Comment from: Evan [Visitor]

I just got a pair of the adams on monday, and I am crazy about them. I love how Altra includes all this information about transitioning to minimalism and includes a support sole for those weening off. No other company does that.

So far, These are my favorite running shoes and almost my favorite casual. I absolutely love them!

PS: this company is all over the place nowa days! they are definitely sky rocketing up!

02/03/12 @ 11:14
Comment from: Theo [Visitor]

I have the Adam and reviewed it on my blog.

I have since cut away the the strap around the toes and now love the shoe!

02/03/12 @ 11:19
Comment from: Evan [Visitor]

Same here, I wrote a review for them last night, just an initial post

02/03/12 @ 13:26
Comment from: Rob Y. [Visitor]  
Rob Y.

Nice! I might have to try a pair soon as well, perhaps will wait on the Samson. I know what you mean about the whole "feels like a prototype" vibe from the Altras. Feel that way about the Instinct and Lone Peak when I *look* at them, but when I'm running in them I hardly notice; the feel so great! Still, not too shabby for a company that's only generated product for far less than a year!

02/03/12 @ 17:11
Comment from: Liz [Visitor]

I tried the Eve's but couldn't stand them. First pair, in what would seem to have been my usual size was too small. So, I went another half size up. Still, the overly-strappiness of the shoes felt too confining and structured for such a minimal shoe. I was hoping for a mono-toed KSO, but... they were not. Still, I'm hoping the new Delilahs are an improvement.

02/03/12 @ 23:38
Comment from: Val [Visitor]

I love my Eves! They are so comfy and a great choice for when I want minimal KSO feel but want to look a little more casual and don't want to stand out with my "toe shoes" on. I suggest sizing up. I went with my normal 7.5 and feel like the 8 is better.

02/11/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: sramfl [Visitor]

I recently purchased a pair of Adams and got them yesterday. I am wearing them now for the first time. My immediate impression: They feel slightly tighter on the side, "thanks" to the front strap "eyelet" tabs or whatever they are called and the straps themselves. I don't like the feel of the feel of the front strap at all. I wore thin socks this morning and took them off because the feeling of tightness was bothersome. I think Altra should have made it more minimalistic by keeping it to one strap. I've also noticed my sockless feet in the shoes are sweatier than times I go sockless in my various VFFs. I plan on running in my Adams over the weekend to see how my feet like the feel of them while doing that activity.

05/10/12 @ 09:42
Comment from: Ian [Visitor]

Just ordered some ~ cannot wait to try them! have used KSO's but have had much discomfort with my right big toe I had to stop wearing them, I have always thought that if vibram had bought out a "open" toe area shoe I would have given them another go..Altra has beaten them to it! first past the post always wins in marketing.

06/03/12 @ 08:30
Comment from: Jonathan [Visitor]

was able to pick these up on sale for $40!!!!! great find, and great shoe to add to my growing arsenal.

07/06/12 @ 14:16
Comment from: Dan S [Visitor]
Dan S

I switched to zero drop shoes during the past 2 months. Ran in the Adam for the first time yesterday and liked them, but I have no other toe shoe experience to compare them to. Not quite as comfy as my Instincts, but I like them. Agree about the prototype look and feel. My only complaint is feeling a little insecure on steep downhill runs. I needed to tighten up the straps to keep from sliding forward into the toe guard.

07/23/12 @ 21:02
Comment from: Mike Collins [Visitor]  
Mike Collins

Would these be a better option than the NB Minimus. I have a pair of the Adidas Adizero toe shoes and want to get away from the toes for all the reasons you specified. NB looked like the way to go until I heard of these. I tend to do a lot of obstacle/adventure/trail runs as opposed to road runs if that makes any difference.

10/08/12 @ 13:51
Comment from: Scott [Visitor]

I was wondering, if I wear a 42 in VFF, what is the equivalent size in the Adams? I'm not near a store that carries them so will likely order them online.

10/31/12 @ 21:07
Comment from: Nyah [Visitor]

I've had my Adams for at least a year. I bought them one size larger than what I think to be my shoe size, in order to accommodate thick, wool, toe socks. This is a great shoe. No other company provides as much room for the big toe as Altra does.

02/06/13 @ 12:40
Comment from: Robert [Visitor]

I notice that some of the stitching inside the shoe is visible. Are these comfortable enough to wear sockless?

05/25/13 @ 23:28
Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

I know I am late to this review! I have been searching for an alternate to the Bikilas for awhile. And failing. The Adams seem to have the same problem my Merrill Trail Gloves have, and the same problem the Altra Lone Peaks have wrt the "toe dorsiflexion" issue. I actually am afraid my big toe nail will get flipped off sometime by getting caught on the material. I have a new pair of Altra Superiors, my toes now don't "hang up", however when my toes dorsiflex, I feel like now my shoes are too small even though I have plenty of length room. BTW, same thing with the Softstars. So I think I addicted myself to the individual toepockets on the Fivefingers and I can't go back. Curious if I am alone.

06/13/13 @ 20:14
Comment from: John MacD [Visitor]
John MacD

Hiked the deep creek mountains to 8500 feet in my Adams for two days and they performed great. Lack of tread makes them a little slippery in loose granite sand, but they stick like glue to rocks and you can "grab" with your toes. Hopping across boulder fields was a pleasure and while hiking steep terrain full of sharp rocks, the sole never failed. I wear them as an everyday shoe and they pull on and stay on with a simple strap. Takes no time to get em on and go, yet they don't feel loose or like I am missing something by not lacing up. I leave the lower strap loose enough to fit a pinky finger under and I don't feel the strap as some reviewers have mentioned, unless I flex and load up my foot by side loading for example, and that strap provides excellent support when I need it. These are the most comfortable shoes I own. Yes people will ask "Why do you wear socks with your water shoes?" I just smile and tell them they are more than a water shoe. 5 stars- size seems small order a little bigger.

08/06/13 @ 15:33

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