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Skora Fit Review

The Skora Fit is a breathable, flexible, and comfortable zero-drop shoe for the transitioning crowd. It actually provides more flexibility than its 16mm stack height would lead you to believe and it features 3D-printed support patterns for enhanced…

Skora Core & Phase Minimalist Running Shoes Review

It’s been over a year since I got my hands on Skora’s first entries in the minimalist market, the Base and Form. In that time the Portland based company has been hard at work updating and revising their lineup and has come out with the new Core and Pha…

Reviewing the REAL RUNNING shoes from new running shoe company Skora. On the left, the Skora Base; on the right the Skora Form.


The BASE and FORM models reviewed here today are SKORA’s first foray into an increasingly crowded minimalist shoe market. But as we pointed out, SKORA prefers to eschew terms like “minimal”, “natural” or “barefoot” in favor of their marketing tagline “run real.”

SKORA BASE & FORM (Real) Running Shoes First Look

SKORA is a brand new company entering the minimalist running shoe arena. Just don’t call it minimalist. SKORA’s tagline is “Run Real” as the company goes on to explain in their marketing material, “We reject the terms “minimal”, “natural”, or “barefoo…