Comment from: James [Visitor]

Well my mind has just been blown. There are so many VFFs that it makes your head spin. I wonder if any models will be discontinued? If not, my job of recommending VFFs just got much tougher. As for me personally, I'll take one pair of each thank you.

08/12/11 @ 18:19
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]  

Love the new VFF's. My biggest problem is that I have large feet for a girl, really long toes and a very high instep. All of the new for women only styles are too small for me. I wear a men's 42 at this point. I have just started the VFF thing. I bought a pair of skeletoes and loved them, looked around for more options and I immediatly bought a pair of black black classics. I just ordered a pair of black mocs that will be here tomorrow. My ugly and uncomfortable skeletoes are collecting dust in my closet with all my real shoes. Hate them all! I have worn only birks, and crocs for the last five years and had no trouble adjusting to VFFs. Is it because I don't wear "real" shoes ever? Just wondering. My boys hate them and my husband won't even try a pair on! I wonder what the prices will be for the kids. My six year old daughter would really like a pair, but I am not interested in spending $75 on them for her to grow out of quickly. I can't wait to buy a pair of Sorrento's. I teach in a very casual high school so I can get away with wearing anything I want. The kids already think I'm a little strange, toe shoes aren't going to change anything. Particularly since I generally walked around my classroom in socks all the time anyway. LOL.

08/12/11 @ 19:21
Comment from: Keithlee Spangler [Visitor]
Keithlee Spangler

I am pumped for the spring line. I'm still waiting on my komodosport ls, and now I'll need to save up for these.

Like James said, it just got six times harder to recommend the perfect pair of VFFs. I'll just tell people to get them all. :)

08/12/11 @ 20:07
Comment from: Edgar [Visitor]  

I like the seeya and the fresca. I really hope the fresca make it to a men model. What scares
me is all this talk about insoles midsoles to protect your feet. I wonder if thses will have less ground feel than the last generation...

08/12/11 @ 20:18
Comment from: Barefoot Benny [Visitor]
Barefoot Benny

The SeeYa's look awesome! I'm running the NYC Marathon in November in my Bikilas, but the ball of the foot is thinning to nothing, so I may need a new pair before the big race. Any chance I can be the first person to run the Marathon in a new pair of SeeYas?

08/12/11 @ 21:51
Comment from: JPortions [Visitor]

Very very excited about the "Seeya." Love the more minimal look of the outer and upper sections. Thank god the Achilles notch is gone! That should make it much more comfortable. Not that my Bikila or KSO is not comfy, its just that by removing it you eliminate one more surface that rubs constantly. Still wish all of the leather editions were made in a non-leather material, but you can't ask for everything, right?

08/12/11 @ 22:30
Comment from: pooch [Visitor]

I am very much looking forward to the Classic Fresca and SeeYa! I would also try on the Rimini and Grado of course. I am sooo disappointed that I cannot wear Speeds... those new colors look killer! I can't wait!!

08/12/11 @ 22:34
Comment from: daren [Visitor]

i have mixed feelings about the new line-up..vibram should have just updated on their existing models imo..rather than create new models..the new line up doesnt fix the small problems of lovable KSOs..i would like to see vibram come up with an updated with tear resistant TPU toe protection and/or stitch free seamless footbed..but with the KSO sole unchanged..

08/12/11 @ 23:20
Comment from: Laci [Visitor]

Would love to try out the Rimini LR. They look like they would be perfect with a pair of jeans or to wear to chase after the kids at work eveyday!

08/12/11 @ 23:22
Comment from: Phung [Visitor]

What confuses me about the sprydon is why the Vibram logo on the strapped version is white instead of yellow!

08/13/11 @ 00:27
Comment from: ed [Visitor]

When the basis behind your product is that the bare foot is perfect, why do you need to have what feels like a hundred different variations to wrap around them? I really feel like vibram is jumping the shark here with these things. And they seem to be getting more and more shoe-like with every new release with all the padded uppers and "rock blocks" and all that jazz. I feel like the original releases were for people who really wanted a minimalist "shoe" and the stuff they release now are just to cash in on the barefoot fad. People seem to be stoked about them though, so what do I know?

