Comment from: Anderson [Visitor]

Holy cow. Look at that mouth watering tuna! Beautiful.

It's cool to hear how there are so many folks sharing this exciting discovery of how great these funky shoes can be...yet for such completely different reasons and applications! Personally, I do not like boating one bit...but I love my KSO's for reasons of my own. Sadly, I don't see myself catching any giant delicious tuna while running around the local lake. ;)

06/03/10 @ 13:19
Comment from: ken [Visitor]

glad to see that another fisherman is on board!!! I got my sprints 3 1/2 to 4 years ago with the idea for them to be my fishing shoes, but they are so comfortable that they have become my go to shoes as long as the weather is warm enough. there is not a better fishing shoe on the market, or a better "utility" shoe for that matter.

06/06/10 @ 11:14

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