Trek LS FiveFingers Out!

City Sports Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS Giveaway Contest Rules

The contest winner will be selected at random from the pool of email subscribers as it stands at the contest’s end. The contest’s end will coincide with an announcement…

The Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS (Men’s) Vibram FiveFingers are available for sale!

The all-leather, laced up and retro-casually styled Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS is now available for purchase at CitySports!

Additionally, this means that we have a Trek LS giveaway contest winner (I will be contacting the winner directly by email. I’ll also be contacting the 10 randomly selected sticker winners by email, too!).

More about the Trek LS (like sizing) after the jump!).

Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS Toe Shoes

Here are the details on the Trek LS as well as how to pick up a pair of these new toe shoes from Vibram:

Official specs: By popular demand, Vibram introduces its first casual/comfort shoe for men with a distressed kangaroo leather upper and a casual tie lacing system. The Trek LS features the popular4mm, lightly cleated, Trek outsole and a 4mm EVA midsole for additional comfort.

We’ve reviewed the men’s Trek LS FiveFingers here.

  • The 10-second BirthdayShoes Take: the Trek LS FiveFingers take the stylish retro-look of the already out and popular, laced FiveFingers Speed, outfit it in kangaroo leather, and utilize the trailworthy Vibram Trek sole to make a pair of toe shoes that will have folks double-taking your feet left and right. The leather takes these FiveFingers to the next level by making them both super durable, a bit warmer, and a bit classier. They look great with jeans, too. While I’m sure you could run or hike in the Trek LS, I’m not sure you’re going to want to as these are just “nice” and meant more for everyday wear though the leather can assuredly take a beating. Finally, they are the most expensive VFFs to date — about $140.
  • Sizing is the same as your KSO/Bikila LS/KSO Trek/Bikila/Speed size though how that applies to your feet, per usual with all Vibrams, may vary slightly from this. Here’s the sizing chart for the Trek LS:

  • Cost: $139.95 and ships free PLUS CitySports is offering a free FiveFingers tshirt with all orders while supplies last!

  • NOTE: orders placed on CitySports will ship Tuesday August 23rd.
  • Available in black or brown “crazy horse” leather. Get the men’s Trek LS in black here (Sizes 40 – 47 available now). Get the men’s Trek LS in brown here (Sizes 40-47 available now). Stock is limited!
  • Good luck!

    The Giveaway is over!

    Below were the contest details:

    The FiveFingers Trek LS will soon be available for sale in the U.S.! As a way to celebrate, we’ll be having a giveaway of one free pair of the Trek LS Vibrams* to a lucky, randomly selected BirthdayShoes email subscriber. ADDITIONALLY, 10 other subscribers will be randomly selected to win some BirthdayShoes swag — a couple BirthdayShoes “5 foot” vinyl stickers!

    But wait, there’s more! The first 10 people to tweet about this giveaway (via a link in a tweet) will also get a couple stickers!

    City Sports Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS Giveaway Contest Rules

    The contest winner will be selected at random from the pool of email subscribers as it stands at the contest’s end. The contest’s end will coincide with an announcement that City Sports has the Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS available for purchase online. This is expected to be sometime in the next few weeks!

    All existing, active email subscribers prior to this contest announcement are automatically entered into the drawing so long as they are still subscribed by email as of the contest’s end. If you aren’t yet subscribing to BirthdayShoes by email, in order to be entered into the drawing, simply sign up for an email subscription to BirthdayShoes and be sure to activate your subscription! Only one email address per person is allowed — we reserve the right to delete these emails from the list (read: Don’t try to cheat!).

    The subscription confirmation email sometimes gets hung up in email client spamtraps, so keep an eye out for it (it should arrive somewhat instantaneously)! Email subscription is free and your email will not be sold to third parties! What more, unsubscribing is simple and fast.

    The randomly selected winner of the giveaway contest will get a free pair of the Vibram FiveFingers Trek LS provided by City Sports!

    *Important Note! The Trek LS is a men’s only Vibram FiveFingers! If a female is selected winner, she will have the option to pick whatever style Vibram FiveFingers she likes from CitySports available models.

    Let me end by saying “thank you” to City Sports for sponsoring this VFF giveaway and supporting the Vibram Five Fingers fan community!

    Now subscribe and enter the FiveFingers Trek LS Giveaway contest already!

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    35 replies on “Trek LS FiveFingers Out!”

    I do wish they had women’s smaller sizes in these. How small do they go? I love the leather though, they tend to get less smelly. 😉

    Good thing I have ginormous feet for a girl. Loving my 42mens classics. Good thing I’m tall too. Would love to win them!

    I just joined twitter so that I can win so I hope I tweeted the right way. Thanks alot for the awesome website.

    You killed a kangaroo for these? I am sad to hear this. I really want a pair of Vibrams but now I’m not so sure. 🙁

    Ordered a pair if for no other reason than the velcro strap on my Treks are chewing up the hem on my jeans and slacks – and will quickly pay for themselves since I wear them to work every day.

    I’m assuming the black camo sole was a proto-only feature?

    My Treks are almost too big (easily pull pinkie toe out of pocket even with original crew Injinji’s), but my KSOs and KomodoSport LS’s fit fine. I ordered a size smaller (44 vs 45), hoping they size the same as the Treks do.

    @Jeremy “Tweeted, but probably too late for stickers.

    Also, does this model remind anyone else of Dr. Zaius from “Planet of the Apes”?”

    Indeed it does. But I don’t like this particular model. (because this will certainly make me look like apes(: )

    Also reminded me of Dr. Zaius the upcoming women-only model Rimin LR.

    I don’t know why I don’t like these models.

    I feel I must pipe in about the comments regarding the use of kangaroo leather as I’ve been waiting three years since buying KSOs for some all- leather VFFs
    (besides the indoor moc which I own).

    As someone deeply concerned about the state of the environment and other’s apathy towards its well-being, I’d rather see an animal killed for its hide than more plastic products created from nasty crude oil that has no place on the earth’s surface. Of course, Vibram does use chemically treated hide so who knows how that will break down.

    So, Vibram…how about some natural rubber soles that can be replaced and all leather uppers with no polyester filler? You’d have my money for sure.

    Why are the brown ones so light on the City Sports page? Far different from the dark brown in your photo’s. I wanted a pair until I seen them, too light.

    Brian – the stock photos may look a bit different from real life – lighting is also huge the same pair of shoes can look light and dark depending on the lighting what the shoes are against – tons of factors – they are lighter than the KSO Treks – I personally love the color from what I’ve seen – can’t wait to get em in my hands

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