Comment from: Hurley [Visitor]

Over here in europe they don't sell too good, as the run tight for people with a high arch... I threw mine in the washer and since then they are the most comfortable VFFs I got... Can't wait for spring and shorts-time!

01/30/13 @ 10:26
Comment from: Angela [Visitor]  

Thanks for the review on these! I sure hope they make it to the US!!! I would love to try them out!! I currently use Jayas as my casual wear because I love the flexibility of them. I have different trek-soled vffs for more rugged use. I know they are only in men's sizes, so I hope they make a 39 or 40!!! I love that I can wear most women & men's models of vffs!!! :)

01/30/13 @ 10:31
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]

You will have to put some links in for us that want to buy a pair. Awesome review. How would you say they do during a heavy day of walking around for 8 - 12 hours?

01/30/13 @ 11:03
Comment from: [Member]

If you're looking to pick them up in the U.S., one option might be (Geramn retailer) --

Just note their price is €129.90 plus shipping and any VAT required.

01/30/13 @ 11:14
Comment from: Ebenezer Agaro [Visitor]
Ebenezer Agaro

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01/30/13 @ 11:31
Comment from: Franco [Visitor]

€129.90 is roughly $175 USD = pricey

01/30/13 @ 11:48
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor]

Man... I really love all leather VFFs,
and as much as I *want* to love these- I just can't.

I'm just *not* a fan of the loafer/moccasin styling.
If it lacked that fancy tonguepiece and the lines across the toes,
I would buy these in a heartbeat.

Oh well- I guess I'm just not the target market here.
I'll just stick with my Bormios and Mocs ;)

01/30/13 @ 13:38
Comment from: Jcraig [Visitor]

A few months ago the vibram store in Boston put up a Facebook post about a limited sale of European VFFs. I called in and ordered a pair of Sorrentos and had them shipped. They are seriously the most comfortable pair of VFFs I own. I had a bad feeling they would never get a commercial launch in the US and I'm glad I ordered them when I had the chance. It is a hard choice between these and my speeds when I go out on a nice day.

01/30/13 @ 15:02
Comment from: Lewis [Visitor]

@ Justin,
Just a quick FYI. The Sorrento did in fact make a very very short appearance in the US. The Vibram store in Boston had a very limited number of them and I was able to procure a pair from them. This was around October of last year or so. I had seen it on their FB page in an album called available in limited quantities. Maybe since very few people knew about it they may still have one or two pair still in stock.

01/30/13 @ 15:44
Comment from: Vitor [Visitor]

I was loving it til the curve under the arch.

Pressure on my arch annoys the hell out of me, my KSO and Merrell are collecting dust because of their arch curve that they swear is not a support.

01/30/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: Rhys [Visitor]

I too ordered a pair from the Vibram Store in Boston when they made a brief appearance last year. I really like the look and they are super comfy. They do get looks. I forgot I had to go to a funeral one morning and wore them to work. The funeral director did a double take and said he thought I was barefoot at first! LOL

01/30/13 @ 18:42
Comment from: larry [Visitor]

these shoes look like two huge bandages.....especially when you're
looking at them top-down.
it looks like vibram five fingers
have two groups of designers:
the sane and tastefull ones that made
the kso, treks, classics, el-x, spyridons
and the crazy tasteless group that
designed the clowny lontras, and probably
these badly designed sorrentos.
that's only my opinion. democrats we are!!

01/31/13 @ 16:06
Comment from: [Member]


Really comes down to personal taste, I guess. Lontras look great in my opinion though they have to be seen in person to really appreciate the aesthetic. I'll take them over the Spyridons any day of the week. As for the Sorrentos, they really don't compare to any of the ones you mentioned.

But sure, everyone has their own opinion, and it's great to have options that appeal to different folks.

01/31/13 @ 16:32
Comment from: VFFImporter [Visitor]

I want a pair of these sooooo much. I would love to know if the Boston Vibram store had any left in 44s!

02/03/13 @ 08:34
Comment from: Adam Grimaldi [Visitor]  
Adam Grimaldi

Hey Justin, I'm curious about sizing. I know you are a 10.5, 43 in most vibrams (You've mentioned in previous posts) but that's for the USA models. Aren't the Europe models a different sizing convention? What size are your sorrentos? I'm really interested in these, but I'm anxious about the size.

02/19/13 @ 00:20
Comment from: [Member]


I have 44s in these photos but they're a little too big (not sure why they sent me 44s either). If I had my choice I'd still take a 43 in these.

The sizing convention between Europe and U.S. is just that -- a convention. The truth is that a Euro size 43 is exactly the same size as a U.S. 43. Weird right? It's a difference of opinion, ultimately, between Europe and U.S. sides of Vibram.

02/20/13 @ 09:27
Comment from: john [Visitor]

i got some sorrento they are on the way from germany can not wait till they get here

03/07/13 @ 23:25
Comment from: Farhan [Visitor]

How's the sizing on these. How do they fit comparitively to other FiveFingers?

03/16/13 @ 01:43
Comment from: Franco Esteve [Visitor]  
Franco Esteve

Great review, Justin.

They sent you the 44s because the 43s would've been too tight, especially if you want to use the insole.

