Comment from: chirmer [Visitor]

Holy cow, those suckers are ugly :/ I got excited to see what Fila would bring to the table with the 2.0 release, but MAN those are nasty looking. They make the ugliest color combos by Vibram look like works of art.

And that strap leaves me baffled. How did it make it through testing? It looks as if it does absolutely nothing...

11/23/11 @ 10:51
Comment from: sjankney [Visitor]

I completely agree with you on their terrible aesthetics. We actually ran into a pair of the high-tops last week. Has anyone had a chance to check those out yet? I feel like Fila doesn't get the point of minimalist running and that they are just doing this to join the market.

11/23/11 @ 13:14
Comment from: Jeepman [Visitor]

Fila obviously didn't learn anything. Still putting out pure junk.

11/23/11 @ 13:33
Comment from: RunCrockett [Visitor]

I think your review is right on. I love my skeletoes for certain conditions, but I don't think they are the best for running, or everyday wear. However, I took them on a sailing trip and they were an excellent boat shoe. They worked well snorkeling and rock climbing. I could swim to shore in my skeletoes, then go on a run, and swim back to the boat with no discomfort. So neoprene and a thick sole has its advantages in the right situation.
Originally they marketed this as more of an adventure shoe than a running shoe. The 2.0 changes seem to try to move more towards a running model.

11/23/11 @ 14:03
Comment from: Glass [Visitor]

Vibram already makes a thicker sole shoe: Treksport or Trek, Trek LS 8mm. That sole is ideal for offroad rocky terrain. You don't need thicker than that!

11/23/11 @ 15:45
Comment from: Kel [Visitor]

i really don't like how fila have joined the last two toes on each foot and it makes it some what less human.

11/25/11 @ 01:55
Comment from: finaliteration [Visitor]

Bought a pair of 1.0 on sale, and was happy with them *for the price I paid*. If they give me a not-neoprene fabric and a reasonable strap, i'll buy 3.0 when it comes out.

11/26/11 @ 15:38
Comment from: John [Visitor]

I took a look at the Fila website; at least this looks better than the Skele-toes AMP, which puts a Nike Free sole on to give even less ground feel.

11/27/11 @ 16:46
Comment from: havok2022 [Visitor]

I've seen both the 1.0 and the 2.0 in stores. The price was appealing but not once I saw them in person. I now own three pairs of Vibrams. The difference in quality is pretty unbelievable. As someone stated earlier, the Filas are pure junk. Whenever people comment on my Vibrams and mention that they picked up the Filas based on price, I have a hard time not saying anything. Im not trying to be a Vibram Fanboy, just go see the difference for yourself.

11/28/11 @ 12:31
Comment from: Stefanie [Visitor]

You said Vibram wrong!

Love, Stefanie

11/28/11 @ 22:39
Comment from: [Member]

Stefanie you caught me. I have a hard time saying Veebrum for some reason. I realized I did it after the video was done and I decided not to do it over. I figured it was only a matter of time before someone caught me ;)

11/29/11 @ 16:38
Comment from: Deformed Toes [Visitor]
Deformed Toes

I really like Vibram but I have deformed toes so therefore; Vibram is not market friendly for people who have deformed toes. So I'm with Fila all the way. I like their 1.0 better than the new version of 2.0.

12/07/11 @ 16:00
Comment from: John [Visitor]

I tried on a pair at my local Kohls. I felt the 2.0s were much more "cushy" . They seemed comfortable and I wore them around the shoe department and some of the ajoining areas for about as long as I thought I could get away with. I didn't notice a problem with the strap.

I would request a follow up on the durability of the Skele toes 2.0. Sort of a "long term test drive".

Keep up the good work.

12/18/11 @ 00:04
Comment from: [Member]

I have been wearing them around town from time to time when I am running errands. They seem to be holding up well. I have not noticed any tears in the seams or anything. The sole is breaking in more as I wear it. Still not as flexible as the Vibram models.

12/18/11 @ 01:31
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]

I just got these from kohls on sale for $38. The soles are much thicker but it doesn't bother me while running. I also think that the heel strap is worthless. Overall, I think I like this shoe.

01/07/12 @ 09:56
Comment from: Leyann [Visitor]  

I just got the 1.0 version on sale (2 straps). I have to say that so far I like them. They are comfortable even though the longest I have worn these is about an hour a day . I haven't bought the vibram because in my mind I couldn't justify it. I will try these while I zumba. If they work they will become my zumba shoe.

