Comment from: Jesse [Visitor]

The running clinic was such a great event. Getting the chance to run next to Chris McDougall and mimic his stride and get advice from him was amazing! Also I am in the photo at the top of this page! I am the guy with the blue knit cap, green vest, and blue sleeves wearing a backpack just under the arrow pointing to Lieberman. Cool!

04/27/10 @ 15:01
Comment from: akwesi asante [Visitor]
akwesi asante

I'm from Hell Kitchen NYC, planning my running the upcoming Brooklyn 1/2 Marathon (Prospeck Park to Coney Island) in my near 3yr old VFF. Was hoping to get a pair of the new Bikilas before the race, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. Would have loved atleast being at the clinic. Thanks for the update and photo/video.

05/02/10 @ 14:59
Comment from: Rolando [Visitor]

Hello everyone. My name is Rolando and I'm from Madison, WI. I love the video of Tony and Corrado. I do have one question though, where is my sponsorship from the VFF? Corrado's time was 3h and 35 min. My time was 2hrs and 55 min and we both ran in the Bikilas. I'm just saying. VFF rock!! If you don't have a pair get one. It will change your life and your running career. Peace

05/03/10 @ 22:50

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