What are Vibram FiveFingers and other Minimalist Shoes fans doing "almost barefoot?" Everything.

Vibram FiveFingers and barefoot or minimalist shoes enthusiasts are doing just about everything under the sun while being just a little bit closer to barefoot. From running any race out there (5Ks to 100 mile ultramarathons), to working out, playing, going to work, hang-gliding, sky-diving, or even playing golf.

Part of the mission here at BirthdayShoes has been to document these fan experiences in the words and photos of the wearers of toe shoes, minimalist shoes, or barefoot shoes (or whatever you call these things) — if you've got some great photos of you doing what you do in your Vibram FiveFingers, NB Minimus, huaraches, VIVO BAREFOOTS, or whatever, consider sending them in (learn more) and sharing with the community!

Below you'll find pages and pages of Vibram Five Fingers user photos and stories that display just what you can do when almost-barefoot as with everyone's favorite five-toed shoes. If you want to see the posts below listed out by model, check out the comprehensive list of Vibram Five Fingers fan photo stories here.

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Five Fingers KSOs in the Klondike

Phillip on Chilkoot Trail
Phillip looks back into a valley and some rocky terrain on Chilkoot Trail.
Phillip, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, and his girlfriend recently hiked the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska and British Columbia. This trail was used by prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush to reach the Yukon goldfields. It is a 33 mile trail that can takes… more »

Traveling Light to Greece with a Collection of Vibrams

Traveling Light to Greece with a Collection of Vibrams
Hiking around the Acropolis. (Parthenon-Athens, Greece)
Steve took along his Vibram Five Fingers Classics, Sprints and Bikilas on a recent trip to Greece. That's about 2 pounds. Not bad for three pairs of shoes. After the jump, read what Steve had to say about his travels, see some more great pics and learn t… more »

Gardening in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Jason Gardening in KSOs
Jason Gardening in his KSOs
Jason sent us the following message about his search for the perfect gardening shoe:I've finally found the perfect gardening shoe! I am an avid gardener and have spent years trying to find a shoe that was able to meet the demands of gardening. I tr… more »

KSOs on Killer Hill!

Millikan at Morgan's Little Miami Triathlon
Millikan running up the final 50 yards of Killer Hill and other race pics.
Millikan recently wore his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs in the what is billed as the oldest triathlon in the continental United States. With two man teams and canoes it is certainly one of the most unique triathlons. Sounds like fun! Here is a description of… more »

Choosing between Orthotics and Bikilas

Joe finishing in his Bikilas
Joe finishing in his Bikilas at North Olympic Discovery Half-Marathon
Joe, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, sent us his story of choosing barefoot running in Bikilas over orthotics. Although, we don't recommend going against a doctor's advice, the recent popularity of barefoot running has produced many differing opinions on what… more »

Hiking the Sierra Nevada in KSO Treks

Ted and his KSO Treks
Ted on a hike wearing his KSO Treks.
Ted, a veteran hiker and Five Fingers fan, seems to have found relief from Morton's Neuroma by wearing KSO Treks while hiking and sent us his story:Eleven years ago I became addicted to hiking the high mountains of Southern California and the Sierr… more »

Sprint Triathlon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs

Sprint Triathlon in Vibram Five Fingers KSOs
Jason doing the East Fork Sprint Triathlon in his brown KSOs.
Jason, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, recently ran in the East Fork Sprint Triathlon in his brown KSOs and sent us this report:I have enjoyed your site for a while now and love to see all the different things that people do in their Five Fingers, I hav… more »

Relaxing in Vibram Five Fingers Bahamas Style

Relaxing in Vibram Five Fingers Bahamas Style
In the photo above, Paul and Janette enjoy some beach time in their Vibram Five Fingers while on vacation in the Bahamas. Paul sent us this message:My wife and I, took a trip to the Bahamas this July and of course we brought our VFF's (SPRINT and KS… more »