02/23/12 @ 13:50
Comment from: Marc [Visitor]

You know, everyone is bashing these shoes, but they're $60!!! That's fantastic compared to Vibram which can go up to $120. Finally someone created an affordable toe shoe. Most may disagree, but hats off to you Fila!

02/23/12 @ 17:33
Comment from: [Member]

@Marc I mostly agree with you. I think it is good that they are offering what they do. It is a different niche then FiveFingers.

The only downside is that if you search properly you can find some sales on FiveFingers that make models like the classic, KSO, and Sprint cheaper then a pair of Skeletoes. Sometimes you can find the Skeletoes for $39. If I had to pick between a pair of $39 classics or $39 Skeletoes I would pick the classics.

If everything is regular price though you have a point and for some that extra cost is a big factor in why they decided to buy something other then FiveFingers.

02/23/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Ok let's put this perspective, I just bought a pair of Komodo sports at Paragon (NYC) on sale for $80.00 with tax included.. Seemed like a great price as I assume New models are coming for 2012. Bottom line I love the Komodo sports!!! They feel like I'm wearing nothing at all, my friend has the KSO's and he gets blisters if he does not use socks... I believe the Komodo sports solved that problem as I don't where socks with my Five Fingers.
Now my point, I just ordered a pair of Skele Toes from Finish Line for $29.99 plus $7.00 shipping so I feel it's cheap enough to give a try since its 1/2 the price of my Komodo Sports!! Worst case, I wear them around the case I have an excellent pair of back up barefoot shoes that I can train with in the worst weather conditions without thinking I'm ruining by beloved Komodo Sports!!

Any input from Mr. Birthday Shoes and anyone else would be great.. I love your site and only discovered it researching which Five Finger shoes to buy, keep up the excellent work!!

03/01/12 @ 09:04
Comment from: Ross [Visitor]

i got a pair of 2.0s a couple weeks ago and i have been using them as my new running shoes. super comfortable and great protection from any injury. bargin for 49 bucks

03/07/12 @ 20:07
Comment from: Jann [Visitor]  

Just started wearing Skele-toes last week. Comfortable enough for work, on my feet 8 hours at a time, but there aren't many colors to chose from. My shoes have a clip/hook which is convenient. I did buy a second pair, on sale, of course. I too, have a deformity in my toes, but since it"s the "pinky" toes, the 4 toe system works well for me!

03/19/12 @ 10:09
Comment from: Mike G [Visitor]
Mike G

I wore a pair of Five Fingers last year during PA's Tough Mudder (12 mile Trail Run mixed with Extreme Obstacles, Mud, and Water). The bottoms of my feet felt horrible because the sole was so thin. I am planning on wearing these for this year's event in hopes they work well. They were $37 at Finish Line (delivery included).

03/19/12 @ 14:00
Comment from: Jenn [Visitor]  

I got Fila 1.0 at DSW today and love them. I always have issues with sneakers (my feet go numb) and a friend suggested I try to vibrams. Well, they're a bit out of my budget right now, and I agree with the review that says they're a stepping stone.

Tonight I ran two miles in them over some pretty uneven sidewalks and grass and I like that I can feel the ground but I'm still protected. They were super light and I felt like I could fly.

I'm sure to Vibram purists, they're crap, but for those of us slowly getting into toe shoes, it's a nice option. Once these are done, I can definitely see myself going to Vibrams.

03/20/12 @ 00:34
Comment from: Sarah [Visitor]

While training for a 5K when I first started running a few years ago, I pulled a muscle in my knee that kept me off the track for a couple of months. After resting for a bit, I resumed my training and I had reinjured my knee. I did some research about running shoes and that's how I learned about toe shoes. I've been interested in the VFFs for awhile, but I'm just not thrilled with the price point. My question is this: would these Filas be a cheaper alternative for those wanting to make the transition to toe running shoes? If I ended up liking them, I'd probably purchase a pair of VFFs, but $100+ is quite an investment for shoes that I may not like. Thanks!

03/20/12 @ 10:21
Comment from: john casterline [Visitor]
john casterline

got 2 kinds of skele a toes my problem is
after 5 x use got a hole on inside part the big toe i think they need a stronger
fabric between the toes

03/20/12 @ 15:40
Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

Had the original Skeletoes, but the "funk" eventually overwelmed them regardless of which alternative I tried using to clean them. Thought I would try the 2.0's as I did like the original shoes. I am REALLY disappointed. The straps are useless, due to them being way too long and skimpy on velcro. You are left with straps that hang out about 1 1/2 inches in the back and touch the ground with the side strap if you want the velcro to attach; and I don't even have narrow feet! Cause of the lack of velcro just cutting the straps isn't an option, and its impossible to get them as tight as I would like. I did like the new material they used for the shoe, but cheaping out or doing absolutely zero product testing makes me wonder what Fila was thinking.

