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2012 Vibram FiveFingers Spotted! New Toe Shoes for Casual Wear, Running, and Trails!

Who wants more toe shoes? How about a sneak peak at some upcoming 2012 Vibram FiveFingers for casual wear, ultra-light running, running trails? It’s time to nerd out on some minimalist footwear that will be hitting the scene next year because as yo…

Who wants more toe shoes? How about a sneak peak at some upcoming 2012 Vibram FiveFingers for casual wear, ultra-light running, running trails?

It’s time to nerd out on some minimalist footwear that will be hitting the scene next year because as you can see from the teaser above, we’ve gotten our hands on some images of upcoming “barefoot shoes” from Vibram!

More photos and wild speculation after the jump!
First off, a note of appreciation to Barefoot Jake and Linda of for supplying the photos. And also a nod to ultra-FiveFingers fan Dirk for the help in sleuthing some of the (rumored) names of these upcoming Vibram FiveFingers!

What do we have here? Photos from Friedrichshafen Outdoor 2011.

The lead photo above was taken a couple weeks back at the Friedrichshafen (Germany) Outdoor Trade show. It seems that Vibram (Europe) had quite an exhibit at this event, including a live action demonstration of acrobatics (photo) that was quite impressive according to Linda, the photographer who snagged a couple photos from the event. Here are some close-up crops from Linda’s shots, click any image to enlarge:

From left to right, we see the men’s Sorrento FiveFingers, the women’s Rimini LR FiveFingers, and the women’s Grado FiveFingers. These three models allegedly feature a new “comfort sole.” More on the sole below.

Let’s talk about what we’re seeing here …

Rimini LR Vibram FiveFingers

These are the women’s leather versions that remind me of clogs in that they are open at the heel. Word is these feature a new “comfort sole” (not pictured). More on this in the Sorrento section below …

Grado Vibram FiveFingers

These leather, casual wear women’s FiveFingers remind me of a super nice version of the Classic — at least insomuch as they have the same general “cut” on the upper. That said, like the Rimini LR these have a new sole structure, which I’m speculating is similar to the men’s Sorrento, which is the only sole we have a photo of (thanks to Barefoot Jake). Moving along …

Sorrento Vibram FiveFingers

The upcoming men's 2012 Vibram FiveFingers Sorrento (rumored name).   Photo by Barefoot Jake. Used with permission.
The upcoming men’s 2012 Vibram FiveFingers Sorrento (rumored name). This men’s casual wear toe shoe looks to have a leather upper with a loafer like suede look. Photo by Barefoot Jake, used with permission.

The Sorrento Vibram FiveFingers looks to be a casual, leather shoe for men that is evocative of a toe shoe loafer. It’s clearly got a new sole which looks to have seven separated rubber pieces. Jake was able to try them on and here’s what he had to say about them to me:

The loafer looking ones were like MOC stitching, WIth a Moc Type upper feel. Sole wasnt flexible and they went with a new style of laying the sole down. Seems like the only thing that was flexible was the Toes. So if i had to guess they were 4m Sole + insert.

Interesting! Now, Jake got to try a couple other models that weren’t seen at Friedrichshafen. Take a look!

Vibram FiveFingers See Ya

A photo of the upcoming 2012 Vibram FiveFingers “See Ya” (rumored name). Photo by Barefoot Jake. Used with permission.

The Vibram FiveFingers See Ya looks to be a new model for a “barefoot” like running experience. What looks awesome about it (to me) is that the upper looks like a thinner material than what you get with the Bikila FiveFingers and the sole looks like a minimalized Bikila sole in that the rubber has been reduced and in places replaced by some other material. Here’s what Jake had to say about them to me:

Now the new super light weight running ones are the lightest I’ve felt out of VFF. Super light weight upper, almost Aqua Sock design. The sole on these they seemed to go two part, with some type of mesh jell material to provide arch protection against sharp objects.

Super lightweight running FiveFingers that are more flexible? Hard not to get excited about the possibilities here …

Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS

The upcoming men’s 2012 Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS (rumored name). Photo by Barefoot Jake. Used with permission.

The Spyridon LS FiveFingers look like a laced trail toe shoe — a new option to the popular KSO Trek and TrekSport. It features a new sole, which looks to me to be a bit less built up than the standard Trek sole while also a bit less “complicated.”

I’ve also heard that there will be a non LS version of the Spyridon — and by “non LS,” I mean that there might be a version that doesn’t have laces but is just has the standard “hook and loop” mechanism you’d find with KSOs.

