Comment from: B. Kizzle [Visitor]
B. Kizzle

Wow!!! Can't wait to get my hands on the Spyridons!!!!!!!!!

01/24/12 @ 13:31
Comment from: CreativeArtandSoul [Visitor]

I can't wait for the insulated cold-weather water-resistant Five Finger Women's Lontras to come out later this year!!! Must have!!! Thank you Vibram!! My feet were soaking wet and cold after walking around in the slushy sidewalks in town while wearing my Komodos last night! Brrrrrr.

I love the look of the new Women's Classic Frescos as well, although, I don't really like the pull-tab on the heel and I was hoping they'd get rid of that. I prefer the velcro strap that is near the heal on the Sprints. That seems to work better for me.

Wonderful review! I always look forward to your posts. Cheers!

01/24/12 @ 13:32
Comment from: Deformed Toes [Visitor]  
Deformed Toes

Fall 2012 vibram FiveFingers look so delicious to wear. I cannot wait to get my hands on Classic Fresca and Spyridon FiveFingers. I decided to buy Sprint instead of Classic because I have the choice to run or walk in it. I noticed that it could get a slippery especially on drizzle day and walking from outside into a building that have a marble floor. But if I ran thru a puddle of water, it won't get slippery as much as being on the marble floor. Perhaps, the marble floor is supposed to be slippery on drizzle day. Classic Fresca apparently has a much better sole to prevent us from slippery. I also own a pair of Jaya LR which has better sole and I noticed I wear it more often during the drizzle days.

I'm looking forward. Hate it that we have to wait until Fall to purchase them. Fall 2012 is not around the corner, yet!

01/24/12 @ 14:16
Comment from: izabel [Visitor]

I cant wait to get inusulated and waterproof Lontras! YES!!! I hope the womens come in nice colors! I will be buying 3 pairs!

My 2 only issuses with Vibrams are my feet are freezing when its below 60F and they get soaked with the slightest bit of rain. Despite these issues, i have been wearing vibrams daily for over 2 years :).

I also feel like Vibram tends to offer better mens shoes than womens, such as the new leather Trek LS. So, I am REALLY excited to see new womens shoes being releaseed.

01/24/12 @ 14:59
Comment from: Rob Drain [Visitor]
Rob Drain

can't wait to try the Lontra. I have had to switch to my Merrel Trail Gloves with the snow on the ground. Interested in the fleece and the cuff.

01/24/12 @ 15:46
Comment from: skye97 [Visitor]

Yet again, the only all-leather shoe is only for men. What's up with that???

01/24/12 @ 15:51
Comment from: [Member]

Great work Justin. So glad this information is public now. I can finally talk about it with out worrying about violating any trade secrets.

I love the new Speeds. I wish they were not on the Trek Sole. I don't like the grip of the Trek sole on wet pavement. The lugs don't provide enough surface area and I end up slipping around sometimes. In the snow though it has excellent grip. I was surprised at how well my Bormio preformed in the recent snow. I had excellent grip.

I found it interesting that not a single shoe is using the new Spyridon sole. Does that mean they don't like it? Maybe they are just waiting to see how the Spyridon sole preforms in the first generation of Spyridon before they decided to use it in other shoes. Who knows.

The removal of the stitched portion of the Speed LR and SX right below where the vamp meets the instep should make a huge difference. That portion of the Trek LS sometimes put pressure on the top of the foot.

I personally like the look of the new Trek Flip. I like the different leather colors. Would look good in a pair of Khakis.

I would love to get my hands on the Lontra right now. I think the strapped version will be better then the laced. I like the extra neoprene sleeve that comes around your ankles. I think that will help allot with cold and wet weather.

Good work on Vibram's part to address the weather issue in their shoes. I look forward to trying them out. Maybe going forward waterproofing will be a norm in all of their shoes.

01/24/12 @ 15:53
Comment from: A C C [Visitor]

I am wondering why Vibram chooses to use Trek soles for their waterproof running models. Trek soles feel slippery on wet surfaces like tile, ABS plastic, metal,etc.
Also the placement of the Vibram logo on the sole of the Fresca is terrible:it's where more tread ought to be ala the New Balance minimus zero.

