Reader Chad sent in the above two pictures taken at the finish line of the Hatfield & McCoy Marathon in Williamson, West Virginia. This was Chad’s first marathon run in his Vibram Five Finger KSOs.

Chad had the following to say about his training in VFFs and the recently completed marathon:

Hi Justin,

Love your site! Always good to see what other people are doing with their Fivefingers. I’ve been wearing mine (one pair Classics and one pair KSOs) since January, mostly for running. I’ve been using them to make the transition from heel striking to midfoot striking. I started out slowly, up to three miles at a time, then upped my mileage to the point where I could run 20 miles.

This past Saturday I ran the Hatfield & McCoy Marathon in Williamson, WV in my KSOs. I was a little hesitant, as I hadn’t run a race in them that far. However, my fears were allayed, as I did the entire 26.2 in them without a problem. A couple of miles were gravel/mud, which slowed me down a bit, but I’m pleased to say that my last mile was my fastest.

So, I’m hooked on my Fivefingers for running from now on. …


Mooresville, NC

Chad also passed on that his unofficial time was 3:43:39, which was 20th overall. Great run, Chad! And thanks for sending in the photos showing off your impressive feet!