04/01/12 @ 13:29
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

I bought my 9 year old a pair of the skeletoes 2 weeks ago. The white parts on the toes have already begin coming loose. I was very disapointed in this, due to the fact I paid 55.00 for these shoes and they haven't even held up for 2 weeks.

04/12/12 @ 10:46
Comment from: Solomon [Visitor]  

Two of my friends just bought Skeletoes for disc golf. Now it's my turn, but I'd like to get some input before I just go grab what is on the shelf. I need a pair of shoes that can go through the creek, up the gravel pile, grip the cement tee pad, and still be comfortable. What say you?

04/16/12 @ 12:45
Comment from: Kadeishia [Visitor]

I own several pairs of Viabrams (The Original designer/Authentic Version) and I recently brought a pair for my 6yr old son. Well I ventured out to try on the Fila version and I'll stick with my Viabram's. Viabram being the orignal designer broke the mold when they made them and there will never be a better duplicater! Viabram's are flexible and very comfortable for every sport/activity and come in a variety of styles depending on your activity to suit your needs.

04/18/12 @ 12:02
Comment from: Sean [Visitor]

I think your review was spot on. I actually prefer my old skeletoes (I just bought a new pair to replace my old ones) over the 2.0s. The sole was a slight improvement, but as you said the strap sucks. I also preferred the material in the old skeletoes (which I know some people don't). It was warmer, which was great for wearing them in the winter, and I felt it was easier to slide my feet in and out of them.

I got my skeletoes as training wheels for my vibrams. The price of VFFs was intimidating, so I tried the cheaper skeletoes, liked them, and then upgraded. I still wear them just to walk around in since the sole is thicker and they are more comfortable to walk in for a long time. I also wear them after races when my feet are sore and want a break.

04/23/12 @ 17:09
Comment from: Brian Rodriguez [Visitor]
Brian Rodriguez

Can you use these as a water shoes we r going to the river this summer and are looking for good water shoes

04/26/12 @ 07:21
Comment from: [Member]


People use these as water shoes -- I saw a handful of folks wearing the original Skeletoes when I went white water rafting about a year ago, for example. They're not at all waterproof of course.

You could hold off and get the BodyGlove 3T though, which is geared towards water.

04/26/12 @ 09:09
Comment from: Yas [Visitor]

I bought the 2.0 and wore then one day for about 9 hrs and they started falling apart. I'm never buying Fila shoes again. Nothing but junk!

04/27/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: Dee [Visitor]

I am seeing a lot of negative comments here and I wanted to post some positives for people who are considering these shoes. I am a 37 year old mom who works crazy office hours but am an avid out-doors-woman and plan to take these hiking, kayaking, and exploring wherever I go. I live near the beach in FL and have a walk/run from my house along the road/sidewalk/and beach. I suffer from severe shin splints and had just read the "Running (Hu)Man Theory" of evolution, which has motivated me to start walking/running again. I saw these shoes on a store shelf last week and decided to give them a try figuring at worst, they would be good reef shoes. After 5 days, my shin splint issues are gone, my legs and feet feel "alive" again with no pain. I can wear the shoes on land or in the surf, and I even wore them swimming and beach combing. I keep calling them my "duck shoes" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the four toe design. It gives me stability on land and makes me feel like I am growing a flipper again in the water--I hate dive/snorkle flippers but this felt so natural and improved my swimming. I hate having something around my little toes, which have been turned in/under since birth and this design means there is no uncomfortable rubbing or fit issues and no undue pressure on my little toes. I find the flex to be just right for me--not too rigid like normal sneakers and not too floppy/sloppy either. I can feel the ground features but no pain or heat makes it's way in. The fabric is soft and feels like wearing support stockings, easing fatigue. I could not be happier, and I am considering buying a dozen pairs to "save" in case this design is retired. I am 5' 10" with a size 11 or 12 foot, and have suffered for years in uncomfortable shoes, and have never been so happy before. Going barefoot is not an option with the hot pavement and sand, not to mention broken glass, rocks, and coral. I love the straps and the adjustment they give me--I have a high "last" and many shoes hurt but these let me open up the top and get a custom fit. I can also loosen the back to increase the width somewhat and again, make the fit perfect without going to a men's shoe (which are too wide and slip around but are better than too tight in women's shoes in brands like Keen). I whole-heartedly recommend these shoes for anyone who has had fit, comfort, or shin splint problems who wants a versatile 3-5 mile a day run/walk shoe, climbing/hiking, water sports shoe.