01/24/12 @ 17:39
Comment from: SpencerG [Visitor]

I think Vibram is going in the wrong direction. I would love to see some more very minimalist models like the sprint and kso. There is nothing wrong with the tried and true sole and I feel they are getting thinker and thicker. I love the seeyas, but have they forgotten what they stand for?

01/24/12 @ 18:08
Comment from: Julian S [Visitor]
Julian S

Does anyone know what material the Lontra upper is made from? Leather or some kind of synthetic soft shell / gore-tex?

01/24/12 @ 18:23
Comment from: Jeremy Thompson [Visitor]  
Jeremy Thompson

what happened to the smooth soles that used to be on the classics? seems like they are getting into thicker soles like the trecks. to much tread? i have a pair but would love to see the speed xc in "smooth soles"

01/24/12 @ 20:09
Comment from: andrew [Visitor]

To everyone who has dislike for the trek sole, have you been hiking in them?
The trek sole grabs onto just about any surface better than any of the current soles, especially regarding the grip on the toes and heel. The complaint about wet weather grip (on asphalt) seems unwarranted in that no VFFs have great wet asphalt traction. On top of this I have crossed a 50 yard wide river with both my treks and bikila ls. This river had a heavy current and was totally on slimy rocks, depth ranging from 2 to 4.5 feet. The trek performed much better in this regard. The trek sole also uses a softer compound than other soles, which means better snow and off road traction. Deeper thicker tread also means bettet snow/snow contact in winter.

I understand the issues with the less minimal trek sole, but it brings many advantages. I trust vibram and support everything they do as they have yet to make a bad toe shoe (and make just about everyone elses soles)

Tl;dr the trek sole is the best universal sole for vibram as it offers the best versatility, traction, and affordability

01/24/12 @ 20:54
Comment from: Lynette [Visitor]

The pink Lontra tells me they will have women's sizes when they make there debut??? Vibram heard our calls for water resistant five fingers, let's hope they accommodate us with smaller feet :)

01/24/12 @ 21:34
Comment from: Javier Cortez [Visitor]
Javier Cortez

is it me, or is vibram heading into the "shoe" direction?

bring back minimalism, Vibram!


01/25/12 @ 09:53
Comment from: akooser [Visitor]

I'm excited about the Lontra--anything that will keep me in VFF in the colder months is a huge upgrade! I'm a little concerned that all these new models are "water-resistant" rather than waterproof. I'm thinking some waterproofing spray might be in order.

Still looking forward to the Spyridon. I love my Treks and TrekSports for hiking, but those poor soles don't hold up for very long on the rocky trails around here. I'm hoping the Spyridon will be more durable.

01/25/12 @ 11:22
Comment from: Horse Rider [Visitor]
Horse Rider

I will need the women Lontra for next fall, but I don't like the Fresca's patterns. I am going to stick with my classic Classics....

01/25/12 @ 13:47
Comment from: GB [Visitor]

I want the laceless Spyridon -- it seems it may be the first KSO replacement for me. New models come along but can never match the good ol' KSO. This may finally be the one. If I read it correctly that the U.S. is only getting the version with the laces, then I will be really upset. I would never wear the version with laces because I think that design looks awful. Plus, I'm not a fan of laces on barefoot shoes -- I'd rather keep it simple. Vibram, if you have a soul, bring the laceless Spyridon to the U.S. too!

01/25/12 @ 22:54
Comment from: Laura [Visitor]

This year I thought I'd try some Flows for wet, winter days. Could not find a pair that fit around my toes. Looking forward to trying the new styles.

01/26/12 @ 01:51
Comment from: Mr. Leigh [Visitor]
Mr. Leigh

What is with Vibram's overuse of the trek sole with a lot of their new models? I like the idea of waterproof options in VFFs. Maybe the next version can have a liner similar to the Bormio for added warmth for us cold climate folks.

01/26/12 @ 17:45
Comment from: Chad [Visitor]

Looking forward to this! :D

01/27/12 @ 02:15
Comment from: Garnett [Visitor]

I truly enjoy what vibram is, has, and will be bringing to the world through minimalistic footwear. I really like the majority of what they have to offer. I'm looking forward to the "SORENTOS" coming out, but to know that there's a lineage of 2012's on the line up makes me one willing to stand in a line outside the store to get my hands on any of the first pairs available (any 2012 rendering).