08/13/11 @ 02:24
Comment from: Chuck [Visitor]

+1 @Ed.

08/13/11 @ 09:37
Comment from: Stefanie [Visitor]

I am loving the Classic Fresca and Grado! I'd be interested in trying on the Rimini LR... curious! I want to touch the bottoms..

08/13/11 @ 10:02
Comment from: Shermy man [Visitor]
Shermy man

I agree with ed, but I am stoked for the SeeYas. I want a pair so bad!

08/13/11 @ 17:27
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]

+2 @Ed.

08/13/11 @ 17:58
Comment from: Jen [Visitor]

+1 @Chuck.

08/13/11 @ 18:02
Comment from: Jeepman [Visitor]

We needed a VFF like the Spyridon IMO. Some moron at the Parks Dept decided that the trails needed to be covered in gravel. The size ranges from 3/4" to 1 & 1/2" stone. Even picking foot placement very carefully, the Sport Trek just does not have enough protection. Several times I find myself pulling up quickely because a sharp rock. Because of this I've kind of been stuck in NB Trail Minimus for my trail runs. If the rock plate is good enough, then I can go back to VFFs for my trail runs. Does the new Spyridon move farther away from the minialist ideas? Yes it does, but it still can serve a very specific purpose that has not been filled yet. I have a strong feeling it will sell very well.

08/13/11 @ 20:32
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]  

I am disappointed there isn't a flow with a trek sole. I want a warm VFF for the winter but there is no tread on the flow so it isn't as useful as it could be.

08/13/11 @ 22:12
Comment from: flipjargendy [Visitor]  

The rep at our store showed me pictures of these shoes and I have been looking forward to seeing the Spyridon. I will probably purchase that pair. Right now I have the KSO Treks and they are awesome! Vibram is really stepping up their design for the new releases this year, there are some awesome designs! Can't wait to get a new pair! Thanks for sharing, I wasn't sure when we could officially talk about this!

08/13/11 @ 23:22
Comment from: Mustafa [Visitor]


But then only SeeYan and Spyridon are for sports! The other models are casaul wear.

I like the look of the old classic more than this Fresca. But for casaul wear, one Sorrento and one Grado please.

08/14/11 @ 07:09
Comment from: Nana [Visitor]  

Jennifer, I'm with you. I'm a 5'2" butterball turkey (and martial artist, btw) with men's 9.5 4E shoe size. I try to wear VFFs in all those gorgeous colors and they are never wide enough or have a high enough instep. In fact, I had to cut the laces from my Bikila LS model and use regular shoelaces and then the toes are just a bit snug. I LOVE these shoes but they hurt after just half a day even in the men's version. I think it would be a great schtick to have BAREfoot VFFs and then, for folks with interesting feet, BEARfoot VFFs ;)

08/14/11 @ 18:00
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

Gotta disagree with Ed.
Absolutely lovin the See Ya and Spyridon.

The See Ya, by their own words and also evident from the pics, is one of their most minimal variations.

And, coming from someone who is forced to run extremely ROCKY trails, no matter how badass you might feel, wearing the KSO's or TrekSports on rocks the height of your ankles serves no Spartan or natural purpose.

Seriously excited about ALL these and all the color combos of the existing models.

My biggest problem will be having to decide between the quick lace and collar strap versions of the Spyridon and whatever color combos they settle on for the See Ya's.

I've tried the Merrell Trail Gloves and test drove the NB Minimus Trails and nothing comes close.
Hell, even with the occasional "hurt," my Bikila LS's still do decent enough on those rocky trails.

So, until, I'm assuming spring 2012, it's back to my Bikila's for the road and trail...but, oh when that day comes it will be like Xmas in July, baby.

08/14/11 @ 18:17
Comment from: Stefanie [Visitor]


They do have a flow with a trek sole, but it's only available in Europe. Sucks because it would really fill a great niche for me but doubt I'll ever jump through the hoops to order and have them shipped over seas. Bummed about speed in black for women but being released here either.

