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FiveFingers Capri – Dressy Toe Shoes on Tap for 2013 from Vibram

Dressy, professsional toe shoes (FiveFingers) on tap from Vibram for 2013? Meet the the five-toed Capri, which is debuting in Pitti Uomo in a few weeks! Is your office ready for leather-clad shoes that look like feet?

Has the time finally come for a five-toed dress shoe for men? A fine Italian-inspired FiveFingers model just might make its way to the market in 2013 … if we’re lucky.

Today’s news comes from a release related to the 2013 Pitti* that includes the lone photo (seen above) of a potential Spring 2013 Vibram FiveFingers model presumably for men called the FiveFingers Capri. Constructed with a shiny leather upper and traditional, professional shoelaces, the Capri is looking like it will be the dressiest toe shoes ever made.

Meanwhile, the Capri features a sole that first made its appearance this past Spring (but not in the United States) via the FiveFingers Sorrento (Stay tuned for a review on the Sorrentos from Robert, who snagged a pair via a European retailer).

Here’s the press-release from — note the language used reads a bit like a translation (presumably from Italian):

The new models of spring summer collection, on show at Pitti Immagine 82 (Florence, July 19-22), collection HALL CAVANIGLIA, BOOTH 28B:

  • The model “Capri” is the ideal choice for who loves spending time outdoors: the top quality upper in full grain leather, the holes located on the fingers to enhance breathability, the full leather lining and the classic lacing system for easy fit, makes these shoes make the indispensable ally when the mercury rises considerably.
  • From the Naples island to the exclusive French coast: “Nizza” is a shoe that was born for relax moments, to enjoy strictly in comfort. Made of soft full-grain and full leather lined, this model presents the “indianino” stitching with fringe, which makes it particularly suitable for a female audience.

Oh and what’s the mention of the FiveFingers Nizza? Well, given the strange translation (What is “indianino”?) and the indication it’s for women, your guess is as good as mine.

What do you think about the FiveFingers Capri? Would you pick up a pair and wear them with slacks to work? Want them in black?

I definitely want a pair. I’ve gotten to wear around some pre-production Sorrentos over the last few months and find them to be comfortable and stylish. I dig the sole design you get with the Sorrento (and Capri) which is probably slightly less ground feel than a pair of KSOs with incredible (better than KSO/Classic) toe flexibility. I get a ton of positive comments on them and I think we really missed out in the U.S. by not carrying the line. That said, there has to be retail demand for these styles of FiveFingers to make them a reality.

What say you? Interested? Let’s hear it in the comments, on Facebook, twitter, and Google+!

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* It’s about this time every year when two events transpire that hint of five-toed things to come. The first is called the Pitti Uomo Italy around mid-to-late July, and the second is the Summer Outdoor Retailer in Utah at the beginning of August. While I’ve never been to either of these annual events, the “OR” trade shows always showcase not only upcoming FiveFingers models (the Fall 2012 FiveFingers were first seen at the Winter Outdoor Retailer) but also upcoming minimalist shoes. So we’re likely to see a lot more exciting news in the coming weeks. If anyone wants to fund my trip to OR, email me! 🙂

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40 replies on “FiveFingers Capri – Dressy Toe Shoes on Tap for 2013 from Vibram”

Well, I already have the Trek LS (2 pairs each of brown and black) that I consider fairly dressy but still fine for just knocking about.
I’d have to try them on to gauge the feel of the sole. I actually like the Trek sole (I know not all do). The other thing would be how stiff the leather upper is and how that feels. Such a difference between the feel (looseness) of the kangaroo upper KSO Trek versus the tighter feeling Trek LS leather.
I’d give them a shot but I’m waiting for the more insulated and water resistant models too (Winter will be here before we know it!).
I’m glad they are expanding the line but they will have to market them better than the Trek LS and Bormio were. And why not make a version for women?
AndyB, NH.