01/27/12 @ 06:12
Comment from: Kelli [Visitor]

Too bad I can't get a pair of the Lontra in pink/purple and black now in a size 38 please! It's winter in Ohio now. I had to wear a pair of regular boots the other day and they made my feet hurt! Can't wait until they come out!

01/27/12 @ 10:34
Comment from: TJ [Visitor]

+1 to concern about water resistance. Read the press release: Vibram makes NO CLAIM to waterproof, only the blog owner has stated this (if incorrect, please show where Vibram says they are releasing waterproof shoes, you are stating this, NOT Vibram). We need a waterPROOF 5finger, it needs a gortex liner (vibram mentions layers, but makes no claim to using a proven waterproof fabric). I am not buying another pair of 5fingers until I see someone standing in an inch of water saying their feet are perfectly dry. I love Vibrams and considered each pair I purchased an investment in the company, but without waterproof development, I will not buy another pair. For me, the 5fingers can only be worn indoors and on sunny days, no exceptions. If I'm trekking I need to be able to cross puddles without getting the shoes wet, when doing this with the treks your feet are soaked until the fabric dries, which could mean the entire day.. wearing huaraches your feet get wet but dry in no time, so I do not see 5fingers suitable for hiking to Vibram's defense they suggest these shoes as "light trekking", they never claimed them to fully trek or hike, which in my opinion would include all weather conditions, whereas "light trekking" does not, that said "light trekking" shouldn't mean having to tip-toe around puddles, though they still say that's what these new shoes are for, "light trekking"... come on Vibram, give us some certainty, a waterproof expedition-worthy 5finger. #overdue

01/27/12 @ 14:23
Comment from: [Member]


You're right -- I let one "waterproof" slip there at the end. Note I only say "water-resistant" throughout the article.

Struck that mistype on my part, but yes, these aren't "waterproof" just water-resistant.

01/27/12 @ 14:36
Comment from: Michael Hoskins [Visitor]
Michael Hoskins

Will it be possible to order the lontra ls' from overseas and import them?

Also,do the lontras size like the komodosport ls? (I'm a size 42 in Komodosport LS,and would like to get a size 42 lontra ls very badly.)

01/27/12 @ 20:52
Comment from: tom c [Visitor]
tom c

Hey Vibram - there are still some of us guys who LOVE the Classic! I would love to see a version of the Fresca for guys and would definitly buy them - my Classics are comfy, easy to put on, and look cool...they get a lot of interest from guys and girls alike...which is why I own 4 pair!

01/28/12 @ 14:59
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]

TJ you must not wear VFF's very often or have tried the Trek LS or Bormio. All VFFS are made for hiking, and there are many people making massive hikes (even in KSO's) to prove you dead wrong. Me being one of them.

I have been walking around in rain and snow since owning my first pair of KSO's and I can tell you that if you walk carefully its pretty hard to get your feet soaked in either of the leather pairs. What I mean by this is smashing your foot into a huge puddle will get your foot wet, but knowing how your shoes work will keep them dry.

As for complaints of the new "water resistant" pairs.... There is no way for Vibram to make a totally waterproof shoe, but laminated and taped seams will most make them "water proof" in every day situation like rain and puddles.

01/29/12 @ 04:32
Comment from: Anthony Cregar [Visitor]  
Anthony Cregar

i dont now witch one to get?? but how said i just want one?

01/30/12 @ 18:04
Comment from: Jonathan Auyer [Visitor]
Jonathan Auyer

Great review. So do I understand this correctly: the laceless Spyridons will be available in the US?

01/31/12 @ 13:49
Comment from: Andy [Visitor]

Anybody else concerned that Vibram seems to be extending their product line a bit too much? While I understand the need to diversify and reach different markets, I think the core of the Vibram experience is in their simplicity. I don't doubt that they get tons of different requests from customers, but some times your product isn't defined as much by what they do, but what they don't. I guess I just don't want to see a drop-off in quality from having to support all these different variations.

01/31/12 @ 14:00
Comment from: Brandiesel [Visitor]

Has anyone tried out the classic frescas? Will there be a review of them. I am dying to know!

