Kathleen @LiveStartled

I bought a pair today at REI to review for my blog Confessions of a Startled Fat Woman. So glad i bought from a recognized dealer. Saw the vibramyes.com right after returning. As I am naturally suspicious, I googled "vibramyes a scam" and there you are. Looking forward to test driving my kso's.

07/07/10 @ 17:28
Comment from: Alan [Visitor]

I purchased my VFF KSO's 5 weeks ago, I have NOT put my Nike's back on since. The first 3 weeks involved retraining my brain for the Barefoot style of running. Also, enduring newly found muscles in my calves. Week five, I was back to my SHOD 5 K times. Adding K's weekly and started some trail running. I also lost my earbuds and found a whole new world around me.
Good luck

07/08/10 @ 21:45