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New Women's Five Fingers Bikila color out!

A new color of Vibram Five Fingers Bikila for women — blue and grey!
A new color of Vibram Five Fingers Bikila for women — blue and grey!

I've just been notified that a new color of the Bikila Vibram Five Fingers running shoe has been released — for women. The above blue (teal?) and grey Vibram Five Fingers Bikila is now "out" and available for purchase from CitySports!

Though CitySports just got stocked up on this color, given the popularity of the Bikila — and the fact that this color combo looks great (In my humble opinion, of course!), I doubt these will last — at least not until more shipments go out!

The sizes available (as of right now) are 37 - 42 and the Bikila retails at just below $100. As usual, you can get free shipping on these via using the coupon code BIRTHDAY.

Pick up a pair here.

The Today Show: EasyTones, Shape-Ups, and Five Fingers, Oh My!

NBC's Today Show aired a segment this morning about the latest fads in fitness footwear; specifically, the growing number of shoes that promise to tone up your lower body simply by wearing them and walking around.

For once, I'm not talking about Vibram Five Fingers, but rather shoes like the Reebok EasyTones and Skecher Shape-Ups. That said, I'm happy to report that the Today Show does feature barefoot running and Vibram Five Fingers, too. Just watch the segment:

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Outdoors in the Pacific Nothwest with Vibram KSO Treks, Camping and Hiking

Jake at Olympic National Park
I have a little traditon where I always do a Burpee on top a mountain or on the end of the trail. Climbed up on a rock that was into the lake 10 feet or so.... my friend and photographer Jeremy, shot several photos, but this one turned out the best.

Jake, a Vibram Five Fingers fan and Personal Trainer, recently hiked through Olympic National Park in the state of Washington. We noticed a cool picture (above) he posted on the BirthdayShoes Facebook page, and had to find out more. Here are a few more pics and what Jake shared with us about his hike:

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Weekend Link Love 7/11/10

Latest Links

Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend, Brazilian model and designer Camila Alves, was spotted wearing a pair of Vibram Five Fingers Classics while McConaughey decided to carry his Sprints and wear flip flops.

We thought it was very intersting to see open minded Podiatrist, Dr. Randy Beckman, give barefoot running a go after reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

Leah McLaren discovers Vivo Barefoot shoes by Terra Plana as a less "weird-looking" minimalist alternative.

We got a kick out of this "barefoot running" article that mentions Vibram Five Fingers, but is mostly an ad for traditional marshmallow running shoes.

Former track and cross-country coach, Michael Legault, is not a fan of running shoes and says to go barefoot!

Our friends to the north in Saskatoon are getting into the barefoot running movement.

Running blogger, Courtney, is happy about her new Bikilas!

After the jump, see the latest barefoot related videos and an overview of blog posts from this past week.

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U.S. Marine Captain uses his Vibram Five Fingers KSOs for Track, Crossfit and Boating

Patrick relaxing on the Saco
I snapped this picture of the Saco River and my KSO's. They didn't even have any "river stink" on them when the dried out at the hotel later.

Patrick, a U.S. Marine Captain and Vibram Five Fingers fan, sent us the above photo and had this to say about his recent canoeing trip to the Saco River:

Love reading your blog entries. I took a trip back to Braintree, Massachusetts to visit my family. We love going canoeing up in Conway New Hampshire. We've been going to the same Saco Bound company for years now. I live in San Diego so it has been a while since I made it up there. The last time I was up, I told my Mom I was pretty sure I was going to marry the current girl I was dating. Our wedding is now in 6 months after my fiance returns from Afghanistan. My fiancé Ingrid is a Lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps. She gets home in about two months and we get married Jan 15, 2011.

The KSO's made awesome boat shoes for my trip. I bought my KSO's mainly for doing some track workouts and crossfit workouts. I've noticed my feet get stronger and my calves thicker as well. Throughout the trip, having dexterity in my toes allowed me to stand in the canoe with some extra balance.

Thanks for the photo Patrick and best wishes to you and Ingrid.

wiki - The Saco River is a river in northeastern New Hampshire and southwestern Maine in the United States.