02/10/12 @ 15:49
Comment from: Jeepman [Visitor]

All these responses on the Lontra crack me up. You guys act like Vibram has never put out a winter shoe before. I've been running every winter for the last 3 years in my Flows. The extra ankle cuff isn't really needed, I've never got snow inside my Flows even in shin deep snow. The Flow also has a layer of EVA foam for insulation. While the Flow is not "water - resistant" it really doesn't matter. Yeasterday my Flows were wet and the temp was 17F and my feet never became uncomfortably cold. The only thing the Lontra has on the Flow is the Trek sole. Even that isn't not totally needed either. If you run with correct form, then you don't slip or slide even on ice. I know, I've been doing it for 3 years in Flows. In addition, I really don't like the Trek sole. The Spyridon sole would have been a much better choice. I'm not impressed with these new offerings.

02/12/12 @ 14:26
Comment from: [Member]

@Jeepman I have a pair of flows and I don't like them for the winter snow at all! I think they are actually quite terrible in the snow. They are a fine wet weather shoe running shoe, or water sports shoe. Although some of us would prefer to have dry feet at all times.

Some of us wear our VFF for more then just fitness. I actually don't do much running/exercise at all. I can guarantee you that walking from a parking lot (in the snow) into a restaurant or the grocery store is a pretty excruciating experience once you get into the store. Unless you keep your blood flowing in the shoe (by running or moving fast) you can't keep your feet warm enough not to go painfully numb. I would be fine in the parking lot but once you get in to the restaurant and sit down your toes go horrifically numb.

When I was a kid and I would visit Oklahoma in the winter to see my grands parents. When it was snowing I would walk several blocks to the gas station in the snow with out socks or shoes. I consider the flows to offer about the same experience with added protection from glass and sharp objects. At least when you are barefoot you don't have to walk around in shoes filled with cold water once you get in the store! I would have been better off walking barefoot through the parking lot then drying my feet off in the restaurant. At least I would have been more comfortable/warm in the restaurant that way!

Like I said the only way the flows work is if you keep your blood pumping through shoes at a fast enough rate. Only then you can avoid the painful numbness. The issue is when you stop or don't move fast enough. It can cause some severe cold related numbness and pain.

Some of would prefer not to have to get wet at all. I don't like having water between my toes when I am just trying to do my everyday errands. So I pretty much only wear the leather Trek LS and Bormio model for like 7 months of the year here.

Even the Trek LS and Bormio get wet at times in extreme conditions. It will be nice to have an option that has taped seams and extra wet weather functionally built in.

02/12/12 @ 20:24
Comment from: Brandon Barnett [Visitor]
Brandon Barnett

Will vibram ever make a new model of the classics for men like they did the frescas for women?

02/26/12 @ 03:21
Comment from: Russ Gaddy [Visitor]
Russ Gaddy

I love the look of the all-new Speed LR's. I can't wait to sink my feet into a pair. Justin, if you need someone to review them, just send a pair my way & I'll be happy to do it.

03/04/12 @ 15:12
Comment from: TOM [Visitor]

There is a lot to be excited about in VFF land. I picked up a pair of Spirodon LSs last night. The fit is very Bakila LS but a more versatile shape that lets me go with or without socks in the same size, something I couldn't do in Treks or Bakila. They seem to have a little more toe length as well which will help on steep downs. I'm also very curious about the water resistant models to come this fall. If only I could mate a pair of Lontras with my Icebug Animas and have studded Fives next winter!

03/07/12 @ 18:08
Comment from: K.A. Green-Wall [Visitor]
K.A. Green-Wall

Liking the look of this line-up.  Now, if only we can get a few more choices in a size 35?

03/09/12 @ 05:20
Comment from: Marc [Visitor]

Why aren't the Vibram FiveFingers Lontra LS's being released in the US? Those are the coolest shoe's I've EVER seen!!! They look like something off of Tron Legacy!!!!

03/17/12 @ 17:35
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]  

These look brilliant :D

I'm just curious, though; taking both water resistance, breathability and durability into account; which do you guys think is the better one for both general use (and possibly more dressy wear, too) and running? The Speed LR or the Speed XC?

And, to throw things in there as well, how do they compare to the Lontra?