08/14/11 @ 19:57
Comment from: Zephyr [Visitor]  

Where are the VFFs Spyridons?

08/15/11 @ 08:54
Comment from: [Member]

Looks like the Spyridons are going to be a Euro-only release ... the images *are* linked above though :)

08/15/11 @ 09:03
Comment from: sues50k [Visitor]  

Vibram is trying to get all my money! With all great additions, they just might succeed. Most excited about the Spryidon. Have to resort to La Sportiva Cross Country (lightest gnarly tread shoe I could find) for the mud and snow I encounter on the trails I run. Spryidon looks like it will bite into anything. Jusy need it in the US and in girl sizes.

08/15/11 @ 09:59
Comment from: Hudson [Visitor]

I really dislike most of the new ones except for the Sorrento, and the kid models, those are all great. I am really losing interest in vibram with all their newer shoes. I'll just stick to my classics, and luna sandals.

08/15/11 @ 10:00
Comment from: SkipC [Visitor]

@Justin - I hope what you're saying about the Spyridon's being a Euro-only release isn't true. Of all the 2012 models listed here, I most excited (and wanting) a pair of those!

08/15/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: Aaron T. [Visitor]
Aaron T.

What's with all the awesome looking women only models. I'm not opposed to women having their own modle,s but I really was hoping for some rehashed men's classic styesl...Although the Sorrento models look like they'd blend perfectly well in a business/casual office.

08/15/11 @ 11:21
Comment from: d_monic [Visitor]

I'm with Ed. I bought VFFs because they were (at the time) the best minimalist running shoe out there. In the last year, companies like Merrell and VB have released very good competing designs that give us some other options.

But rather improving their design and fixing obvious QA issues (tearing KSOs, the achilles rub, color fading, material defects), Vibram seems to be more interested in exploiting the novelty of the toe design and putting out as many models for toe shoe enthusiasts to gobble up as possible.

Look, it's hard to blame them. I am sure Vibram read the poll on this site (in the forums) that reflected that many enthusiasts had purchased more than 5 flavors of VFFs. Not every business gets the opportunity to make a financial run like this (pun intended). They are doing what you'd expect in that situation.

That being said, it's just my job as a consumer to put my money where my needs and interests are served. The SeeYa looks promising, but in the meantime, I'll keep stitching up my KSOs until I know that issue gets fixed.

08/15/11 @ 13:01
Comment from: Heretic [Visitor]

I started with M43 black/black Flows, and wore them every day (including in the summertime) for a year. After that year, I decided that black/black and Texas Sun made for a poor mix. After my Flows, I switched to a Bikila ... and never looked back. Now my Bikilas are a year old (and have rather "interesting" wear patterns on the tread showing my forefoot strike for walking) and I'm contemplating replacing them.

In June, this year, I tried the Speed ... and they just didn't fit! The opening at the top of the shoe was "too small" for my ankle length (from heel to toe), which caused the curved "leather" part at the topline above the tongue that holds the eyelets for the laces to DIG INTO the flesh of my ankle on *one* foot (not both). The tongue wasn't wide enough under the laces either. I could have easily used an extra +1 inch of width to the tongue on the Speed. As it was, I could look through the eyelets for the laces on the top of my Speeds and see skin through them on both sides, on both feet! Needless to say, this meant that the tongue on my Speeds had no "leeway" to either side in covering my foot, or I'd be having laces abrading the top of my feet, which meant I had to lace them tightly or the lateral forces when walking would cause the tongue to "drift" to the sides ... which then caused problems with circulation (as you can well imagine). And worst of all, it felt like the eyelets for the laces were somehow "offset" from where they needed to be (started too low, rose up too high) just made everything about my Speeds "not fit me" the way my Bikilas did.

I tried to love my Speeds ... I really did ... but the incredibly bad fit of the uppper on top of my foot and the *spearing* of the inflexible ridge of laces track into my ankle on one foot just made them unwearable. After a week of trying make them "work" for me, I just gave up and went back to my (9 month old) Bikilas and immediately noticed the difference in the "mouth" of the shoe at the ankle/topline which I'd never really paid attention to before. Suffice it to say, I'm *never* going back to a Speed styled ankle opening ever again, and am going to be sticking with the Bikila styled "longer" topline ankle opening.

