Athletic Director and Primal Lifestyle Devotee Rockin’ his KSOs in Southeast Asia

Vibram Five Fingers fan, Bob, on his KSOs:I live in Bangkok, Thailand, and my wife and I took a trip recently to Cambodia, and we walked all around the wonderful temples near Siem Reap, including Angkor Wat – one of the most beautiful historical site…

Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks Provide a Firm Footing at the Homestead of the Rocks

Mike comments on his trip to Ireland and how he found out about Vibram Five Fingers:I just got back from a week in Ireland on March 20th. I enthralled the Irish populace with my “cool slippers”. From Dublin to Ballinskelligs, they were a hit, rain…

Kick Back and Relax! Hammock-time in KSO Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram Five Fingers fan Josh talks about his black KSO VFFs, which he’s been using for running (post knee surgery), doing errands and yard work and even wearing them to work and church!

Megan starts a revolution in VFF Classics

Megan has been a fan of her Vibram FiveFingers for some time, grabbing her first pair of VFFs for her birthday way back in August 2007. Since then, Megan has gone on to accumulate three pairs of Classic Five Fingers (photoed above). I asked Megan to sh…

Two Five Fingers fans make friends in a bar

Logan relays a recent VFF experience he had in his KSO Treks:I ran into another Vibram wearer on Saturday during the Myrtle Beach Marathon after-party. The other fellow and his wife from upstate NY have not seen the Treks up close yet. Upon touchin…

Laura goes Snowshoeing and takes along her Sprint VFFs

On behalf of Laura, photoed above, Chris writes:Here’s Laura in her Slate/Palm Sprints after five and a half hours of snowshoeing. For the record her boyfriend earned many brownie points with this birthday gift to her. She was quite pleased that…

Roll Tide at the SEC Championship in VFFs

For some reason I had a feeling there would be at least one person at this past weekend’s SEC Champi

Getting the Family Christmas Tree in KSOs

Alan sent in the above photos taken recently on a trip to get a Christmas tree:Here is a recent

Kim Tours the Southwest U.S. in KSO Five Fingers

In the mailbag came the above photos from Kim who recently toured the Southwestern part of the Unite

Brian at the Berlin Wall (in KSO Vibram Five Fingers)

Brian, who you might recall from his Otterness photo or Fife playing, has been photographing Berlin