I bought my first KSOs following European instructions from Vibram, so despite the fact that the Vibram U.S. site says I should wear a 41 on all their shoes, I bought a size 42. They were absurdly comfortable, but having no other experience with Vibram, I thought they might be a bit loose. So I bought some KSOs and TrekSports in size 41. They fit extremely tight and can become uncomfortable, especially the rigid TrekSports. For this reason, when I ordered the KSO Trek Soft Leather in Europe I went with the 42, and I'm glad I did as they're the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn in my entire life. They're slightly loose, especially since it seems like one shoe is bigger than the other, but I prefer it to having my feet and toes squeezed and in pain. It doesn't affect their performance or comfort, plus, they look awesome as a casual dress shoe.

On that note, Vibram really needs to get their act together when measuring. You can have two shoes of the same model and size and they'll be different sizes. That is an extreme factory quality problem. Material build quality on the other hand is awesome as they'll take a beating and still look great (years and loads of miles later, I can still wear my original KSOs, which despite a slightly worn sole, look great on top). Having said all that...

MY SORRENTO Experience

I loved your review and the photos convinced me I should get these so, considering Vibram FiveFingers are built by people who don't seem to know what a ruler is and can't measure to save their lives, I decided I would buy the Sorrento in the safer, bigger 42 size. WOW! Are they tight!!! My feet seem to want to explode in them, and I don't have a high arch on the top of my foot. I lowered the back as it says in the box and I noticed my heel is at the border. If these were flip flops they would certainly be too small. I took the insole and stuck it to my foot to see if it was really my size and it's a bit too exact to my sole. This is supposed to be for people with a 10.5 inch foot, according to their site. My foot is less than that.

After removing the insoles, they now fit, albeit a bit more snug than I would prefer, but they're much more comfortable. Without the insole, the bottom of the shoe actually feels better and closer to what one would expect from Vibram, more barefoot as it may, IMHO. It's actually quite nice, and the leather feels pleasant if a bit stiff.

Overall I found the structure a bit stiff, but I'm sure that will soften over time as I break them in. The sole is also stiffer, more like a Trek than a KSO, but better than the Trek due to the separate patches. The toe flexibility is great, though I still find that the original Sprint/KSO sole allows much greater flexibility allowing me to arch my foot and toes inward and have full free foot movement which I don't have with any other model. I was looking for a pair to complement the Soft Leather KSO Treks and these are definitely it. They look awesome with jeans. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd share, and considering my experience, be glad you got the bigger size, Justin. :)

05/15/13 @ 10:52
Comment from: [Member]


Thanks for the note -- sorry they are so tight on you!

Incidentally, I originally did test a size 43 in the preproduction Sorrento and it was "just right," so actually, I really do think I'd rather have the 43 than the 44, though in my case, both work well enough.

That said, sizing Vibrams is incredibly person-specific. It's really not as simple as measuring foot length due to arch height, foot "volume," instep height, foot width and who knows what else affecting the ultimate length of any given size of VFFs.

And ultimately, some models just don't seem to fit some people's feet -- no matter what size you get (my wife is a good example of this).

05/15/13 @ 12:44
Comment from: Franco Esteve [Visitor]  
Franco Esteve

@Justin, Thanks. I was a bit bummed at first, but once I took the insoles out was super happy. They're not as comfortable as the Soft Leather Treks (which Vibram should take to the US), but they're right up there.

As to the rest, I completely agree with you, and I have a number of friends who have had a lot of problems trying to wear Vibrams for all those reasons. My main issue is with their manufacturing and measurements. If the manufacturer says that the length of a shoe is 42 for a 10.5 foot and your foot is 10.5 then it should be long enough for your foot. If the foot is less than 10.5, then it should be longer than the foot. With VFFs, the shoe might say 42, but be closer to 41 or 43. It might be a perfect 42 on one pair and measure 41 on another or even differ from shoe to shoe. I'm talking about length here, not width or height, though those vary as well. Feet come in all shapes and sizes, but I think the advertised length should be the advertised length.

I mention the height in the case of the Sorrento because they're not very flexible and feel a bit low even with my low foot height. But my main problem really is length, and that goes for all VFFs. If I buy a pair of Nike's or New Balance or any other manufacturer's size 42, it's usually 42. It's a manufacturing problem they seem to have and hasn't been fixed for years. It's my only gripe with Vibram really as they're the only shoe I wear for years now and have about 6 pairs. If they'd fix that, purchasing would finally be easy, and you could purchase happily online without worrying about having to return the shoes because of a length problem.

Anyway, sorry for the long comments. Just wanted to chip in on the Sorrento, which l also love by the way (without the insoles, of course), having just received them. I actually bought them thanks to your review. I didn't like the promotional photo all that much, but when I saw the ones you took and read what you wrote, I had to have them. They look exactly like your photos, which is to say, awesome! And they're super comfortable, in my case, without the insoles (though the Soft Leather Treks still win the top comfort title for me).

Thanks for such a wonderful site. :) Cheers!

05/15/13 @ 17:48
Comment from: Martin [Visitor]  

Purchased a pair of these from this seller on ebay, 100% an original pair:

01/23/16 @ 10:02

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