04/30/12 @ 14:22
Comment from: justintime [Visitor]

Blatent fanboyism! It's like an iphone person reviewing an android device. I learned nothing from the review and even less from the vibrim cheerleaders in the comments section. Did you read fila's design philosophy on this shoe? It wasn't even designed to be a running shoe. Smug much?

04/30/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: [Member]


My littlest toes slide under the next toes, too, but it's actually never bothered me or even been noteworthy to me with a five-toed toe shoe. Generally, they are stretch around the toes, so once seated, the toe can slide over. To the extent that this was exacerbated by shoes with too tight lasts, I think five toed shoes have actually helped reduce this a bit for me. You should at least try FiveFingers (or even Adipures) to see the difference. Or actually you might consider the just reviewed 3T Barefoots from BodyGlove.

04/30/12 @ 14:40
Comment from: [Member]


If you peep our first review of the Skeletoes (I wrote that one) you'll note that I pointed out Fila didn't intend them for running, though that certainly hasn't stopped people from doing it anyway.

I think most FiveFingers fans just don't get the Skeletoes because they are pretty drastically different animals with the most drastic difference being (in my opinion) the lack of flexibility in the soles of the Skeletoes. Since toe shoes/barefoot shoes are all about providing a close to barefoot experience, it's surprising just how inflexible Skeletoes are (an objective comparison -- no fanboyism required) compared to any FiveFingers sole. That sorta just is what it is.

04/30/12 @ 14:43
Comment from: Missyn [Visitor]

these are on sale this week at Kohl's...use your 20 percent off coupon and they are $28! My high school son hasn't taken them off since he got them except to bathe & sleep.

04/30/12 @ 16:53
Comment from: Stone [Visitor]

amazing how all these "reviews" are nothing but comparisons to VFF shoes. review them for what they are, without saying how inferior they are to Vibram's five finger shoes.

05/31/12 @ 20:04
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]

Im goingto be picking a pair of theseup this week beacse im going on a cruise son and i want a good pair of water shoes, i cant seem to find the bodyglove anywere near me and VFF's are just out of my price range, so my question is how well is the drainage, and do th grip well to a boats surface?

06/07/12 @ 00:38
Comment from: Anthony [Visitor]

Personally, I've had a pair of the skeletoes for a week now and couldn't be happier. Very comfortable, although a little bit of a challenge to get them on properly at first. They are an interestingly comfortable shoe to say the least. I don't feel the restrictions of my toes like I normally would with a regular athletic shoe (even with the two small toes together). I like them so far. With that said, I've not owned a pair Vibram shoes (yet) so, I really have nothing to base a comparison on at this point, however, coming from someone that has spent most of his life in traditional athletic shoes. This is a surprisingly nice shoe for 39.99. Got em at Dick's in Martinsburg, WV myself... My first time out with them was a short hike with my daughters, no slipping, no blistering and, no pain after 1.5 miles. Ok in my book!

06/17/12 @ 09:28
Comment from: Jason [Visitor]

As someone completely new to minimalist footwear, I bought the Skeletoes 2.0 because honestly, they were the only ones I knew about (good job Fila!). After wearing them for 2 days (about 9 consecutive hrs each day), the balls of my feet are sore. I don't view this as a negative on the shoes, I think my feet just need to adjust to the lack of padding my feet are used to. I bought a size down and they fit great. Walking is completely comfortable and I'm much more mindful of my feet. My toes are experiencing freedom theyve never had haha, and my stride and posture are much better. After a week I think I'll try running in them. For an entry level toe shoe, I definitely recommend them for those curious ledge dwellers.

06/21/12 @ 15:40
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

Just got a pair because they were 30 dollars at kohls and i need outdoor mud/creek shoes. So far i like them i agree the strap is terrible though...might try to replace or modify it

07/07/12 @ 13:17
Comment from: Michael C [Visitor]
Michael C

Just did my first workout in a pair of skeletoes.

I must admit I was dissapointed with the sole. It's not as flexible as I expected and I reckon it's too chunky.
The manouverability of the individual toes was also less than anticipated (my toes are a bit monkey like).
Have just ordered some Vibram's to compare.

I love the concept though and will be wearing toe shoes whenever I don't need to be formal or can't be barefoot.

