If you haven’t heard, Tony Post’s new company—Topo Athletic—has started selling their tabi-inspired footwear “two-toed” shoes at retailers everywhere. We’ve already done a first look at the Topo M-RR and a review is forthcoming. But if you just can’t wait and want to know first-foot about Topos, CitySports has them for sale and is offering readers Free Ground Shipping with promotion/coupon code BIRTHDAY. Topo Athletic shoes come in three varietals — the M-RT ($100, thickest soles with a total stack height of 15mm, heaviest), the M-RX ($110, has extra strap over middle for snugger fit, lighter than RT, 13mm stack height), and the M-RR ($130 gets you the fancy BOA lacing system, the lightest Topo, and a 12mm stack height sole). All of them are zero-drop. More on the three (and some sole photos) here. Anyone out there itching to go full-ninja?