If they expect men to wear these in a dressy setting, they need to lose the bright yellow VIBRAM logo the is on the upper, above the big toe. That’s kind of a deal breaker, I think.

they look great – right now i am left to wearing kso treks to work each day (one in black the other in brown) – as a pediatrician in a hospital I have been able to get away with wearing these for the past 2 years- but the dressier shoe would work great – i am thinking of getting a pair of trek ls (brown) for work as well – since they were favorably reviewed on your site too

When I purchased my first VFFs, I had a choice of Classics, Flows, and KSOs. When the Treks and Bikilas, and even the Speeds came out (although not initially in the US) I thought they filled out the offerings from Vibram nicely. At that point, my only wish was for a Flow with a Trek sole (which I believe was eventually offered as a Europe only?).

Now I’m simply overwhelmed by the number of models/styles Vibram is offering and for the most part, I’ve lost interest. The exception to that are the Lontra models as running in winter conditions with the current offerings has been challenging.

As much as I like my VFFs, based on the very few VFFs I see during the 1/2 and full marathons I’ve participated in, I’m surprised the market can support this number of options. Add to that these dress-up VFFs, I just don’t see a lot of demand for these and some earlier “dressy” models. Especially now that there are zero-heel-toe dressier shoes available from other manufactures such as Merrell.

I like the Jayas for dressy for women, and wear them that way..these for the men are awesome looking and hope that women get a shot of something similiar. I do agree that there are so many styles. And my biggest problem with that is that I can’t afford all that I like! Considering that I have 9 pair already…I shouldn’t complain..but…can you ever have to many Five Fingers????

If they came in black, this would be a worthy replacement to the vivobarefoot Ra in most party/ business casual settings. Of course, you would need to black out the Vibram logo on the toe. Still, it is a toe shoe and likekaiaosider said, Merrell also has zero drop offerings in dressier shoes now. However, if you can get away with it, there is NO substitute for the toe pockets. Vivobarefoot cannot compare to VFFs. If you disagree, then try standing on your tip toes in Vivobarefoot and try it barefoot and in VFFs. You will likely hit the edges of the toe box in the Vivobarefoot/Merrell shoes due to toe splay.

The sole leaves a bit to be desired however it is better than the Trek sole. The Trek sole is fairly good on trail, but it is eclipsed by the grip and protection of the Sypridon.

It seems like these shoes are seeking to find the sweet spot between a couple of other designs. Specifically, the 7-piece sole reminds me of the very flexible Moc, and the laced leather upper borrows from the Trek LS. Both of those previous designs were trailblazers but they didn’t win broad appeal because the Moc was not very durable outdoors and lacked a male aesthetic, and the Trek LS registered many complaints about its stiffness.

I like the way this new design looks and hope it meets with success. I would recommend that Vibram downplay the stitching along the edge of the sole – it looks a little too much like a mocassin instead of a dress shoe in that area. And as previously mentioned I think they should not put a bright yellow logo on top – perhaps a simple seared brand would be nice.

I think they are a welcome, and needed addition to the line. If they make them available in black as well, even better. Currently for work, I wear a pair of Merrell Tough Gloves, and while these would not replace those for my current job, I could see them being suitable down the road.

Vibram feed my addiction….

I’ll deal with the Logo and take black and brown as long as I can bend my toes and feel the ground!!!! The Trek’s and Bormio’s don’t provide the feed back I want!!!! Although I wear them every day, I’d be much happier with these or KSO/Classic soled shoes.

These look pretty nice, however if they are priced similarly to other recent Vibram leather offerings than I will not have a strong desire to get them. I do hope that the lace system makes them a little more forgiving of a thick foot. I am intrigued by the Sorrento sole and have been wanting to at least try on a pair of those, however that is not possible since they are an EU only release. Due to sizing nuances, I must try before I buy on any new VFF model.

