VFF fan, Jason, on his variation of slacklining done wearing his new Vibram Five Fingers Flows:

I picked up my VFF Flows over Easter and I love them. The Flows were the only pair that fit me, but I got them half off, so I won’t complain. I’ve been wearing them as much as I can, and have started running in them too. I had ordered a pair of Classics too, but they were too big, and now I’m just waiting for their next order to get in.

I was wandering by the this track the other day and saw these chains. While I’ve never slacklined before, I am very interested in trying it out. I also love climbing stuff (the Flows are so tacky. I have found myself scaling all kinds of random objects, trees and walls!) so I couldn’t resist trying my hand at balancing on this chain.

Although I kind of feel like I’ve joined a cult, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thanks Jason, and welcome to the cult!