Comment from: Brian Hazard [Visitor]  
Brian Hazard

Actually, the insole is removable, and it's made to be removed! Doing so provides a lot more room for the toes, and obviously improves ground feel.

My issue with the shoe is the rounded heel, which forces my peroneals to work doubly hard on landing to prevent rolling out. It's much more rounded than my actual heel, or VFFs.

02/04/15 @ 15:06
Comment from: Kyle [Visitor]  

Loved the review, and love those shoes :) My last pair ran over 1000 miles of primarily road and track before I retired them.

Like Brian above me said, the insole is removable, but doing so will add a lot of extra volume to the inside of the shoe, which could mess up the sizing for many people.

I agree it's not a super wide option, but the upper does fit much like a sock or moccasin, quite form fitting.

02/04/15 @ 17:43
Comment from: [Member]


The insole in my pair was lightly glued in. This is typical for many shoes, but the glue was a little more aggressive than I expected!

In any case, we have updated the review to reflect this new information!

If you land more midfoot or forefoot in your runs, the heel becomes less of an issue, but the heel in the Skora fit is definitely more rounded than many other shoes.


02/05/15 @ 14:52
Comment from: [Member]

I had high hopes for these, but as someone with a flat foot, I need a completely flat shoe. I know they are zero drop, but the way the sole is constructed, it allows parts to rise up into my arch/heel. What isn't shown in Jarvis' pictures is a little black ring of flexible material in the middle of the sole at the heel. Basically it doesn't sit completely flat and pushes up into my foot. Other reviews have pointed to similar "arch" feelings. If you have flat feet, you'll probably notice a bump and that is an ABSOLUTE deal breaker for me.

Beyond that, the toe box is way too narrow/tapered for me. My feet aren't even as wide as Jarvis' and the width in the middle was okay, but the toebox could have allowed alot more room to spread my toes.

I also found the total volume of the shoe a bit snug, so I would have only been comfortable with the insole out (which defeats the purpose of trying to have a thicker zero drop shoe).

Posted by Philip
02/12/15 @ 21:17
Comment from: [Member]


I'm playing with my pair from Skora right now and I cannot recreate the same pushing effect when I press on the black circle section of the heel. As far as I can tell, the sole is quite flate in my pair, but that may be a manufacturing defect.

The thing about fit, toe pslay, and all that jazz is that everyone's feet are different, but minimalist footwear should be more accommodating. The toebox is a great deal wider than Vivobarefoor's The One, but not as wide as a Vibram KSO EVO. For me, the width is adequate, even with my wide feet (perhaps my toes are shorter than yours?), but it's definitely not the widest toe box on the market.

I will keep an eye out for flatness and toe boxes in my future reviews! I think I have a good idea of how your foot is shaped based upon where my toes are inside the Skora Fit.


02/17/15 @ 13:27
Comment from: Nathan [Visitor]

How rounded is the heel compared to the Skora Core? I had to return the Core because the heel was so curved I couldn't balance well when my foot landed and it put a hot spot of pain at the heel.

08/07/15 @ 18:52
Comment from: Evan J [Visitor]
Evan J

Avoid SKORA.

I bought TEMPO and bloodied the back of my heel. I only worn them once and returned them in an impeccable condition. They are now telling me I am not getting the refund but rather a store credit. What do I need a store credit if SKORA's shoes are just crap and bloodied your feet?

Another charlatan boutique store who values nothing but the bottom line. Oh! And they slip on the wet surface (not severely) but they do slip. The last thing a runner needs is a broken leg in the region that rains on a daily basis.

11/13/15 @ 14:59

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