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Interview with Greg Woods

Greg Woods is a writer, CrossFitter, and runner based out of Durham, North Carolina.

Below is an interview with Greg that talks about running off weight, his foray into “barefoot” running shoes, his ideal minimalist shoe, and a desire to move to a pl…

A photo of Leah mid-adventure trekking through the Andes mountains in Peru — wearing her FiveFingers Sprints.

Interview with Leah Sakellarides

Leah Sakellarides is a runner, blogger (outside of BirthdayShoes), and photographer based out of Southern California.

Below is an interview with Leah that talks about

Why did you switch to minimalist shoes?
I wasn’t sold on minimalist footwear…

Rob Youngren mountain unicycling the Slick Rock Trail in Moab, Utah

Interview with Rob Youngren

Why did you switch to minimalist shoes?
Strictly speaking I haven’t switched over completely to what most people these days consider “minimalist” shoes. Six or seven years ago a minimalist shoe was any shoe that weighed less than 10oz and was lower pr…

Leftmost, Tim Kelley runs in pajamas and red NB Minimus Road Zeros for the Jingle Bell Run.  Top right Tim finishes the DC Triathlon in Sprint FiveFingers.  Bottom-right is Tim training running stairs with his daughter in tow.

Interview with Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley is a runner, dad, and blogger here on He’s based out of Virginia and is somewhat famous for having a photo of Obama and himself photoshopped into a spoof show of support for Ron Paul. Below is a brief interview with Tim t…

Interview with Robert Barr

My path to minimalist shoes was a long one. For years, I wore the same type of dress loafer. You will see a picture of it below. They were almost always leather, heavy, black, and had a significant heel to toe…

Ultra Marathoner Patrick Sweeney

Interview with Patrick Sweeney, Winner of the Palos Verdes Marathon

We recently interviewed Ultra Marathoner and barefoot runner, Patrick Sweeney, who, in what may be the fastest marathon ever run in Vibram Five Fingers, recorded an awesome time of 2:37:14 winning the Palos Verdes Marathon. He ran in Vibram Five Fingers…

Moire in Nepal

An Interview with Irish Mountain Running Champion Moire O’Sullivan

We recently interviewed Irish Mountain Running Champion Moire O’Sullivan. She loves running up and down mountains and writing about it all once she gets home. She started out mountain running in Ireland, where she became Ireland’s 2007 and 2008 Mountain…