Other 2012 stuff

A shot of a ton of the 2012 Vibram FiveFingers we see new colors of the FiveFingers Speed (front row), KomodoSport and KomodoSport LS (second row), Spyridon LS (2nd/3rd row leftside), See Ya (3rd row right), and other new models at the rear. Hiding on the far right under the purple KomodoSport LS is the rumored Classic Fresca! Photo by Barefoot Jake. Used with permission.

Above are a ton of the 2012 Vibram FiveFingers models. We’re looking at new color combos (colorways) for the pre-existing models like the FiveFingers Speed, Jaya LR, Jaya, KomodoSport and KomodoSport LS, and Bikila LS. We also see more colorways for the upcoming 2012 FiveFingers Spyridon LS and the 2012 Vibram FiveFingers See Ya.

And if you look very closely, we get a glimpse at the far right of a Classic-like VFF that is rumored to be called the “Fresca” that features a new sole (it’s for women by the way).

Note the Speed FiveFingers colors. Close-up crop.

I’ll wrap with one last close-up from Linda’s Friedrichshafen photos above, we see some pretty wild new color combinations of the FiveFingers Speed. Given that this was the Europe trade show and Vibram Europe seems to get a bit more wild with their color combinations than Vibram USA, who knows what will ultimately show up in 2012.

What do you think?

So there’s a sneak peak of some of the upcoming stuff we might be seeing from Vibram in 2012. Next week is the U.S. outdoor trade show — Outdoor Retailer. Hopefully, we’ll see more and learn more about the upcoming stuff from Vibram (not to mention all the others out there who are putting out minimalist footwear!) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

What do you think of these new options? Excited for more casual toe shoes? Eager to try a new trail version of FiveFingers? Super light and flexible FiveFingers for running? Sound off below!

Disclaimer: none of the above should be taken as fact! I’m basing names off of various bits of scuttlebutt I’ve received and the photos sort of speak for themselves. What may actually come out is hard to say with any certainty! If you know anything, let me know!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

40 replies on “2012 Vibram FiveFingers Spotted! New Toe Shoes for Casual Wear, Running, and Trails!”

Simply could not care less about casual FF’s — I just don’t see the point.

Lovin’ the looks and features of the See Ya however! Just might be replacing my Bikilas with those bad boys!

I’m really liking the new styles. I have been holding off getting a new pair to see whats coming. I have 3 pairs now and so want some more. I would love to be a tester for some of these new designs. know of a place where I can sign up? 😉 Love your reviews, keep up the great work!

I am not crazy about the loafers, but some of the other models look promising and I am definitely on board for the all blue Speeds if they make it to the US market.

The See Ya looks promising, but I wonder how necessary the strap is. I like the look of the sole and think it might be a nice alternative to the Classic for occasional wear. The Spyridon is reminiscent of an old knobby bike tire. I wonder how they’d be, traction wise. At least you won’t feel the tread through the bottom of the shoe, as some do with the lugs on the trek sole.

Arch protection or….support?!?
They begin to look more like Skeletoes to me, throwing the whole barefoot theory out of the window.

The Sorrentos look kinda like something you’d have to wear if your feet were horribly burned…otherwise I pretty much love all the styles, especially the Spyridons!

The Spyidon looks nice, but dont particularly like the look of the sole. I’ve found that with VFF’s with grip ‘pods’ on the sole (Speed, Trek etc) you can feel that you are walking on them and I long for the down to earth feel of the Sprint/KSO sole.

Also a shame that the one now identified as the women’s Grado is a womens model. The open top with ventilation holes in it design really appeals to me, best looking of the new models imo.

Love the See Yas! Would love a pair to add to my collection. Hopefully it has a seamless footbed coz I ran a 10km race in my Bikilas and my left foot was rubbing against the seams of the footbed, no blisters but it was quite sore after coz I was pushing myself to record a PB

Bradley – “Simply could not care less about casual FF’s — I just don’t see the point” – some people don’t spend their entire waking lives doing “sports”, some people live significant amount of their time wearing casual shoes & clothes.

I’m in agreement with Jeremy, the “Spyridon LS” looks pretty awesome.

I’m liking the new colors too. I mean if you’re wearing toe shoes, you might as well have flashy colors in addition to the neutral ones as well.

Hehe. That ‘live acrobatics’ photo reminded me of THE OFFICE episode where the guys are jumping around yelling “PARKOUR!” The two guys on top look just like that.

Cool to see new stuff from Vibram. A bit disappointed with the feel of the Komodos I bought recently. Here’s hoping the new models don’t follow the same toe design/stitching. (love my 2 pairs of Trek and 1 pair of bikila, though. Just the Komodos I have issue with)

I love casual VFFs. I have 4 pairs of Classics. While I have run in them in the past, I mainly hike, walk, do yard work, shop, play with my sons, and, well, I live in them. I love the thin sole of the Classics and would really like to see more colors. If the leather ones have a super thin sole, I will probably own at least one pair by the end of next year.

all I gotta say is time to add more to my collection. VFF you are getting better & better. My feet loves your shoes and I love the styles & colors. Pretty soon I won’t know what regular shoes are.

