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2019 Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers

Shamma Sandal’s Chargers were one of my favorite sandals of the last few years and in 2019, they have made tons of new updates and design changes to this best-seller. Knowing I’m such a fan of their style of huaraches/minimalist sandals, Josh sent me a pair to test.

Shamma Sandals Ultragrip Chargers Review

Shamma Sandals has updated their lineup with the adventure-ready and waterproof Ultra Chargers! The highlight of the new model is its grippy and waterproof all-weather UltraGrip footbed! Looking for my own adventure, I put the new model to the test…

Shamma Sandals – Jerusalem Cruiser 2.0 Review

One of my favorite running sandals gets revamped for 2016 with a more premium leather topper, a new leather insole post, updated buckles and highly-requested heel strap.

Do these updates keep the Jerusalem Cruiser on top (see my review of the original…

Shamma Sandals Classic All Browns Review

The Classic All Brown Shamma Sandals provide a leather-strapped alternative to Shamma’s velcro-strapped options, including the previously reviewed (and praised) Jerusalem Cruisers and Warriors; and Shamma Mountain Goats.

The “All Browns” are very…

Shamma Sandals Mountain Goats Review

For the past three weeks, I have been enjoying the latest offering from Shamma Sandals: The Mountain Goat. This model provides the most protection of any other Shamma Sandal and is aimed at rough-terrain hiking and running.

If you are new to Shamma, I…