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Black KSO Vibram Five Fingers a.k.a. Ninja Shoes, Gorilla Feet, Mr. Deeds’ Feet

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Chris in his KSOs

First Marathon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

After doing no marathon training, Chris recently ran his first marathon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and finished with a darn good time. You may remember Chris from when he ran the Baltimore Half Marathon with Bien. Here’s what he sent us about running th…

Dr. Jawa and his wife

Dr. Jawa Runs his First Marathon

Dr. Jawa, is a long time reader and contributor to our blog. You may remember Dr. Jawa doing headstands, teaching in black KSO VFFs, running a half marathon in Las Vegas, or on vacation in Jamaica. Dr. Jawa recently continued his adventures in Vibram Fiv…

Graig in the 5 Miler

Runner Gets Back on Track with Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and Pose Running

Vibram Five Fingers Fan, Graig, recently wore his newly acquired KSOs in a 5 mile race in Spring Lake, New Jersey and had this to say:So enjoy the site and check it almost everyday! I had been experimenting with barefooting over the past few years…

Lavin and Lhar in Cebu City

IT Geeks introduce Vibram Five Fingers to Cebu City

Where exactly is Cebu City and who wears Vibram Five Fingers there? With a population of almost one million people, Cebu City is located in the Philippines. Lavin and Lhar are technology teachers at a university there. Lavin comments on discovering VFFs:…

Dave running a half marathon

Ninja Runner Unable to Avoid Attention in Black KSO Vibrams

Though many fans get tired of the constant looks and questions from strangers, having a conversation piece on your feet is a great way to meet people — and spread the good word about freeing your feet a la Vibram Five Fingers.