SKORA is a brand new company entering the minimalist running shoe arena. Just don’t call it minimalist. SKORA’s tagline is “Run Real” as the company goes on to explain in their marketing material, “We reject the terms “minimal”, “natural”, or “barefoot-style” when it comes to running. We believe there is only one way to run that respects our bodies—simply put, it is Real Running. Nothing more, nothing less. SKORA cites 10 “REAL” differences in their shoes:
  1. Zero-Drop. Zero-Drop means the heel on the same plane as the forefoot, which keeps your movement natural and biomechanically correct.
  2. Minimal Cushioning. Minimal cushioning ensures better ground-feel and allows your foot and body to work together.
  3. Asymmetric Lacing. Your foot is asymmetric, so is our lacing and strap systems. This provides a better, more comfortable fit.
  4. Stitch-Down Construction. Eliminates extra seams and stitching inside the shoe for improved fit and comfort with or without the sockliner.
  5. Anatomical Last. Asymmetric last shape with curved bottom profile, wider toe-box and larger ball girth volumes provides a more natural fit.
  6. Curved Outsole Forefoot Profile. Mimics foot shape and encourages natural medial to lateral roll.
  7. Curved Outsole Heel. Encourages natural heel movement (medial to lateral) in running and heel roll in walking.
  8. Concave Outsole Forefoot. Fits natural foot shape and provides a more natural ground feel.
  9. No Heel Counter. Lack of reinforcement allows for optimum fit and comfort in all degrees of motion.
  10. Elastic Heel Strap. Enables personal fit and customization for maximum comfort and performance.
Video, photos after the jump! Here we’re taking a first look at SKORA’s only two offerings (as of Spring 2012), the SKORA BASE Silver (lace-less with a cycling shoe look to it) and the SKORA FORM Black (traditional laces with a funky asymmetric angle). They both share the same zero-drop, naturally arched sole with uppers that are constructed to provide an anatomical fit from the toebox to the heel cup. By my count, there is 13mm of padding (4mm tread, 5mm midsole and 4mm removable sockliner/insole) between the ground and your feet, so they are far cry from the thin-soled Vibram FiveFingers many of us are used to running in, but place the Skoras alongside recent minimalist footwear releases like the New Balance Minimus Zeros or the Merrell Barefoot Bare Access. We’ll take a look at these in the coming weeks and be back with a full review. See below for a first look video tour of these shoes along with some more photos: And photos! For more (for now), check out