Before any of these 2012 reviews, I was seriously contemplating picking up a couple new pairs of Bikila LS or Komodo LS, in the near term. But having seen this article (and others on this site for the 2012 lineup) ... I've decided to wait for next year before replacing my Bikilas. Those See Ya shoes just look way too awesome to pass up.

Now if only a dark hunter green was an option for See Ya coloring...

08/15/11 @ 19:19
Comment from: Jonnyblackfoot [Visitor]

Hey where's the crazyhorse treks? I was hoping to see a nice pic of them. Called Vibram USA and they said the spyridon's will be release Feb 2012. I hope they come over. I already started a savings account for them!!

08/16/11 @ 12:42
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]  

Ha, I knew VFFs would get to the point of convergence with minimalist trail running shoes! FYI, the Spyridon is in the same weight/thickness class as a whole host of minimal trail running shoes, so what's the point? I guess if you just want toe pockets for a trail running shoe then you'd go with the Spyridon. I think in a lot of respects VFF has lost it's core vision by developing ever thicker and heavier versions, thus allowing reduced feedback and poor running form. Granted for the expert VFF user having more options is a good thing, but you've always got to consider the least common denominator. Very interesting line up, but when I want to go "barefoot like" I'll stick with my Classics... when I want to go trail running I'll throw on my Inov-8 X-Talon 212...

08/17/11 @ 09:18
Comment from: Ryan P [Visitor]
Ryan P

Once again, I see my favorite models are women-only.
What is up with that?
I've literally *never* seen a girl in VFFs,
yet I've seen many guys.

Justin, can you do anything about this?
If women can get the Trek,
men should get the Jaya, Jaya LR, Fresca, Grado, etc.
The only model that looks *overtly* girly
is that weird furry boot thing (that seems to have vanished?)

Vibram needs to remember they sell more shoes to men,
and they shouldn't lose touch with their customers.

Making so many models that a majority of their customers
couldn't wear if they wanted to is a strange, silly move.
Most VFFs should be unisex-
there are very few designs that are overtly "girly" or "manly".

tl;dr- I'm tired of Vibram making so many women-only models :-P

08/18/11 @ 04:24
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]  

Yeah, another grip. I'm a guy with small feet. Vibram should focus first on producing a FULL SIZE RANGE ON ALL MODELS. Then, and only then expand to new models. It isn't fair that I can't wear certain styles of certain models simply because I have small feet.

Another reason why toe shoes are a BAD IDEA because since a proper snug fit is important you have to produce such a large size range; something that is not as worrisome in normal shoes where a little slop in sizing is ok.

I better approach might be to figure out how to adjust the fit so that a single VFF size might be able to accommodate a larger range of feet sizes. Perhaps some sort of insert or other cinch or some new technology?

08/18/11 @ 09:26
Comment from: dvir zohan [Visitor]
dvir zohan

so many new models to choose from...
know what? i'll just have my
regular KSO in plain black!

and a word for vibram:
just make the regular kso with a midsole
protection and it'll become
and with the midsole protection, these
evil, evil rocks woun't stand in our way.
(ever ran uphill on a rocky trail..?!!)
once again, kso is really your winner.
see ya! i mean, kso-ya!

08/19/11 @ 07:55
Comment from: J [Visitor]

Addressing Rob's comment, there is a simple way of making VFFs accommodate a variety of foot shapes and sizes. The shoes need to be made out of leather that way they can gradually mold to one's foot shape. Oh yeah, and make a wider size range for the models. One of my female friends can only fit into kids KSOs!

08/22/11 @ 17:13
Comment from: IrieKate [Visitor]

Im so disappointed at the lack of leather-free options! The new line looks really amazing and im sad that so many of them are crossed off my list right off the bat.

I would buy a vegetarian pair of Grado's in a heartbeat!

08/25/11 @ 22:51
Comment from: VT [Visitor]

So, the updated Classics, the Fresca, will only come in women's sizes??? Huh?

