What are Vibram FiveFingers and other Minimalist Shoes fans doing "almost barefoot?" Everything.

Vibram FiveFingers and barefoot or minimalist shoes enthusiasts are doing just about everything under the sun while being just a little bit closer to barefoot. From running any race out there (5Ks to 100 mile ultramarathons), to working out, playing, going to work, hang-gliding, sky-diving, or even playing golf.

Part of the mission here at BirthdayShoes has been to document these fan experiences in the words and photos of the wearers of toe shoes, minimalist shoes, or barefoot shoes (or whatever you call these things) — if you've got some great photos of you doing what you do in your Vibram FiveFingers, NB Minimus, huaraches, VIVO BAREFOOTS, or whatever, consider sending them in (learn more) and sharing with the community!

Below you'll find pages and pages of Vibram Five Fingers user photos and stories that display just what you can do when almost-barefoot as with everyone's favorite five-toed shoes. If you want to see the posts below listed out by model, check out the comprehensive list of Vibram Five Fingers fan photo stories here.

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New 5K PR in Five Fingers Bikilas

Matt in his Bikilas
Matt running in his Bikilas at the Houston, TX Great Pumpkin Fun Run (5K)
Matt has a nice collection of Vibram Five Fingers that he has been wearing for quite a while. He sent us this note on how they have been working for him:Just wanted to share a quick story since I finally have a good picture with my VFFs. I wear my… more »

The Bahrain Relay Marathon in Vibram Five Fingers Speeds

Rusty in his Speeds
Rusty running in the Bahrain Marathon Relay in his Vibram Five Fingers Speeds.
Rusty was lucky enough to score some Vibram Five Fingers Speeds while in Germany. He is now in Bahrain and sent us this story:On October 29th, 2010 our team of 16 from ISA Fire Dept ran in the Bahrain Relay Marathon. I'm deployed to Bahrain. Our tea… more »

Dentists, Harleys and Vibram Five Fingers

Joy at the Hi-Tec Dental Rally.
Joy at the Hi-Tec Dental Rally.
Joy wore her Vibram Five Fingers to a rather unique Dental Convention and sent us her story:Recently, our dental laboratory, Dental South, traveled to Knoxville, TN for the 3rd annual Hi-Tec Dental Rally that takes place at Smokey Mountai… more »

Backpacking with Vibram Five Fingers Flow Treks

Richard Relaxing
Guest post by Richard MandelbaumI recently used my Vibram Five Fingers for an overnight backpacking trip and thought I would write up a little review of my experience for those of you who might be considering using your VFFs that way. There have bee… more »

Transatlantic Cruising Five Fingers Style

Bill jogging
Bill jogging on the Promenade deck.
Bill decided to get a little marathon training in wearing his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs while cruising the Atlantic. Here's what he shared with us:I thought I would share some pictures my wife took of me in my KSOs on our cruise on the Norwegian Sun… more »

Philippines Vibram Five Fingers Fan Club

Philippines Vibram Five Fingers Fan Club
Philippines Vibram Five Fingers Fan Club
JB, from the Minila, sent us an update on the Philippines Five Fingers running club that has grown quickly over the last year as Vibrams have become more readily available there. Here is what he shared with us:Hi I'm JB! I'm from Manila, Philippine… more »

Clean Sweep for the 30 Somethings in Bikilas

Clean Sweep for the 30 Somethings in Bikilas
Andy, his brothers and friend at the Walla Walla Crush 5K
Andy and company recently ran in the Walla Walla Crush 5K in their recently acquired Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas. Here is what Andy had to say about their effort:Several weeks ago I purchased a pair of Bikilas and have enjoyed doing recreational ru… more »

Dr. Jawa Runs his First Marathon

Dr. Jawa and his wife
Dr. Jawa and his wife running the St. George Marathon.
Dr. Jawa, is a long time reader and contributor to our blog. You may remember Dr. Jawa doing headstands, teaching in black KSO VFFs, running a half marathon in Las Vegas, or on vacation in Jamaica. Dr. Jawa recently continued his adventures in Vibram Fiv… more »

Jocelyn BQs in her First Marathon in Five Fingers Bikilas

Jocelyn BQs in her First Marathon in Five Fingers Bikilas
Jocelyn before the start of the Detroit Marathon
A little over a year ago, Jocelyn made the switch to Vibram Five Fingers after knee pain kept her from running long distances. Back then, she shared with us her story about setting a personal record in the 5K in her Vibram Five Fingers KSOs. When… more »

