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Brian Playing the Fife in Vibram Five Fingers

Brian Playing the Fife in Vibram Five Fingers

It's great to continue hearing (and seeing!) all the great things everyone is doing in their Five Fingers. Just in the mailbag came the above photo (Can you spot the guy in the grey Vibram Five Fingers Sprints?) and a note from Brian, who plays the fife! A fife is "a small, high-pitched, transverse flute that is similar to the piccolo, but louder and shriller due to its narrower bore" (Wiki). Think: marching. Like the guy on the right wearing the very uncomfortable boots:

Anyway, here's what Brian had to say about the photo:


Last weekend I participated in the Deep River Ancient Muster, an annual fife and drum gathering, the largest of its kind anywhere. About 70 corps marched in the parade down the main street of Deep River, Connecticut, and performed before spectators and fellow musicians at Devitt's Field on the edge of town.

Costumes ranged from formal colonial regimentals and tricorn hats to come-as-you-are shorts and t-shirts . My group was comprised of alumni members of the distinguished Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corps from Williamsburg, Virginia, and we marched in t-shirts from last year's 50th anniversary of the corps.

I was undoubtedly the only one at Deep River wearing Vibram FiveFinger Sprints. (see picture)

Actually, barefooting seems alive and well in small town Connecticut. There were dozens of people among the crowd in their original birthday shoes, some marching, and at least one whole corps, the Bluff Point Quahog Diggers, who performed barefoot.


What a great report. It's good to hear about activities like this where people come together to enjoy music and performance — and do so barefoot!

As I write this, I'm listening to a song Brian wrote that I found on his website—it seems Brian sings and plays guitar, too.

Thanks for sharing, Brian!

Sarah Dances and Putt-Putts in her Classic Vibram Five Fingers

Sarah Dances and Putt-Putts in her Classic Vibram Five Fingers
Sarah Dances and Putt-Putts in her Classic Vibram Five Fingers

Got a couple pictures in the mailbag from Sarah. What's great about her "birthday shoe shots" is that they speak to just all the different types of things you can do in your "veebram"* five fingers, including putt-putt or dancing at a wedding reception. Here's what Sarah had to say:

Just thought I would share 2 photos with you. The first is from my sisters wedding that occurred on July 11th. Even though I wore silver shoes for the wedding and bought some dr. scholls silver slippers that were on sale, my vibram's were calling my name half way through the reception so I put them on. Let me tell you, they are awesome to dance in. I wanted to wear them for the wedding but couldn't since they weren't silver.

The second picture is of my brother and I at a putt putt course. Once he saw my shoes he wanted to try some on, luckily we have a store right in our town that carries them. So now we can both be cool together. ^_^ He delivers pizza and isn't able to wear them on the job since they are supposed to where tennis shoes, and he told me how sad he is when he has to wear "normal" shoes since he can't feel the ground with his toes.

Thanks for sharing, Sarah! Maybe Vibram will eventually come out with some bling-ed out silver or gold VFFs with a few rhinestones for extra sparkle. Or maybe some patent leather wing tip fivefingers for the guys. Does kangaroo leather come in shiny black?

* That's the phonetic spelling. Most of us think "V-eye-bram" like "vibrate" but this is an Italian company, so if you want to sound sophisticated, say it, "veeeeebram;" I flip-flop and often say it both ways. It's confusing!

Latest Vibram Five Fingers Reviews 7/19/09

After last week's huge Wired.com reviews and articles, this week has been fairly quiet. Anyway, here are your latest Vibram five fingers reviews:

  • Vibram FiveFingers Run #1 and Run#2 from CaveWomanRunner:

    I did my speed intervals at a nearby schoolyard. I felt like a little kid, sprinting barefoot through the grass. At first I was worried about the bumps and holes in the yard, but I actually felt more in balance and stronger with the Vibrams. I could measure the ground more easily and felt more aware of changes and obstacles. With my puppies running next to me, I felt like I, too, had paws to feel the earth beneath me. Simply put, it was freeing.