Currently the Classics for men only come in black and charcoal. (Is there even a difference between black and charcoal?)

Why leave the Classics model for men behind?

09/07/11 @ 14:15
Comment from: KmS [Visitor]

I was really excited to see some of the casual wear styles, because my feet now hate being in regular "shoes". The Grado interests me a lot, but they are leather. :(
I'm likely to get a pair of fresca, but will have to try them out at the local store first. The Spyridon, I looked at but my feet are afraid of them, too much going on there, perhaps there is a market niche perhaps not. Now the See-Ya... gimme! can't wait to try them on and prance around in them and run too!
I hope the pricing for the kids VFFs will be reasonable, most of us can't spend a lot of money on shoes that will be out grown in 4 months.
I find I really am longing for a non-leather option with the Grado; But I love my KSOs with every inch of my soles so maybe I'll just get another pair to keep clean and wear with my nice clothes despite the somewhat awkward appearance.

09/21/11 @ 08:52
Comment from: jon [Visitor]

The seeya, spyridon LS, and fresca seem very interesting (even though I prefer simpler designs with less flashy lines, like the KSO trek). especially the sole of the spyridon LS, which could replace the "trek" sole. This is great because the "trek" sole has a huge conception error: the link between the toes and the rest is made of very thin rubber, which rips VERY fast (after less than 2 months for my KSO treks).
I wouldn't buy the sorrento,rimini LR, or grado, though, because the no-rubber link between the toes and the rest seems like it would rip in the same way that the "treks" do.
my suggestion: only trust rubber-only soles with NO line between the toes and the rest. the 3 first models seem nice for this.

10/31/11 @ 06:15
Comment from: jon [Visitor]

notice there's an error in the photos:
the Spyridon LS has that strange spot of grey material on the midsole, but look at the photo with the grey sole. on this photo it doesn't have the spot.

I hope they choose to make the model without the spot. a uniform 1 piece sole (like classic fivefingers) is stronger.

10/31/11 @ 07:46
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

I'm digging the Spyridon LS and especially the See Yas, those are gonna leave my bikilas and bikila LS's in the dust

11/17/11 @ 10:24
Comment from: Bill Boyd [Visitor]
Bill Boyd

They really know how to up the ante. I originally purchased my first pair (KSOs) out of necessity. I had no plans to purchase a second pair. Seven months later, what do you know, I purchased my second pair (Komodos). I guess I am now a junkie.

11/27/11 @ 12:00
Comment from: Nicoo [Visitor]

I am in love with it all. For one, I am glad that I can finally get them at local stores. HECK even champs is selling them now!

I will miss being the only one wearing them around, but now its finally becoming mainstream :') hope it stays the quality product it has always been!

11/29/11 @ 21:47
Comment from: Bre [Visitor]  

I can't wait. I've worn vibrams since 2009 and that is all I wear. I can't wait for the new take on the classics.

12/01/11 @ 14:59
Comment from: Paolo [Visitor]

They should do an upgrade on their old school models. I mean at least add the extra toe protection and a komodo treaded sole on the Classic, KSO, and Sprint!

12/01/11 @ 19:06
Comment from: Nana [Visitor]

I'm going to want to try the Sorrento even though they're loafers. I do so love the laces :) The Sorrento has something I've been concerned about--a sole in the arch. My feet are pretty flat and the one thing I'm worried about for my gorgeous, leather LS Treks has been wearing out the arch because mine don't naturally lift off the ground. A complete sole would be a boon to duckfooted types like me ;)

12/03/11 @ 02:16
Comment from: travis [Visitor]

I am so excited so can't wait to try on the seeyas.. I have 11 pairs and love them all but in 2012 there will be more

12/03/11 @ 22:43
Comment from: cipnrkorvo [Visitor]

daren wrote:
"i have mixed feelings about the new line-up..vibram should have just updated on their existing models imo..rather than create new models..the new line up doesnt fix the small problems of lovable KSOs..i would like to see vibram come up with an updated with tear resistant TPU toe protection and/or stitch free seamless footbed..but with the KSO sole unchanged.."

