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Nice nice with the video. you'll also find that your sprint work picks up from this kind of running - if you drill this so that your foot stays under your hip - kinda running in place - you'll find when you break out, your natural pick up is a lot stronger.

it just works better than heel striking. :)

also, even if you're not a runner, the effect on gait just of wearing vff's can be very positive - especially when combined with some light joint mobility work.
described a bit more here:

great site you have


05/09/09 @ 05:24
Comment from: Robert A [Visitor]
Robert A

@ MC - Funnily enough I came across your site earlier today (I read both the fitting and 5-mo review out of sheer interest, even though I already own VFFs). Both posts were very interesting!

So to both you and Justin - keep it up!

05/13/09 @ 12:38

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