Comment from: Stephanie [Visitor]

We also have and LOVE the Soft Star Hotcakes. I bought them for my daughter to use around the house as slippers. We have a cold house with mostly wood floors, so going barefoot is too cold, and wearing socks is either still too cold, too slippery, or the socks just come right off. The Hotcakes have been perfect! They are so light and flexible that she even sleeps with them on sometimes.

All our shoes from Soft Star have been nothing but wonderful!

11/14/12 @ 15:22
Comment from: RayKay [Visitor]

I don't have kids, and am not going to have kids, but as a "big kid" I can say I absolutely love my own Ramblers! Mine are not such an exciting colour as Django's (what great colours!), but they are super comfortable and the shoes I slip on when I am not barefoot or in my VFFs. They are great for slip ons when going back and forth on errands or to & from the gym, or in cooler but not quite boot weather. Mine have the sheepskin insoles too which are fantastic under my wiggling toes. The sole is a bit thicker than other options but it softens up really, really quickly to be super flexible and it looks like it will last quite a while. Nice and packable too. I intend to take them along as a backup to my Spyridons on hiking trips.

I was curious about the adult Hotcakes too, though they were out of my size last time I looked. I had tried the regular width Roo's out and they were too narrow and a bit too short for me but they felt really soft so I think down the road there may be some wider width Roo's in my collection, or Hotcakes if they come back with them!

Soft Star has definitely become my other "go to" for minimalist shoes, besides VFF of course. I have some Merry Jane Metro's on the way as well.

11/15/12 @ 10:34
Comment from: KellyW [Visitor]

I have some ramblers for myself! While I don't think they are nearly as cute on adults as they are on kids, they are extremely comfy and I like the wool insoles to give me a little warmth in the cold weather. I definitely plan on buying some for my boys when they outgrow the shoes they have now. I plan to get some soft soled ones soon for myself as well. Having worn these shoes, I can easily see how a child would love to wear them.

11/15/12 @ 14:26
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

so what is the solution to the u.s.a's
obese kids? LESS effort on WAR on junkfood and punishment->> MORE ACTIVE outdoor guidance:
or not, for some of them. but a least
they'll be GIVEN A CHANCE to experience
how it feels.
(but hey, it's politicly connected to
so many other stuff that it's
wayyy too complicted to get into now,
in this brief comment box....)
i feel it's every parent's OBLIGATION TO HUMANITY to create a reality for their childs in which
they may choose to keep evolving
the balanced way.
more shared joy and connection to nature,
less hate and seperation toward our
fellow humans.
that way there is less "me" and dealing
with a shakey self and more of "us"
nature beings-travelling together in the
wild forrests, making life a joyful shared experience.

just my opinion.

and drew, thanks for the review!

11/15/12 @ 16:09
Comment from: Phyllis Norris [Visitor]
Phyllis Norris

Great review, Drew and you have the cutest model ever!

11/15/12 @ 18:58
Comment from: Karin [Visitor]

In the past couple of years, Soft Star has added many styles for grownups, including ones that are office-friendly, and with "design your own" (DYO) options. If you call, you will get very good advice from people right in the shop / on the factory floor about how the different shoes fit and feel, how to measure, etc. There is NO RISK to ordering - all the shoes, no matter how customized, can be returned. (It blew my mind when I realized she really was telling me that my DYO shoes were returnable if I didn't like them.) You gotta figure, if they have that policy, they don't get too many returns. I've sure never returned any of mine!!

12/06/12 @ 12:22
Comment from: Drew [Visitor]  

Here we are one year later, and Django just now outgrew his beloved Ramblers & Hotcakes. Both shoes were in good enough shape to pass on to another family. We replaced them with maroon Ramblers one size larger, and we're off to the races...

09/20/13 @ 23:30
Comment from: Victoria [Visitor]

Thanks for the review! I am currently stuck on deciding which of these styles for my daughters next pair of shoes. What made you choose to buy another pair of ramblers of the hot cakes?

02/21/14 @ 21:25
Comment from: Mcintosh Clan [Visitor]
Mcintosh Clan

Amazing post!

We are finally ready to order our boy his first pair of soft star shoes, and this post was a great assistance in making our final choice in terms of style. We too have an active tyke on our hands, and it appears that the rambler is the best sort of shoe for little boys who are all boy :)

05/16/14 @ 11:52
Comment from: Junia [Visitor]

My 3 year old son and I each have a pair of Ramblers for our winter shoes. My son recently decided to go puddle jumping in the lower end of the vegetable garden with his friends, so the shoes ended up super muddy. I washed them out in the sink, and also sloshed them in the bucket where his clothes were soaking in biz. They are almost completely dried out now, and look as good as they did before. They're very slightly stiff, but will soften right up after a wear or two.

10/21/14 @ 15:45

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