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Review Fila Skele-Toes – Four Toed Shoes

A few weeks back we took a sneak peak at a new brand of toe shoes—as in, not Vibram Five Fingers—they’re the Fila “Skele-toes.” Comet Shoes hooked me up with a pair to examine, review, and share with BirthdayShoes readers, so that’s what I’l…

A few weeks back we took a sneak peak at a new brand of toe shoes—as in, not Vibram Five Fingersthey’re the Fila “Skele-toes.” Comet Shoes hooked me up with a pair to examine, review, and share with BirthdayShoes readers, and that’s what I’ll be doing today.

If you’re new to the concept of “toe shoes”, you might benefit from a brief history on their origins. Believe it or not, they got their start almost five years ago by an Italian company called Vibram — they produced the first five toe shoes called Vibram FiveFingers and have turned traditional footwear paradigms upside down — and it’s not because shoes with toes are just eye-catchingly strange, either.

“What the heck are those?” may be a good question, but perhaps the better question is “Why toe shoes?” I’ve explained toe shoes here, but the Cliff’s notes version is this: shoes that allow your feet to function naturally—as they would barefoot—when you do things like run, walk, work out, or play—are healthy.

The mainstream thick-heeled, heavily cushioned, arch-supporting sneakers we’ve come to accept as “normal” are more about marketing hype than actually supporting good foot health. You don’t need them at all. Worse, it’s possible they’re hurting you more than helping by preventing your foot from moving naturally — and affecting your entire body’s biomechanics in the process. If you don’t believe me, has hundreds of user stories from people around the world doing everything from running marathons in toe shoes to hiking, traveling, skydiving, or powerlifting. Stick around because more than just a weird novelty in footwear, toe shoes are changing footwear.

The Fila Skele-toes are not actually five-toed shoes because the Skele-toes design gives the smallest two toes one pocket for ease of entry (the “EZ-Slide”). While the Skele-toes’ “four” toe design is an obvious difference to Vibram Five Fingers, the Fila Skele-toes are also different than VFFs in other more subtle ways — all toe separation aside. Actually, Fila is marketing the Skele-toes more as a lifestyle shoe than a fitness shoe.

After the jump I’ll talk more about the Skele-toes design, function, and differences to Vibrams (you can’t help but compare) and wrap up with a little video review action.

Fila Skele-Toes are branded “For Just About Everywhere” which they define as “gravel, water, mountains, grass, mud, trees, rock, pavement, and dirt” on a tag that comes with the toe shoes.

Design and Build

Given FiveFingers set the standard for toe shoes, it’s impossible not to talk about the Skele-toes without making analogies to Vibrams. So in one sentence, I’m going to explain the Skele-toes in terms of existing models of Vibram FiveFingers. Here goes: The Fila Skele-toes are like four-toed VFFs with a three-point velcro-strap mechanism reminiscent of Sprint FiveFingers wrapped around an upper that is a thicker synthetic material than what you get with FiveFingers KSOs and more reminiscent of Flow FiveFingers (but different) with all this built upon a non-lugged rubber sole similar to the original FiveFingers sole except that the Skele-toes’ sole is more stiff/rigid and seems to have a heel-to-toe drop of a few millimeters.

That was a mouthful.

The Upper

The three-point strap-build of the Skele-toes is made of high quality, thick, shimmery synthetic material. The straps are “uninspired” in the sense that they pretty much just replicate the methods used across many FiveFingers whereby a strap goes over the top of the foot and a strap (or two in this case) are used to tighten the shoe at the heel. On the other hand, “if it aint broke don’t fix it,” and I get why Fila went this route with the Skele-toes (hint: it just works).

The upper material used with the Fila Skele-toes isn’t neoprene but rather “Four Way Stretch 2 Ply Nylon.” Regardless, given the stitch pattern used and the thickness of the fabric, the Skele-toes can’t help but look like Flow FiveFingers. Thankfully, the upper fabric on the Skeletoes isn’t so hot or binding as the Flows, which really are meant for either colder wear or water wear. That said, my feet get a little sweaty in them (noticeably so) when wearing them for weight lifting (note: I don’t really break a sweat when I lift and I normally wear Bikilas for lifting — sweaty feet not really being noticeable with Bikilas), so the material may not be the most breathable.

