My good friend and founder of Invisible Shoes Steven Sashen recently released a spoof video titled “Sh*t Barefoot Runners Say,” playing into the meme created by a certain twitter user (with nearly 3mm followers!) (By the way, follow BirthdayShoes on twitter via @bdayshoes if you aren’t already!).

A couple of my favorite parts:

“I don’t care if it is a wedding I’m not going to wear those foot coffins you call shoes.”

“I’ve got the Kinvara, Hattori, my KSOs, my Bikilas, I’ve got the new Altras, I’ve got the Skechers GoRun, I’ve got MBTs, I’ve got Insivible Shoes, I’ve got Luna Sandals, I’m TOTALLY into barefoot.”

The whole bit about about how to pronounce Tarahumara is hilarious (I pronounce it “Tah-rah-ooo-mah-rah,” which I think is right though now I’m not so sure). Or the awful mispronunciation of huaraches (I pronounce it “hoo-wah-rah-cheeze,” I think).

In the event you’re after some affordable huaraches that, for the buck, really can’t be beat, you should do yourself a favor and check out Invisible Shoes (The kits start at a mere $20-25).

That is, if you really are into barefoot.