I completely agree! just make a simple updated super-KSO. people don't like to have too many choices. studies have proven it

12/15/11 @ 08:02
Comment from: Patrick [Visitor]

I have found it interesting that Vibrams have been on sale much, much more than they were a year ago. My opinion is that this is the beginning of the end for the FiveFingers. Sure, some people may still use them, but they will not gain widespread acceptance as some had once thought. I own about 7 pairs of them, and it has been over a year since I have worn them. The novelty wore off and I had some foot issues as well. These days, I much prefer my NB Minimus or Merrell Barefoots. No hard feelings Vibram, I just think you guys went a little nuts and now the market is responding with disinterest. Plus, it does get a bit old having people say "hey -- what are you wearing"...and Vibram didn't do us any favors with some of the whacked-out Vivo-Barefoot type color schemes. (don't get me started on Vivo Barefoot -- those shoes DEFINITELY messed my feet up).

12/26/11 @ 19:27
Comment from: Halden [Visitor]

This new lineup looks amazing on many levels. But I also long for a Super KSO. The innovations Vibram has made in other models could be so beautifully integrated into the KSO.

12/28/11 @ 04:55
Comment from: Heather [Visitor]

I laughed out loud reading Ryan's lamentations that many models of VFF are only for the females. As a female, I'm frustrated that the nice-looking models are only available for the men. But more importantly (to me) why are all the women's shoes in pinks and purples and oranges? We'd love some olive, some chestnut brown, some warm greys. I don't care to dress like a five year old girl, and I don't want the most brilliantly colored part of my outfit to be my shoes.

01/03/12 @ 13:38
Comment from: Heather [Visitor]

A comment on the Riminis: These shoes look like they will lead to similar foot mechanics as flip-flops, that is to say, in order to not slip out the back, the wearer will likely have to pinch their toes together (like around the thong of a flip flop). I've heard of extensive wear of flip-flops leading to poor foot mechanics and pains, and I don't see how the Riminis could escape this same effect.

01/03/12 @ 13:42
Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor]

+1 @ Heather!
I too would like some muted colors other than black. I'm really not a flashy enough person for the bright/ near neon. VFFs gain enough attention without blinding people. And I too get tired of the "what's on your feet?" thing.
On the other hand, I'd also like more color choices available in smaller sizes in general and in more styles. I have very small feet, so I'm limited to classics, sprints, and KSOs. I don't like the classics or sprints so until the kids KSO versions came out I was limited to the black or the gray/fuschia. I love my KSOs -- pretty much all I wear outside of work. But I'm soooo sick of black and gray/pink! I can do without the olive (too close to my sage green combat boots) but I'd kill for something in a nice brown. Or even a DARK (e.g forest) green or a turquoise or ...

01/04/12 @ 16:12
Comment from: Dawn [Visitor]  

Love these shoes! I have a pair of Bikila LS's that I had to buy in a men's size though! I am a woman with size 11 feet and a long second toe. they really need to start accomodating women by making the cute shoes in our sizes. Having feet this big is hard enough to keep a feminine look without having to wear MENS'S SHOES! Someone should pass that comment on.
I will buy some Sorrentos, however, even if I have to put them in a shoe stretcher! (Cause I HATE regular shoes!) Oh, and if you check the European site - there are some CUTE women's BOOTS on there!

02/12/12 @ 14:08
Comment from: Kai EL Zabar [Visitor]
Kai EL Zabar

Wow! I am excited about the new designs! I love the Sorrento and Rimini styles and can't wait to purchase them. I currently own three pairs of Vibram 5 Fingers: the classic, performa and jaya styles. I wear them all the time now and rarely wear my other shoes except for special occasions. Living in L.A. helps. I will provide a review as soon as I receive my shoes and slip them on my feet.

03/28/12 @ 04:20
Comment from: Cherie [Visitor]

I work in a busy restaurant kitchen and am on my feet a whole lot. For the past few years I have been having a lot of knee pain due to old damage from horse training and martial arts. Because of how my knees function any shoe I have worn has had to be replaced within 3-4 months. Even expensive ones because they would wear out of balance and start putting pressure on my joints. My chiropractor was needing to adjust my knees and hips every week because my shoes were throwing me out.