04/07/12 @ 17:19
Comment from: DangerDan [Visitor]  

I wish I could test the Speed LR and XC as well as the Lontra and Spyridion all in 43 that would be awesome, give a perspective from someone who has a high volume foot

04/17/12 @ 17:27
Comment from: DangerDan [Visitor]

If classy is your focus LR, leather is always classier

Otherwise, superior water resistant XC specially if the have a color scheme similar to Black/White/Black Lace Speed (not the what I'm calling "Baylor Bear" Speed color scheme)

04/17/12 @ 23:31
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]

curious when the Spyderion with the velcro is going to be released. I am not a fan of the LS system (the Bikila LS fit terrible compared to my standard Bikilas).

04/21/12 @ 21:35
Comment from: Andy Brundrett [Visitor]  
Andy Brundrett

Ugh, this is frustrating! I don't run in VFF but I have been and intend to keep on wearing them every day for work, play, going to the store, etc. To that end I would like to see styles/patterns that blend a little better (love my now discontinued Trek LS and Bormio as well as my KSO trek in black leather upper, should get a brown one too) and can be used for every day normal stuff. I'd check out the Trek Flip or Pro esp if it is wterresistent/warmer. Lontra look ugly but I'll get anything insulated. Live in NH for a winter. I don't want to go back to normal shoes if I can.
AndyB, NH.

04/22/12 @ 23:56
Comment from: Jay [Visitor]

The colors on the new shoes are way too flashy. The old all black KSO, KSO trek, and bormio can be worn in an office or out to a nice restaurant. Any of these shoes would be hideous failures in those environments.

Did they forget how to make a plain black shoe?

04/23/12 @ 11:34
Comment from: Gwyn [Visitor]

I think the new Lontra in particular looks great. But I sure was hoping that they would be offering the Bormio and the KSO Trek in leather (or suede) for women this year. I'm really disappointed that it doesn't look like that will happen. I have to agree that they are both much more suited to wearing in almost any situation where as the sportier, flashier look of the others don't necessarily. I really missed being able to wear my Five Fingers all fall and winter.

05/06/12 @ 13:30
Comment from: Sue [Visitor]

Wow, the Fall 2012 lineup is bugly! I agree with those who wonder if Vibram is just trying to make regular shoes, only uglier and harder to put on. I appreciate the idea of making `em warmer and waterproof and with sturdy traction, but there's only so much you can ask from a minimalist toe-footing shoe. I've found Inov8 and La Sportiva options that give a good feel but also cover the other issues. Plus they look good and are easy to put on! I still have a small collection of VFFs, but I may not buy any more.

05/15/12 @ 23:02
Comment from: Jonathon [Visitor]

It is interesting to see that vibram are moving towards the trek/treksport sole. Can anyone tell me the TOTAL difference in mm thickness between the bikila/ old speed sole and the treksport/trek sole?

06/12/12 @ 03:13
Comment from: Leah [Visitor]

I'm really hoping the Lontras come in a color other than pink for women. My feet aren't big enough for mens' sizes, and if my only option is pink.... I will not be a happy camper!

06/17/12 @ 22:58
Comment from: Pon [Visitor]

Did I just saw the Spyridon on their webiste?

06/18/12 @ 15:41
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

I can't wait until I can buy the new Speed XCs. I have worn VFFs for 2 years up here in Alaska including the winter when it got down to -23 deg F! the only time my feet got cold was standing around for 3 hours during the start of the Iditarod. I do hope that they have addressed the big toe side hole issue tho.

06/22/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: Dan SOLO [Visitor]

OMG these new models look like CRAP!?!?!
Why won't vibram release new colour variations of the clasics of KSO's I want simple sleek kso's I don't need my vibrams to look like shoes!

07/10/12 @ 12:39
Comment from: Pords [Visitor]

when will you release that models in the philippines? interested in the versions of kso trek on how durable the leather is. My spyridon ls already had several scratches in trail running but it still functions well. More power to birthday shoes :D

07/18/12 @ 08:43
Comment from: kirstan [Visitor]

THANK YOU for making something that will keep my feet from frostbite this winter. I tried different models, different makes last year (skeletoes neoprene) hoping they'd make a difference in 40 deg. and below but nothing did. Tried the socks and it was better but not great. So excited for the Lontra. Also, love the spyridon for slick and dirty hill running. The komodosports worked ok but the spyridons absolutely grab. Kind of stiff but I guess that is the trade off. I'll take it. I've been flat on my butt too many times.

