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Thanks for the review Jarvis. Just a couple questions.

How is the vertical depth of the toe box. Is there a lot of wiggle room up and down?

Also, it's hard to tell how high the outsole walls come up. Is the edge of the blue the height of the footbed, or is there a bit of wall and the footbed sits lower than that edge. I only ask because the lateral side of my wideish feet almost always spills out over the edge of shoes. If there's a wall/ridge under my foot or a sidewall that doesn't flex out, I just can't use them.

Lastly, Tony post had said there the originals were "lightly posted" on the medial/arch side of the shoe. Do you notice whether these are thicker or denser in that region?


01/23/15 @ 21:00
Comment from: Cody R. [Visitor]
Cody R.

gah, once again, i'm super interested....except the stack height keeps me away...

drop that midsole and it'd be perfect

sssso close

01/26/15 @ 22:42
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Hi Philip!

For me, there is enough room to wiggle my toes up and down--I have flat, wide feet.

The edge of the blue around the heel is the height of the footbed, but the blue near the big toe "shields" the toes somewhat, so it's not actually as high as it appears.

There is a bit of room to spill over the side of the arch-area (which my feet do), but the big toe does hit a "wall", of sorts.

However, I have VERY wide feet, so I do not believe you will have any issues with theses.

These isn't any extra padding around the heel than anywhere else in the shoe, but the arch does rise up slightly to huge your foot better.

I usually prefer a flat bottom, but this does slight rise not bother me. It seems to provide a tighter fit.


01/27/15 @ 12:41
Comment from: Karla [Visitor]  

Can you do a width comparison with VFFs (using the bikila for example)? i.e Place one bottom over the other bottom to show the difference between shoe widths? Also, did you have to size up / down wrt your usual size? I'm looking for a somewhat minimalist shoe for the winter months as my feet get too cold in VFFs. Thanks. Do you think they will make any changes to the ST for the fall / winter of 2015/2016?

02/22/15 @ 14:12
Comment from: Jay Wadsworth [Visitor]
Jay Wadsworth

Do these shoes fit true-to-size in length?

I also have VERY wide feet, and wear a 6E in a regular shoe.
Been running New Balance 4E wide shoes for years. (I believe my feet have spread over the years from running.) Currently, I use the 883 which I like a lot although NOT a minimalist shoe.

How wide are your feet? Do you think that the Topo St's might work for someone use to running in 4E shoes?



04/05/15 @ 21:42
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The width is not quite as wide as a VFF Bikila. There is less toe splay from within and this width is closer to the Bikila EVO or other slightly narrower Vibram shoes. It's not as wide as Vivobarefoot either, but wider than Merrell for sure. My feet just fit without socks.

I have pretty wide feet and the ST fits okay without socks. If you have tried anything from Vivobarefoot, it's slightly less wide than those shoes.

They are probably around 2E or possibly 4E.

My feet have also spread a bit from running, but my arch has become higher as well.

04/06/15 @ 17:10
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]

Just got these for fifty bucks at REI on closeout. Coming from the minimus road zero, which was a near perfect shoe IMO, I'm not very happy with this shoe so far. I'm debating returning them or keeping then to see if I'll get used to them. I got these as an all purpose shoe, because I can't afford a different shoe for every activity I do. After walking a couple miles in them, I like the sole of the shoe less and less. They call it zero drop, but that's bogus. The heel feels like it dips down so they can add extra sole. The problem I have is even without standing, you can feel this awkward shape. The shape almost promotes heel striking and is so padded, the ground feel is as bad as my old tennis shoes (in the heel) The heel is also very much raised from the arch of the shoe and is very noticeable.

The fit is great, though, and the upper is very breathable, if only in the front of the shoe. The toe box, while narrower than the road zero, is still wide enough that I don't feel constricted. I absolutely love my road zeroes as my first minimalist shoe, and this feels like a solid step backward..

My personal, unprofessional opinion.

07/31/15 @ 11:41
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While TOPO does showcase somewhat of barefoot-inspired design, all of their shoes are still quite thick and somewhat heavier than your typical minimalist running shoe.

For me, they are too thick and that was highlighted in the review, but I can definitely see transitioning folks, fitness, and casual runners enjoying them. There are many things that TOPO does right with these shoes, regardless of stack height and the ST gas garnered quite a lot of praise for that particular set of consumer; barefoot die hards should avoid this shoe. However, I would agree that the shape of the sole has an odd, "did I step on a rock" quality to it.

If you are looking for something that has a faster, thinner sole, I would recommend the VIvobarefoot EVO Pure, or Merrell's Vapor Glove (1 or 2)

08/03/15 @ 09:06

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