Comment from: Jay [Visitor]

Very nice post man. The pic of you running is a great shot, you look like you're cruising big time! Way to make it look easy and keep up the good work.

08/07/10 @ 21:06
Comment from: Darrell [Visitor]

Hey Ryan, great job! I've loved my Bikilas as well (been training in them since the Boston Marathon this year) and I plan to run my first race in them -- a 20-k, in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec -- tomorrow! Kind of in honour of Abebe Bikila, who was born Aug. 7, 1932. Like you, it's made running fun again and I'm enjoying my experiment of one.

Carpe viam!

08/07/10 @ 23:16
Comment from: Jawa [Visitor]


how long it took for you to transition from KSO to Bikila? I have done over a 1000 miles with my first pair of KSO still in tact. I will go with it as far as it can take me but my first marathon is only weeks away. Should I continue training on KSO or switch to Bikila at this point? Any input?

08/08/10 @ 01:36
Comment from: Fitz [Visitor]  

Ryan, I hear you about wearing VFF's just to enjoy running more. I've only worn them a few times to run, but I love hiking in them. Feeling the trail and the way my body responds to the varied terrain is so much different (and better!) in VFF's.

Great race!
- Fitz.

08/08/10 @ 21:36
Comment from: Ryan Miller [Visitor]  
Ryan Miller

Hey everyone - thanks so much for the kind words and comments - glad you liked the post. Darrell, you'll have to let me know how your first race in the Bikilas go.

Jawa, I had been running in my KSOs for about a year before I got the Bikilas. I'd say when picking the model for your race, do whatever is the most comfortable for you. In the KSOs my feet would start to feel the impact of the road as the mileage went up and switching to the Bikilas gave me that little extra padding I needed. Best of luck to you!

Fitz, glad you agree. I haven't done any trail running in the Bikilas but am doing a couple races in the fall to test them out.

08/09/10 @ 11:24

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