Thanks so much for such an exciting post! I always love to see upcoming Fivefingers. I’m especially excited for the See Ya model. I’m a runner and those look like some really rockin’ kicks!

The only model I’d consider to get would be the Spyridon in the color Jake tried them on (the other options are awful).
I like the upper of the Sorrento, however, the sole is a total flaw: thick and flat, why have they abandoned the foot glove concept?
The See Ya model seems an improvement respect to Bikila. “Unfortunately” I don’t need any road running dedicated shoes, I’m already running barefoot but still I need casual shoes. I’d like some casual-looking shoes in which I could perfectly run if required (such as KSO Trek and Trek LS), See Ya couldn’t work because they don’t look casual at all.

Finally, I’d like to point out the extra effort Vibram is making to release women’s specific models. They must have done a market study and realized that in the next years there will be much more potential to grow in the women’s market. In western societies women usually have less restrictions in their clothes and attire than men, and look acceptance is a key element in the introduction of VFFs. Finally, if many women are already wearing VFFs regularly men will less reluctant to give them a try (at the end of the day for most young men young women are the only censors that matter), clever marketing strategy.

Man, I’m *really* getting sick of so many women-only models.

Don’t men buy the *vast* majority of VFFs? 🙁

Cater to your clientele, Vibram!
I understand wanting to expand,
but don’t forget who got you where you are now.

It says that the only flexibility in the Sorrento sole was the toes. That’s not very good. The loafers look pretty darn silly to me anyway… but I like the See Ya’s. Weird name though….

Oooh!! I was considering getting a new pair to replace one of my dead ones, but I’m def going to have to wait for new stuff to come out. Thanks for the update!

I would love to see a better pic of the Fresca, it looks like a nice alternative to the Classic. I like the leather ones with the cutouts too just for a nice pair of knock around shoes. :o) I don’t workout ALL the time.

My VFF obsession only grows stronger after this… The “See ya” looks super sweet!! As well as the Spyridon. I am so excited to see these new models. And, I’m also excited for the Fresca. It’s such a nice spin on that classic. Can’t wait to see more details on these models!

if they’re made out of kangaroo leather, then no way, jose, i’m buying them. *wiggles her komodos* 🙂

These are so cool. I wish I could wear them. Guess it’s good I can’t. I wouldn’t know which ones to buy. The up coming ones look so great! All who can wear these I salute you!….LOL
Love and Peace

These are the greatest ever. I can’t waer them but do often dream of it. The upcoming vibrams look so great! To all who can wear them I salute you!….LOL…
Love and Peace

I think they need to make a revamp Classic for men, They keep taking care of the ladies. What about us guys!?

When are we going to get a trail shoe that’s waterproof?! This is taking way too long. Getting tired of soggy toes, put a goretex layer in there.

More colors than a fruit salad, and more styles than Imelda Marcos could want….

….But, yet the humble men’s classics now only come in black and charcoal.

(What exactly is the difference between black and charcoal?)

Come on Vibram, (and it’s been said here a few times) don’t leave your original customers behind as you reach for brighter neon-colors and more add-on gadgets.

It has come to the point in my life with Parkinson’s Disease and associated foot dystonia (the toes curl under like hammer toes) that ALL I can wear are VFF’s! SO I welcome all of the new style that look like you are NOT going running!! That said, my daughter is a marathoner and of course I had to wear my bikilas to cheer her on and show off! My problem is that I cannot get the KSO’s (or anything that is closed with no laces) on my foot. It is just not happening. I love KSO sole and toes fit better than the Sprint, so I buy them and cut all of the upper away and make Mary Jane’s out of them! My questions are: are the KSO and Sprint the only styles with original sole? I bought the Bikila because of the laces and can get them on fine but they are HOT. Is the style with the real shoes laces cooler? And do the new women’s styles with no strap stay on your foot pretty well? Thanks to any and all who can help with answers. PS. The more the rubber sole sticks to the floor the greater chance I have of falling, so let me know if there is a less grabby sole than original.

I started out 3 years ago with the classics. I love toe shoes and wear them 80% of the time – work or play. I only like leather since my feet feel restricted and reactive to most synthetic material(would be interested in boiled wool) I don’t like the bright colors – don’t like to have to choose between more black and neon pink. like the Vivo Maryjanes. Would like a dark color calf hi pair of casual VFF or atleast zero drop boots

I’m totally hoping for the women’s Euro leather styles.

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