Last year I saw someone in Vibrams for the first time and became very interested. The shoes are expensive for someone of my income but I was spending easily $100 a year in shoes or more as it was so I decided to give them a try.

I asked my boss if he was ok with me wearing them and I got the ok as long as they were slip resistant and all black. So I got a pair of KSO shoes and gave it a go.

I am thrilled to say that my knee pain is nearly non existent, my chiropractor has not needed to adjust my knees in weeks and my vibrams at 6 months old show very little sign of wear and have paid for themselves.

My only request is an all black shoe that is better designed to handle smooth wet surfaces. As they can get a little dicey when I hit a wet spot.

The new Classic Fresca looks like it would be perfect but it does not come in all black which is a requirement for my job.

04/27/12 @ 11:48
Comment from: Steven [Visitor]

I want the Green/Gold Speed.
It looks great. But the only way to get a pair is by buing cheap knockoffs from china.

No German supplier/store has them.
And Vibram prohibits ordering them from the US.

Sorry Five Figers are shipped within the US only.

I really tried, I wanted to give you my money vibram.

That s*cks, because my ksos got holes and are kinda worn

05/03/12 @ 17:41
Comment from: EdH [Visitor]

I was at REI this weekend and they have the Spyridon's in stock - NOT the LS, but the laceless with the velcro strap. I figured I had just missed the release but Vibram's own site still doesn't show them.

This shows you can order it online, but they have them in the retail locations too, at least here in SoCal. Look good, but I prefer the LS. :-)

05/31/12 @ 00:11
Comment from: marcus [Visitor]

Is is possible to just get some freaking simple, "classic" looking styles that made Five Fingers so popular; like the KSO, Bikila, or trek sport? It seems that each new group styles is getting more and more ridiculous and moving away from the rugged functional minimalist shoe that got everyone hooked.

06/05/12 @ 00:06
Comment from: joel [Visitor]

absolutely agree with those predicting the beginning of the end for Vibram. real talk: the most sedate-looking FFs look goofy to a majority of the population. what then of all of the new designs?

just hoping to stock up on as many KSO's, sprints, and classics as i can find before this is all a fading memory. great company, tremendous customer service (replaced a pair of sprints w/ KSO sprints straight-up, out of warranty, juts because), but i'm not sure they haven't lost their way. rather quickly at that.

06/05/12 @ 15:54
Comment from: MissChievousRN [Visitor]

first of all, im a nurse and im on my feet walking the hard cold institutional halls 24/7, and im a barefoot runner, also my feet and vffs are in the public eye and i constantly get questions which i love to answer!
the FRESCA is my hands down fave to date
i will vouch for the thinnest best ground feel and movement of all my vffs- altho the one i havent tried yet is the performa (cost and durability issues)
one tiny little snaffu.... i just accepted a management position and im expected to wear dress clothes (still trekking thru the hospital) and im terrified that my vffs will be frowned upon- i do have some low key solid black and tan JAYAs which arent my favorite design but will suffice
im very excited to see the new casual street shoe models and definitely encourage the company to continue to design office friendly vffs
im luvvvvvvn the RIMINI look and im sure they will be awwwwsum! i have had issues with the heels in several vff models so this mule design is terrific- also my mom has heel spurs so these are definitely gonna be her b-day present (shh, dont tell her)
hey vibram! make a ladies loafer too please!

12/27/12 @ 11:28
Comment from: DG Bear [Visitor]
DG Bear

I've been waiting a long time for a shoe that looks like the FiveFingers Sorrento. They're awesome in the sand color,they would also be awesome in black or other colors..... To the VIBRAM FIVEFINGERS COMPANY, in the words of a character Jonah Hill played in 40 Year Old Virgin; "You're making it extremely difficult for me , I just trying to get these shoes back to my house so I can wear them!" PLEASE BRING THEM TO AMERICA IN SIZE 48! Thank you. :-D

07/11/13 @ 21:22

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