Comment from: Rich [Visitor]

Nice, but I can't say I prefer them to the original Trek, which was so understated and classy. These look a little cheap by comparison.

04/11/12 @ 09:45
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

I am guessing the name flip is a play off of the gray toe cap on the "middle finger" of the shoe. I will agree that these are decent looking, however I have no use for yet another release of a shoe with the Trek sole. Vibram needs to make more offerings with their original thin soles IMHO.

04/11/12 @ 09:51
Comment from: Doug B [Visitor]
Doug B


Aww, man... Another pair of shoes is in my future if I can just figure out how to get them. Those look pretty slick!!

04/11/12 @ 10:46
Comment from: Jason Jantzen [Visitor]  
Jason Jantzen

I don't know what the first two guys are thinking. These are awesome. Styling is right on, if you ask me. I could care less for the alternate toe color. They could just throw it in the Trek family and ditch the "Flip" name since the only real difference is the varying leather materials in the upper.

I'm curious tho, are the toe pockets all leather like the Trek LS? or is it the cheap stretchy material like on the original Trek?

04/11/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: moogly [Visitor]

nice but not enough breathability since
that leather is, well, leatherish.
but in cold conditions, man, it's a winner!

04/11/12 @ 14:22
Comment from: [Member]

@Jason The toe pockets are made of the stretchy material like on the original KSO Trek.

Personally, I don't mind that they are fabric. Although all leather toe pockets on the Trek LS and Bormio are fantastic.

@moogly I have not had much of an issue with breathability. I live in Seattle. It is still chilly here. Not sure how well it would breath in 90+ degree heat.

04/11/12 @ 14:35
Comment from: Javier Cortez [Visitor]
Javier Cortez

i have to give these 5 toes down.

vibram has seem to hit a plateau with their designs.

for a company that has "changed the shoe industry twice" they seem to have gotten stagnent.

besides the spyridon, their stuff has gotten bunk.


04/12/12 @ 20:27
Comment from: Harold [Visitor]

I have 11 pairs of ff, and I don't like these at all. I wear my original treks at the office, with $2000 business suits, and even when I consult out of the office. Never had negative reactions. Better stock up on the old treks if these uglies are replacing them. How are they an improvement? Change just for the sake of change! UGH! JMO.

04/17/12 @ 13:22
Comment from: Vicki P. [Visitor]
Vicki P.

I have about six pair of ff's including the Trek.
Trek is my 2nd fav after the Komodo Sport. This new one looks fabulous to me particularly for winter. Please don't say it's for men only. I did sign the petition to get them to make Trek for women and I was thrilled they didn't make them robin egg blue and hot pink. But aside from the juvenile color combinations for some styles, life is great in ff's. How would I get my hands on a pair of women's Trek Flips size 40?

04/18/12 @ 20:26
Comment from: [Member]

@Vicki they are a possible fall release in Europe. Things might change between now and then and they might not come to production. I don't think they have a plan to release them in America. I could be wrong though. I would check and see what they release in Europe this August/September. If it does come to market you might be able to pick one up from a European seller.

04/18/12 @ 22:42
Comment from: Arie [Visitor]

Awesome!!! I thought I only need my Flow, KSO Trek and Skele-toes...these are not enough for me! :D

04/22/12 @ 09:47
Comment from: star [Visitor]

Thank you for the information on Trek Flip! I haven't seen these shoes around everywhere. I really want some; I think they would be great for kayaking when we go camping. My husband wants to go camping this summer and I can't wait especially since we got the Tailgater from my employer Dish. It's a nice, quick easy setup which means I could spend more time watching TV then actually setting up.

05/03/12 @ 14:40

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