What are Vibram FiveFingers and other Minimalist Shoes fans doing "almost barefoot?" Everything.

Vibram FiveFingers and barefoot or minimalist shoes enthusiasts are doing just about everything under the sun while being just a little bit closer to barefoot. From running any race out there (5Ks to 100 mile ultramarathons), to working out, playing, going to work, hang-gliding, sky-diving, or even playing golf.

Part of the mission here at BirthdayShoes has been to document these fan experiences in the words and photos of the wearers of toe shoes, minimalist shoes, or barefoot shoes (or whatever you call these things) — if you've got some great photos of you doing what you do in your Vibram FiveFingers, NB Minimus, huaraches, VIVO BAREFOOTS, or whatever, consider sending them in (learn more) and sharing with the community!

Below you'll find pages and pages of Vibram Five Fingers user photos and stories that display just what you can do when almost-barefoot as with everyone's favorite five-toed shoes. If you want to see the posts below listed out by model, check out the comprehensive list of Vibram Five Fingers fan photo stories here.

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The World's First Ever Five Fingers 5k race

Five Fingers 5k Starting Line
Runners line-up for the start of the first annual Five Fingers 5k.
The World's First Ever Five Fingers 5k, sponsored by Mahoney's was held this past weekend in Johnson City, TN. It was open to all runners, regardless of footwear. However, the winner was wearing fivefingers and finished the race in 17:33. Vibram Five Fin… more »

Competitive Runner Trains in Vibram Five Fingers

Sean training
Sean blasts out of the curve as he trains in his Vibram Five Fingers Classics.
Vibram Five Fingers fan, Sean, is a competitive runner from Canada. He runs for the Phoenix Athletics track club and has competed in the Canadian Championships. Read what Sean had to say about discovering and later training in Vibram Five Fingers:I… more »

Real Men Wear Vibram Five Fingers

Aaron's KSO Treks
Aaron sent us this cool pic of him in the machine shop with his Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks surrounded by metal shavings and had this to say about it:Don't tell OSHA! I've been wearing my Vibram Five Fingers in the machine shop for over 2 weeks now… more »

X-Rayed Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks

X-Rayed Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks
Vibram Five Fingers Fan, Tyson, recently went in to have his foot checked and left with an x-ray of his foot. Oh, his foot was still in his KSOs! Tyson gives us the run down:I went in, because I've had pain on the outside of my right foot for some… more »

Vibram Five Fingers KSOs in Costa Rica

Vibram Five Fingers KSOs in Costa Rica
Vibram Five Fingers fan, Glen, on his recent vacation in Costa Rica:Last month my wife and I went on vacation to Costa Rica and I just couldn't wait to get out and use my KSOs in a foreign place. I usually use them to workout in: running, boxing and… more »

Cruising and Climbing in Bermuda with Vibram Five Fingers

Joe and his girlfriend in Bermuda
Joe and his girlfriend enjoying their time on a cruise to Bermuda in their Vibram Fiver Fingers KSOs and Sprints.
Vibram Five Fingers KSOs and Sprints provided sure footing for Joe and his girlfriend on their recent cruise to Bermuda. Joe comments on their adventure:So I have been doing pretty much everything in these Vibram KSOs ever since I bought them about… more »

Interview with Patrick Sweeney, Winner of the Palos Verdes Marathon

Ultra Marathoner Patrick Sweeney
Patrick running in the Orange Curtain 50k wearing his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs
We recently interviewed Ultra Marathoner and barefoot runner, Patrick Sweeney, who, in what may be the fastest marathon ever run in Vibram Five Fingers, recorded an awesome time of 2:37:14 winning the Palos Verdes Marathon. He ran in Vibram Five Fingers… more »

Aussie Vibram Team Five Fingers Takes on The North Face 100

Team Five Fingers runner Jase
Team Five Fingers runner, Jase. working his way up Narrowneck pass. Jase ran the TN100 in Trek Sports. The team also wore Zensah calf compression sleeves and X-bionic Fennec tops and shorts.
Last Saturday, the Australian Vibram Team Five Fingers completed the The North Face 100, a 100Km race through the Blue Mountains.Team member, Max, comments on the race:The four team members were Max and Sally, wearing KSO Treks, and Scott and Jase… more »

An Interview with Irish Mountain Running Champion Moire O’Sullivan

Moire in Nepal
Moire on a work field trip to the Mid-West region of Nepal which was only reachable from Kathmandu after 1 plane ride, 14 hours of driving and 2 days of hiking. Though she hiked in traditional shoes, her vibram five fingers sprints were perfect for relieving the heaviness of walking shoes.
We recently interviewed Irish Mountain Running Champion Moire O’Sullivan. She loves running up and down mountains and writing about it all once she gets home. She started out mountain running in Ireland, where she became Ireland’s 2007 and 2008 Mountain… more »

Vibram Five Fingers KSO Treks Provide a Firm Footing at the Homestead of the Rocks

John sports his "cool slippers" in Ballinskelligs.
Vibram Five Fingers fan, Mike, recently toured Ireland in his VFF KSO Treks. He and his wife are pictured here in Ballinskelligs, which means "Homestead of the Rocks".
Mike comments on his trip to Ireland and how he found out about Vibram Five Fingers:I just got back from a week in Ireland on March 20th. I enthralled the Irish populace with my "cool slippers". From Dublin to Ballinskelligs, they were a hit, rain… more »

Ironman in Training Runs a Half Marathon in his New Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas

Tim in his new Bikilas.
Tim didn't waste any time testing out his new Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas in a half marathon. He is training for the Ironman Florida in November.
Ironman runner, Tim, was lucky enough to land a pair of red and white Vibram Five Fingers Bikilas and take 'em out for a 13 mile spin. Tim reports on how it transpired:I ended up having a friend (Thanks Rob!) who lives in Boston pick them up at Cit… more »

What can you do in Vibram Five Fingers?

Aubrey and his dog
Aubrey, his dog, and his VFFs cooling off in the Texas heat.
As the debate rages on about the capabilities of Vibram Five Fingers, we found one Vibram Five Fingers fan, Aubrey, who hasn't found much that can't be done in them:What do I do with my Vibrams??? EVERYTHING!! Work Run Rock climb Swi… more »

Splish Splashin' in the Creek with Vibram Five Fingers Classics!

Mary at the nature preserve.
Mary says, "I absolutely love when I step in water in my Vibrams, because when I walk away they leave little footprints!"
Vibram Five Fingers fan, Mary, likes getting back to nature in her Classics. They provide sure footing and it's ok if they get wet! She told us why VFFs work for her:A friend and I spent the morning at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, which is located… more »

An interview with TJ, President of The Barefoot Runners Society

Check out the bling!
Taken after the 2009 Omaha Marathon, from left to right are Benny, TJ, Barefoot Rick, and Aaron. Omaha was the first event in the US to have a Barefoot Runners Division.
An interview with TJ, the President of the newly Barefoot Runners Society about how she got into running barefoot, Morton's Neuroma, and where she expects to take the BRS! more »

Tyre changing in Vibram Five Finger Blue Camo Sprints

Lionel gettin' it done!
Lionel changes a friend's flat tire with amazing enthusiasm.
Ever have a flat tire and just can't get those tightened lug nuts to budge? Well, Australian VFF fan, Lionel, knows how to use just the right amount of leverage, strength and Five Fingers awesomeness to get them loose.Ever have a flat tire and just can't get those tightened lug nuts to budge? Well, Australian VFF fan, Lionel, knows how to use just the ri… more »