keep the questions coming! I hope you find a sandal that brings you lots of joy!

06/19/18 @ 11:04
Comment from: claude diamond [Visitor]  
claude diamond

Excellent and detailed review Jarvis, thank you.
I think my next pair of Sandals will be a pair of Shamma's ; hey look well made and comfortable
On a side note, I love running in Sandals and own many different brands but I seem to get Heel cracks very often as opposed to running shoes. any advice or solutions?

06/21/18 @ 16:20
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Claude!

I agree! I love running in sandals as well! (clearly!)

Yeah, my heel cracks, too, but this was always an issue for me when running.

Because sandals are so exposed, we get lots of air and can also dry out because of contact from water, dust, sand, etc.

I actually recommend using a ped egg or something similar to help wear down the callous--a huge help--and a thick moisturizer.

There are a number of speciality, feet-centered creams that you can try out. Many will have ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, or manuka honey, all of which add a nice thickness to help absorption.

Have an awesome time running! Let us know how these remedies help with your heels!

06/22/18 @ 09:06
Comment from: Cal berg [Visitor]
Cal berg

Hey and thanks for super steady content!

Seems like they're spot on with the new upper. Congrats!

I've been making my own sandals for a couple of years now and they're pretty much the only thing I run in. But the footbed is still bugging me. Veg tanned goat leather works perfect in dry condition, sticky and comfy. But for wet conditions it doesn't work at all.

I want to be able to depend on my sandals in wet conditions during my trail races as well.
Do you have any ideas on materials?

Kind Regards

07/05/18 @ 14:12
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That site has sketchy written all over it!

Obviously, you can do your own thing and have a good relationship with your credit card company to eliminate risk, but I would not make purchases on such an odd looking site.

07/12/18 @ 10:22
Comment from: Mike H [Visitor]
Mike H

If the Ultra Chargers are anything like my Shamma Warriors-which I love,

I may be tempted into buying a pair.

07/15/18 @ 00:36
Comment from: [Member]


They have Ultra Warriors as well :)

07/15/18 @ 09:11
Comment from: J-C [Visitor]

Sandals are great but Shamma customer service is lacking. They don’t respond to voicemails or emails… and I’m a repeat customer. Too too bad!!!

11/27/18 @ 23:25
Comment from: [Member]


That's unfortunate to hear. I actually have really good service and response times from them.

Are you using the contact info from ?

11/28/18 @ 09:10

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