They need to be marketed correctly though. I can’t imagine most people going into an EMS or REI or other outdoor sports oriented place and looking for a dress type shoe. In fact I never even saw the Bormio or Trek LS available in a store around me.
We’ll see how it works. As far as pricing, I’m less likely to want to spend $140-$160 (Trek LS & Bormio MSRP). Doesn’t me I won’t if they are really worth it, just means it’d be a harder choice.
AndyB, NH.

Just bought me a new pair of Trek LS today from City Sports – $94 ! They weren’t even on the shelf but they had them in stock. I was expecting to pay around $155 with tax.

….But, since it was under $100 I didn’t even have to pay tax! (Clothes in NYC <$100 are tax free)

Can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow =)

I have been able to get my Trek LSs for around $100 too from online.
As for the yellow “Vibram” I think I would just color it with a permanent marker or something to make it less obvious.
What if they could make toe shoes with a false cap over the toes? Something that would still allow the flexibility but make them appear like a more conventional shoe (like a cap toe oxford)? Probably not worth the effort but it would be interesting. Something for the prototype guys to play with?
AndyB, NH.

As much as I like Vibram’s, five finger shoes will never be considered dressy enough for certain situations. I wish there were more options for minimal dress shoes that you can use with a suit and tie. The only one I know of is Primal and at 200+ for a pair, it’s not something I will buy anytime soon. Could they make something that is still five fingers but looks like a regular pair of dress shoes on the outside?

I’m currently using Trek LS (black and brown) for work but these look nice.

Glad they are expanding the segment to additional work friendly and casual options.

Why laces?!
Personally, I think laces on Vibrams just look extremely stupid. I would love an elegant leather version of the VFF, but please get rid of these “we have to pretend we are classic shoes” laces… meh!


While I can get not liking the aesthetic, laces have served a functional purpose for thousands of years. Simply rejecting them out of hand misses that point.

As for the aesthetic, toe shoes fundamentally redefine the look of shoes no matter what. Meanwhile, Vibram did release the Bormio which was leather and laceless.

well i would love if they make it in both colors brown and black i would get both if they do come out with it which i really think they should make them cuz im ready to buy them now.

I would certainly jump on a pair of these if priced right. Even the logo don’t bother me that much, though I think it would better fit the market they are aiming this one towards if it were more like the logo on the Bormio.

I am absolutely hooked on five fingers and not just from an aesthetic perspective. I am not a big fan of wearing regular shoes. In fact it hurts my feet to wear most of the expensive dress shoes I own. Having worn orthotics my whole life until I tried on a pair of FF, I wear one of many pairs of Vibrams on a daily basis, depending on the activity. This Capri will nicely round out my collection. The Lontra will be great for winter running. But the Capri will go great with a khaki suit for visits with clients. I will no longer have to deal with the pain of wearing dress shoes. Free at last!

I love them. Where can I get them? Women’s and Children’s sizes? If so, I am ready to order some for me and my daughter.

Do they come in other colors?

I’m getting married late next spring, and these would be a serious contender for my wedding shoes… IF they came in black.

Also, I wouldn’t want the “Vibram” name in canary yellow on something that’s supposed to be dressy. I’d think the octagon on the sole and the FiveFingeredness would speak for themselves.

I’m glad to see that on this model(and the Sorrento) Vibram has done away with having the sole wrap up over the tips of the toes.
Just changing this one feature would make all the earlier leather models (KSO Trek, Trek LS, Speed LR) look considerably more dressy.
On the negative side, I find the squared-off toe look on this model and the Sorrento unappealing for both its boxiness and for creating a cluttered or overly fussy look. A cleaner design, where the top leather goes over the tips of the toes and disappears in the sole, would be my choice.

Any idea if these are available to purchase in the U.S. yet? I am so tired of wearing traditional dress shoes to the office…

Has anyone heard any updates on the Vibram Capri? They are not on the European vibram site, either, so wondering if they are delayed in production or if Vibram changed their mind…

Do you still make this leather style? My hubby has a hammer toe and has to keep all skin covered. We have the water shoe style for now and they feel great on his feet.

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