Allison's Big Toes are in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Allison's Big Toes are in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs
Reminders for the race!
Recently, Allison ran her first half marathon in Vibram KSOs, her second-ever half marathon. She created the blog, AllisonsBigToe.com for the express purpose of documenting her 16 week training for this event and transition to running in Vibram FiveFin… more »

Rocker Hikes Grand Canyon in Five Fingers Flows

Rocker Hikes Grand Canyon in Five Fingers Flows
We recently received a story from James Grundler about his hike through the Grand Canyon in his patched up Vibram Five Fingers Flows. It is the type of story enthusiastic Five Fingers fans share with us every day and we love passing on to our readers. Bu… more »

Hiking the Rockies in Five Fingers KSOs

Paul hiking in his KSOs
Paul hiking in his KSOs at Letchworth State Park
Paul, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, was able to compare hiking in his KSOs this past summer to previous hikes he had done in traditional hiking boots.Read what Paul had to say about how his KSOs performed and see more great pics after the jump!I j… more »

Father Dorn's Conversion to Five Fingers

Father Dorn's  Conversion to Five Fingers
In the beginning, Father Patrick Dorn, wore traditional running shoes, but he recently switched to Vibram Five Fingers. Here is Fr. Dorn's story:I'm Fr. Patrick Dorn, priest at "runner friendly" Church of the Apostles (Anglican) in Evergreen, Colo… more »

Flee Flies in Five Fingers

Post Race Elation
Post Race Elation by Flee
Flee is an amazingly talented artist and illustrator who writes and draws at her blog drawntorun.com. Also, Flee is a marathon runner who switched to Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas over the last year. Read about her transition after the jump.My name i… more »

Shooting Clay Pigeons in Five Fingers with the Texas Governor

Robbie and Rick Perry
Robbie, on the left, enjoys some conversation with Texas Governor, Rick Perry.
We can add shooting to the list of things people do in their Vibram Five Fingers! Robbie sent us his story about a recent trip to the shooting range with Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Read about it after the jump.Robbie's Trek Sports give him firm fo… more »

Nautica Malibu Triathlon After Just 6 weeks in Five Fingers

Rafael at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon
Rafael swimming, cycling, running and finishing the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.
Though we suggest all runners transitioning to Vibram Five Fingers take their time and make a very gradual transition, Rafael ran in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon after just six weeks in Vibram Five Fingers.My name is Rafael from Sacramento, CA. I… more »

Vibram Five Fingers Sprints Take On the Sierre-Zinal

Stéphane Running the Sierre-Zinal
Stéphane running the Sierre-Zinal through the Swiss Alps and finishing with his daughter.
Stéphane, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, wore his Sprints to run in the 31K Sierre-Zinal mountain race in Switzerland. Stéphane shares his story below:I like to read other people's stories on the BirthdayShoes website and I thought I could also share… more »

UK Rat Racer Wears Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Dave at the UK Rat Race
Dave walking the plank and sliding to the finish at the Rat Race.
Extreme races are the rage these days and Vibram Five Fingers fan Dave recently ran in a UK event called the Rat Race Urban Adventure. He donned his KSOs and went for it! Here is what Dave had to say:A couple pics of me from this last weekends River R… more »

Traveling with Toe Shoes to Tulum

Lindsay in her Bikilas
Lindsay explores the ruins at Tulum in her Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas
Much to the chagrin of her husband, Lindsay found her Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas to be great for hiking the ruins of Tulum and cooling off in the sands of the Mexico beaches. Here is what she had to say:My name is Lindsay and I'm from Dallas, TX. M… more »

Vibram Five Fingers Fare Well at the Fair

Minnesota State Fair
Click to enlarge.
Chad decided to put his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs to the test at the Minnesota State Fair. He gave them quite a workout as he describes below:I have had my Vibram KSOs for about 3 months now. I have been using them for running, biking, working out i… more »

26 miles and 385 yards in Five Fingers Bikilas

Blair Crosses the Finish Line
Blair crosses the finish line with his kids at Marathon by the Sea as an onlooker checks out his Bikilas.
Blair has been logging serious miles in his KSOs and Bikilas while accumulating a nice collection of Vibram Five Fingers. Here is what he had to say:Hi guys,Just wanted to send along a pic of my second marathon is my Vibrams. First one was in my… more »