Vibram FiveFingers Sale – 45% off V-Run, Spyridon Elite, Trek Ascent

Outdoor gear site LeftLane Sports just launched a 24 hour only sale on Vivo Barefoot shoes that includes a large variety of Vivos shoes–if you can find your size! They’re dubbing it an “early access” Black Friday sale and I have to say—it is…

Outdoor gear site LeftLane Sports just launched a sale on Vibram FiveFingers.

If you’re not a member of LeftLane use my invite to sign up so you can get $10 credit off your first purchase over $50. Orders over $75 also get free shipping.

Here’s a link to the sale.

Becoming a “member” of LeftLane is as simple as providing basic info (name/email). There are no strings attached (no fees to join) other than the fact you’ll get emails about future upcoming sales—but you can quit the email list at any time.

Good luck!

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