Comment from: Rico [Visitor]  

I've been using the original 360 round toes for 2 years now(for crossfit/short sprints and they have been fantastic) and bought these in hopes they would be a good replacement but they were not. They didn't conform to the foot, toe box was way too big and the sole was much more rigid. Ground feel was just not the same. They were worse in every way except maybe they'd be more durable. Perhaps that's why all the changes. Anyway wound up returning them and buying originals off ebay

02/12/15 @ 14:03
Comment from: [Member]


Is the rubber different in the older models?

I suppose the XT models were meant to tackle more than the originals, I suppose.

I do wish that they were more like the EL-X, which is more flexible :)

02/12/15 @ 22:40
Comment from: mike [Visitor]

My understanding is the XT have the extra layer of Poron padding. That's what makes them a bit stiffer than the plain 360's. It's quite minimal but the plain 360 is what you want if you want nothing except the outer rubber layer.

05/08/15 @ 14:32

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