07/31/12 @ 14:37
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

So August 1st has come and gone and still no new shoes on the fivefingers website.. I'm feeling very impatient...

08/02/12 @ 20:53
Comment from: Jamie Hennekes [Visitor]
Jamie Hennekes

I'm with ya Jason! I went to the website as soon as I woke up the morning of Aug. 1st. And nope no lontras. I want them!

08/07/12 @ 09:57
Comment from: Eric [Visitor]

So, any more news on any of these? Still nothing on the VFF website and I really could use some Lontras for this fall/winter! Any updates would be greatly appreciated.

08/20/12 @ 08:45
Comment from: Justin fiedler [Visitor]
Justin fiedler

I asked about the lontras on the vibram fivefinger Facebook page and they said mid/late October. I was hoping to maybe have a pair for my fishing trip in late September but it looks like I'll be wearing my speed lr or my bikila ls if its not cold and rainy.

08/20/12 @ 18:44
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

apparently September is a go in the UK for the Lontra LSs and like the speed LRs they have replaced the orange with grey..

08/20/12 @ 20:00
Comment from: David McCallum Mohr [Visitor]
David McCallum Mohr

Dear Sir/Madam
All I wish is an outlet in Brisbane Queensland Australia with non-Chinese products.

The "Five Fingers" is a natural gait and your company is correct.

Please advise


08/30/12 @ 01:40
Comment from: John Corigliano [Visitor]
John Corigliano

My biggest question is when/should we expect to see these VFF shoes on the online site?

09/01/12 @ 19:12
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]

I guess I am not sure what the big deal is. I run in snow and water during January in Michigan with my KSO and Komodos. Sure my feet get wet and cold but I also did not spend $150 on a pair of shoes.
If the price was lower (like the Komodo) I might buy them but not until then.

09/03/12 @ 18:25
Comment from: Ferman Lee [Visitor]
Ferman Lee

How can I purchase, online, store, where?

09/09/12 @ 17:54
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

A little birdy has told me that the new shoes will be available at retailers in mid October...

09/14/12 @ 00:10
Comment from: So [Visitor]

I am positively fed up to see "men only" cool shoes.. At least, make some size 39 so we can buy men's shoes for us :/ I like thin cute shoes but really, where are the trek flip or pro for girls :(

09/22/12 @ 12:56
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

Good news! The Lontra's, unsure about the LS, are coming out! They will be available in the U.S. and by the second week of October. Can't wait, really need an insulated FiveFinger, Flow don't cut it.

09/25/12 @ 21:49
Comment from: Chad [Visitor]

just got the speed xc in navy today (just checked REI and they are already sold out of sizes 44 and lower - glad I got my 43 quickly) - they look great - the navy is not as "blue" as the photos would suggest (so i was very happy - since these will be an everyday work shoe for me in rainy season in NorCal). Cannot wait to wear them

10/16/12 @ 17:14
Comment from: Michael Hoskins [Visitor]
Michael Hoskins

New Speed XC owner here.
Very won't want to take them off.

Water resistance is excellent.

11/04/12 @ 03:45
Comment from: Dave Turner [Visitor]
Dave Turner

I have a pair of the of the lontra ls they are so comfy and keep your feet so warm and the toe socks work well with them to.

Have a few vibrams and as comfortable as each other.

02/08/13 @ 16:27
Comment from: Kaspars [Visitor]

I cannot find much reviews about Trek Pro , so I'll post a short one. Water resistant Vibrams (Lontra, Trek LS, Trek Pro) are tighter due to more material so while KSO Trek (both brown and black) and the rest of "summer" models for are size 42, all water resistant ones are size 43.
Trek Pro - really nice shoes, really nice in wet grass, feet don't get wet. Going through paddles at 40F got my toes a bit moist, but definitely not wet. Also, due to more material, the heat insulation properties (3 layers) are a bonus for lower temperatures. I have a suspicion, that lowest comfort temperature for Trek Pros would be 20F, though you'd have to walk to keep foot muscles working.
I'm waiting to test these in snow, might be interesting experience.

10/19/13 @ 23:47

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