07/15/12 @ 21:31
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]

So after buying these shoes, i must say i love them, i used to were only boots 24/7 now if im out you would have a dammed hard time trying to were something eles, i wish VFF, had a shoe in simaler price, my only beef if my fet have never smelled in my life but for some reason wereing these my feet are awalys smelly

07/20/12 @ 17:19
Comment from: M.J. [Visitor]

My boyfriend and I both bought the Fila Bay Runners and have loved them! We started with the Fila's due to the cheaper price over the Vibrams and not being sure of the whole barefoot shoe at the time. Because we love our Fila's so much we wanted to try out the Vibrams so we headed to a store this past weekend to try them on....they didn't fit either one of us!! We both found that the Vibrams had smaller and tighter toe pockets and really felt like our feet were completely squished into the shoes. My boyfriend wears a 13 shoe which he can get in the Fila's but Vibrams don't come that big. I tried on the proper size for Vibrams but still they did not fit....we will be sticking with the Fila's! I was looking forward to the style options of Vibrams and was hugely disappointed in the fit!

08/28/12 @ 10:04
Comment from: Andy Nelson [Visitor]
Andy Nelson

Does anyone know of a good water shoe that comes in a high-top? I had heard that Fila Skeletoes had one, but Fila said they did not. I walk out in Big Cypress a lot and the muck sucks off regular shoes. Thanks

09/10/12 @ 09:34
Comment from: Kelly Williams [Visitor]
Kelly Williams

I'm not a runner, but I'm a new convert to barefoot shoes. I like to walk or do zumba for exercise. I have a pair of skeletoes and I like the for walks. They are comfortable and my feet feel good in them. They are okay for running around with my kids. They are more minimal than my traditional sneakers but not nearly as minimal as Vibrams or the Merrell Pace Gloves. I am happy with t hem though and still wear them.

09/17/12 @ 05:52
Comment from: Stephen [Visitor]

hey please do a skeltoes 3.0 review please!

09/28/12 @ 15:48
Comment from: samuel phelps [Visitor]  
samuel phelps

please, please, please! do a revie won 3.0s coatsal and regualr! I am buying them but i need to see a vid before i buy somehting for some reason just a quirk i guess :D

11/21/12 @ 22:21
Comment from: Colleen [Visitor]

I have seen the Fila Skeletoes but never tried them on because they only have 4 toes. I have a pair of Vibram Spyridons and I hate to take them off. I found you review of Filas very helpful. One thing I would add is that for instance someone who has had pinky toe surgery such as my husband is not able to wear Five Fingers because his pinky toe is too short so I think perhaps if he were inclined, Skeletoes would work better for him. Just a thought.

03/06/13 @ 13:11
Comment from: Armando Reyes [Visitor]
Armando  Reyes

Los tenis que acabo de comprar Fila Skele-toes FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE... Estan excelentemente comodos...... Gracias Saludos

05/07/13 @ 23:21
Comment from: Gary [Visitor]  

I bought a pair of Skele-toes on Woot for 19.95. I had been wanting to try toe shoes and for the price I figured I couldn't miss. I have really enjoyed them. They don't have straps of any kind. They have a kind of bungee lace system which is very comfortable. I have been on several short (2 mile) day hikes down into Little River Canyon, over rocks through creeks, etc. and they have been very comfortable and sure footed. I have never owned or worn the Five Finger variety but like the protection afforded my little toe in the four toe shoe. They may look like alien feet, but I like them.

05/31/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: Dak [Visitor]

I have recently joined the minimalist brigade (Aug last year). I live in India, where the barefoot/minimalist movement is, well, minimal. So when I read about barefoot running, I was intrigued. The Fila Skeletoes 2 was the only toe shoe I could lay my hands on, so I bought them for the equivalent of 30$.
I have been using them for the last 7-8 months, for all activities such as running (both road and trail), cycling, walking and normal use. I must say I find them very comfortable, almost like wearing nothing at all. My runs have been 3-5 miles, for which I find these well suited, especially the snug feel and phenomenal grip.
Sure, there are some design lacunae, which other reviewers have already covered.
Nevertheless, for someone who is not a competitive or professional athelete, and who is just starting out in the minimalist realm, I think this is a great start point.
I also confess that I have never worn the VFF, so my comments may not be very objective.

04/10/14 @ 06:58
Comment from: Noah [Visitor]  

one time my son put them on and we went out for a long time and when we got back he took them off and his shoes and his feet reeked he then slept barefoot at night

12/19/16 @ 22:28

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