  • Thin-soled Running Shoes* on Outside.com:

    It took me a while to get used to the VFF's simian appearance, but soon I began wearing them everywhere—walking my dog, going to the store, hiking nearby trails—much to the amusement of my fellow pedestrians. I still couldn't manage to run more than a few blocks in them, but I soon felt the actual bones, tendons, and ticklish soft spots under my arch getting stronger.

    *Though not quite a full-on review of VFFs, I thought the mention was good enough to include the article link here!

Previous week's reviews:

Barefoot Ted Bares all on the new Vibram Five Finger KSO Treks

Above, a photo shot of Barefoot Ted as he runs in the Vibram fivefinger Treks (Zoom added for a better view!)

If you've been eagerly hoping for more information on one of the new Vibram Five Finger models—one of which is the fivefinger Trek—you're in luck. Barefoot Ted has posted two great photos of the VFF Treks along with a review of the Treks over on his blog. Here's a teaser of Ted's review (You'll have to head over to his blog for the rest!):

When I first put these shoes on, I knew that I had finally felt the most comfortable VFF yet. The kangaroo skin's soft side is INSIDE the shoe...so your foot is encased in smoothness. Under 6 ounces. Rugged. Breathable. Thank you Gawd!

These are the shoes that I am going to use for this year's Leadville 100 mile trail race. As many of you know, I have done trail ultras in FiveFinger Classics, Sprints and KSOs, but this seems destined to be my favorite 100 mile trail shoe. Thank you Vibram!

Like I said, you'll have to go to BFT's blog for the rest (and one more photo!)!

You might recall that Barefoot Ted is a Vibram fivefingers tester and had previously commented on how he had been enjoying his Treks on longer trail runs:

Have you ever run 100 miles through the mountains in a pair of VFFs? I have. It gets tough...especially at night when you are tired on rocky ground.

The people at Vibram are thinking deeply about what they are doing...trying to preserve the flexibility and feel that is necessary for tapping into the incredible system of movement we have inherited from our ancestors while at the same time facilitating a more comfortable ride...just like all great indigenous hunter/gathering footwear does...less is more...but enough is good...and in certain terrains, this shoe will be a great solution.

In a nutshell, it seems the fivefinger Treks are basically a leather-clad, insulated, more aggressively-soled version of the fivefinger KSO.

Many of you would like to know how the leathered Treks react to sweaty feet (not to mention the loss of machine washability!) and I am trying to find out more and you can rest assured I'll post anything else I learn just as soon as possible.

Thank you Ted for publishing this info!

Be sure to check out: barefootted.com

The original photo of the Treks from voycontigo.de

Patrick heads to Parks and Libraries in Five Finger KSOs

Patrick heads to Parks and Libraries in Five Finger KSOs
Patrick heads to Parks and Libraries in Five Finger KSOs
Patrick heads to Parks and Libraries in Five Finger KSOs

Patrick (linuxracr on the forums) from Dallas posted the above photos taken at various places including the Napa Valley, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (outside Fredricksburg, Texas), and at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Patrick has also used his VFFs for martial arts noting that, "I myself am a martial artist (Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu), and have used my Vibram FF KSO for this. They work great! Just make sure your surface will not give you TOO much grip."

Welcome to birthday shoes, Patrick!

Tripp Tests out his Classic Vibram Five Fingers on a Trail

Tripp Tests out his Classic Vibram Five Fingers on a Trail

Tripp, a new VFFer out in Austin, Texas, wrote in about his first week walking about on a trail in his Classic Vibram Five Fingers:


I just got my VFF Classics on Monday after lots of research from sites like yours. (Thanks!) After a couple of dry runs in "civilization" (ie the streets of LA), I thought I should take them out for a real workout on Mt. Laguna in the Cleveland National Forest outside San Diego.

Rocky terrain mixed with loose, sandy soil on the trail were no problem. (The big red ants, though, had me re-thinking the decision to not to get the KSOs!) But the shoes (and my feet) felt great all day.

Next up, some short runs on the golf course back home, more POSE training, and eventually a 5K.

Stay tuned.

Tripp from Austin

Keep us posted, Tripp!