Women’s KSO Trek Greenlighted for Production by Vibram!

BirthdayShoes breaks the news that Vibram will be producing a Women’s KSO Trek Vibram Five Fingers by late Spring 2010, as well as the full range of sizes for men!

Updated 7/19/2010

The Women’s KSO Trek Five Fingers are out!

Updated 11/2/09

Vibram has released an announcement on their facebook page. Here’s the snippet you all are waiting for:

We are happy to announce the release of the Women’s KSO Trek, beginning in late Spring 2010. Additionally, the Men’s KSO Treks will be made available in sizes 38 & 39 beginning in March 2010. We know it’s a while off, but it takes a little while to develop the tooling necessary for this new product. We heard you, and we are moving as fast as we can!

Read the rest at the official Vibram facebook page.

Thank you, Vibram! It’s great to see they’ve got their ears to the ground of the VFF community. Congrats to the women and smaller footed men in the VFF-land!

Original Post 10/30/09

A lot is going on this weekend — the NYC Marathon is on Sunday and as what is certainly no coincidence, Born to Run author and barefoot running—or more generally, human—enthusiast Christopher McDougall has been at a number of events in New York the past couple days at both the New York City Marathon Expo as well as the City Sports at the Rockefeller Center. By the way, if you haven’t caught Christopher and are in New York, you’ve got one more opportunity tomorrow (5 – 7pm at City Sports).

And if that’s not enough to get excited about, the good word is that Vibram is also in NYC—and has made appearances alongside McDougall at City Sports.

So where am I going with this? Well I’ve just received information from a “little bird” that Vibram is greenlighting production of the women’s KSO Trek and plans to make an announcement to this effect as soon as Monday. It seems my source was a fly on the wall at some of these recent events and picked up this bit of intell—thank you for sharing it with BirthdayShoes!

Now, lest we all get too excited, allow me to add a disclaimer: I’ve not yet received confirmation of this tip. Until I get confirmation, which may simply happen by way of an official announcement Monday, we all have to hold our breath.

But maybe Tim’s petition got the job done. And if so, a great number of women and small-footed men VFFers will soon have something big to smile about.

Stay tuned!

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

7 replies on “Women’s KSO Trek Greenlighted for Production by Vibram!”

Thank you so much Vibram. It’s great to see a company that *really does* listen to its customers. I hope this decision benefits you as much as it does us. Nice work everyone!

I think it’s great that they are making a KSO Trek for women. I just signed up for the Vasque Triple Lakes Trail Marathon (Greensboro, NC) and I intend on doing it in KSO Treks for women. I called vibram last week, and they assured me May 2010! YAY!!!!

Alas! May has come and gone… and still no womans trek. The mens Treks have shown up on the e-shelves again, but only in the same “40-and-up” sizing. Vibram is being completely silent about this release now… is it ever really going to happen?

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