Comment from: Mountain Evan Chang [Visitor]  
Mountain Evan Chang

Congrats man =) thanks for making this great resource available to us barefoot weirdos

04/18/19 @ 13:15
Comment from: Dirkverelst [Visitor]

Hi Justin!
How about a CC to Vibram asking for a new Classic color? :)


04/23/19 @ 13:21
Comment from: Al haller [Visitor]  
Al haller

Well, as they say, times fun when you're having flies! um.... er, wait...
Anyway, ive been your follower for I don't know how long, but long enough to have been totally converted to VFF. And I mean totally now.
All the way back to the Bormio days (my dress up shoes :-), and before in fact!
Every style, every purpose, every color, every season, to where today I have 25 pair in rotation, and wouldn't part with any of them.

BTW, the arthritis in my right toes has gone away, So There Too.

You have been a most appreciated resource, and I thank you greatly for the work you have done over the decade. (Luv the sticker too!)

I hope it has been a loving labor writing it, as much as it has joyous journey reading it!


al haller
Rockwall Texas

04/23/19 @ 16:01
Comment from: Michael Blanchard [Visitor]  
Michael Blanchard

Well done, Justin! My barefoot/minimalist shoe journey started around the same time as yours, and I think I found you not long after you launched this site. I'm glad to see you're still at it. Thanks for all the good work!

04/23/19 @ 16:39
Comment from: [Member]


What a milestone! I can't believe it has been ten years!

So, the big question many shoe reviews have we done on the site!?

Easily 100, I'm sure!

Best shoe site, ever!

04/24/19 @ 09:54
Comment from: Rob [Visitor]

Congratulations on ten years! Was a pleasure to help contribute in a small way those many years ago. I still run relatively minimal most of the time and in huaraches when the weather permits. Thank you for the opportunity and best of fortunes in the future.

05/15/19 @ 09:06
Comment from: Joe Salter [Visitor]
Joe  Salter

Congrats, Justin! Glad you're still rocking the website. I've been following off and on since 10 years. I still own and use a lot of old VFFs (KSOs, Bikilas, Classics, etc). You remember my world record for juggling an entire triathlon and Joggling a marathon in VFFs? (My backwards Joggling marathon wasn't in VFFs ) :) All the best to you and your site... Triathlon Juggling Joe

09/14/19 @ 00:09

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