Above are photos sent in by Jeff (and his significant other) taken amidst the Washington D.C. “Snowpocalypse.” They went for a six mile run which included “ice skating” on the reflecting pool. Check out Jeff’s account:

Just got back from one of the most exhilarating runs ever and felt I had to share. Went for a 6 mile run with my wife during the DC “Snowpacolypse” in my VFF KSO’s. Most of the run was down the middle of roads on packed snow, though there were times when I had to hop through 2 feet of snow. Feet were definitely a bit cold, but were better than expected (especially after a mile or so). Worst parts of the run were when we had to cross slushy intersections…I can handle cold, but cold and wet is rough. Anyhow, we finished our planned 3 mile route and were having so much fun, we went back and did another 3. During the middle, we stopped to “ice skate” across the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial. All in all, one of the best runs of my life! Also, have yet to wear anything but VFF’s while running since getting them in October (and I do all my runs outside), so it’s definitely doable (albeit in temps above 10 degrees or so)!

Between Jeff’s fun run in the snow in FiveFingers KSOs and Bob’s massive FiveFingers snowball fight in Flows, it sounds like the D.C. Snowpocalypse has been more fun than anything else!

Glad you all are having so much fun amidst such “chaos.” And hope the snow you get on Wednesday doesn’t cause too much of a stir.

Have fun!