Finnish Girls Hike Alps in Toe Shoes

Finnish Girls Hike Alps in Toe Shoes
Sara and Eeva were ready to get the heck out of Finland after graduation, so it was off to the German Alps where they could hike through the snow in their Five Fingers. They sent us some pics and a summary of their trip:We are two Finnish girls who a… more »

Black KSOs on Buzzards Rock Trail

Buzzard Rock Trail
The entrance to Buzzard Rock Trail in Baltimore County, Md.
Aaron recently broke away from the daily grind and got some time to himself in the Patapsco Valley State Park on Buzzards Rock Trail. It was just him and his black KSOs and here is his story: by AaronMy first real trail experience in VFF’s is abo… more »

Fantastic Father-in-law Favors Five Fingers!

Mike and his father-in-law
Mike and his father-in-law on the left in their blue Bikilas after running the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon, and on the right, Mike runs in a pair of red and white Bikilas while his father-in-law strides along in his KSOs.
Mike is a lucky guy to have a hip father-in-law who encouraged him to try running in Vibram Five Fingers. He shared his story with us:I started running this spring due to my Father in Law's influence and it's been a great experience. He introduced me… more »

Self Defense Instructor Teaches and Trains in Vibram Five Fingers

Michael hanging loose
Michael in his Classics with instructors and students at a Detroit self-defense school.
Michael "Sifu" Banaag is quite an accomplished martial artist and self-defense instructor. He was taught by James DeMile, a student of Bruce Lee. He is also a Vibram Five Fingers fan and wears KSOs to train and teach self defense. He recently acquired a… more »

Outdoors in the Pacific Nothwest with Vibram KSO Treks, Camping and Hiking

Jake at Olympic National Park
I have a little traditon where I always do a Burpee on top a mountain or on the end of the trail. Climbed up on a rock that was into the lake 10 feet or so.... my friend and photographer Jeremy, shot several photos, but this one turned out the best.
Jake, a Vibram Five Fingers fan and Personal Trainer, recently hiked through Olympic National Park in the state of Washington. We noticed a cool picture (above) he posted on the BirthdayShoes Facebook page, and had to find out more. Here are a few more p… more »

Becky Runs Blister Free in Her Bikilas

Becky Runs Blister Free in Her Bikilas
Becky in her Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas after the Slacker Half Marathon
Becky, a Vibram Five Fingers fan, is no slacker, but she recently ran in the Slacker Half Marathon in her new Bikilas. Becky told us about the race:My Bikilas went the distance with me yesterday in Colorado's Slacker Half Marathon, and I couldn't… more »

U.S. Marine Captain uses his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs for Track, Crossfit and Boating

Patrick relaxing on the Saco
I snapped this picture of the Saco River and my KSO's. They didn't even have any "river stink" on them when the dried out at the hotel later.
Patrick, a U.S. Marine Captain and Vibram Five Fingers fan, sent us the above photo and had this to say about his recent canoeing trip to the Saco River:Love reading your blog entries. I took a trip back to Braintree, Massachusetts to visit my fami… more »

A Family Who Wears Five Fingers Together, Stays Together

Emily crossing the finish line
Emily crossing the finish line in her Vibram Sprints - this was a 5k "CdA Race" in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Emily, her husband Gary, and their 9 year old daughter are a family who all wear Vibram Five Fingers. Emily sent us these photos of their active lifestyle:Here's one of me "CdA Race" crossing the finish line in my VibramSprints - this was a… more »

Edward Edmond's Minimalist Approach to Marathon Training utilizes Barefoot Running and Racing Flats

Edward Edmond's Minimalist Approach to Marathon Training utilizes Barefoot Running and Racing Flats
Edward on a training run through the German countryside wearing his Nike Air Zoom Streak XC 2 racing flats.
We first ran across Edward Edmonds a few weeks ago in a youtube video of him running barefoot and posted it in our Link Love section. Later we discovered on his blog that he training full time as a runner and has the ultimate goal to run a marathon under… more »