The Skele-toes have two bungee pulls at the heel and top of the instep to make them easier to put on. Not sure these are necessary, but Fila clearly wants it to be “EZ” to put Skele-toes on — after all, just look at the EZ-Slide branding over the conjoined single pocket for the two littlest toes.

While seasoned toe shoe wearers might find the EZ-Slide conjoined toe pocket unnecessary, this design feature of the Skele-toes makes a lot of sense—though maybe not for the reason intended (And maybe not really necessary for Skele-toes as casual/non-running shoes). What am I talking about? Pinky toe snag injuries and/or broken pinky toes hitting rocks while running in Five Fingers.

Hard to say how common pinky toe injuries are in VFFs, but they happen enough that I’ve heard about them from various wearers. I think even Chris McDougall may have jammed a pinky wearing VFFs once upon a time. Anyway, the problem has provoked at least one seasoned FiveFingers wearer to sew the two littlest toe pockets together. Since this issue is more a problem for runners in toe shoes and Skele-toes aren’t aimed at runners, the utility/added protection of conjoined little toes — “four toe shoes” as it were — is ultimately beyond the scope of this review.

The Inside

The inside of the Skele-Toes is a seamless, nice and smooth (silky?) fabric. Oo la la!

The inside of the Fila Skele-toes is a smooth and silky black synthetic material that reminds me of the inside of the New Balance Minimus line, but just a little stiffer. It’s not seamless in the sense that the seams of the upper (the converging lines highlighted by the H-shaped black painted overlay here) are “exposed” to the the top of your foot. They aren’t a nuisance and I doubt they’d cause any issues. Overall the inside of the Skele-toes feels good on my bare foot, which is clutch, of course, given these are “barefoot shoes.”

The Sole

Fila Skele-toes are both toe shoes and have an overall minimalist design—not much upper and not much sole. Unfortunately, the Skele-toes rubber sole is noticeably stiffer than what I’ve come to expect from my toe shoes. The stiffness is most noticeable at the arch as the Skele-toes sole is curved at the arch to mimic the shape of the foot.

So even while the Skele-toes don’t have a particularly thick sole and they articulate 3 + 2 toes, ground feel is lost due to the rigidity of the Skele-toes sole, and more, the arch point is a bit annoying to my foot. I hesitate to call it “arch support” because it doesn’t seem to be designed to support your arch. I also wonder how it will break in over time. As far as comparisons to VFFs, the Skele-toes convey (per my estimate) less ground feel and/or barefoot feel than even the thickest Vibram Five Fingers.

Flexibility and Function or Designing Barefoot Shoes for Dynamic Feet

Here are shots of the Skele-Toes with toes flexed upward.” title=”Here are shots of the Skele-Toes with toes flexed upward.

Allow me a brief digression on barefoot shoe design … The Fila Skele-Toes’ too stiff sole actually goes a long way to highlight something I’ve noticed regarding shoe design as it pertains to making shoes that allow your foot to function naturally (while still being clad in rubber/leather/whatever). What I’ve noticed is essentially this: the more a shoe is built to adhere closely to the entirety of your foot, the more important it is to be flexible and capable of moving dynamically with your foot. Just imagine if you put on toe shoes where the pockets were immovable — they would be seriously uncomfortable!

Conversely, more traditional shoes or even flat-soled new minimalist shoes that don’t articulate toes don’t have to be as flexible as toe shoes because they allow your foot some freedom to move within the shoe and separate from the sole. It’s an interesting problem to try and solve — the protection of rubber soles as constrained by the required flexibility of a foot. You either build a platform shoe that allows some freedom of movement above the platform (i.e. Soft Star RunAmocs, huaraches, NB Minimus, Merrell Barefoot, Vivo Barefoot, etc.) or you go dynamic, have a flexible soled shoe that is “bound” closely to the foot like Vibram FiveFingers. Indeed, this is one of main reasons Vibram’s toe shoes work: they are bound to the foot via the toe pockets (and straps to a lesser extent) but still allow foot flexibility by having non-rigid soles. The combination is a wonderful compromise that provides a great amount of dynamic movement to the foot while still layering the sole with rubber. For a much more thorough discussion on the concept of toe shoes, read on here.

Sorry for the digression, now back to your regularly scheduled review …

The Fila Skele-Toes sole needs to be more flexible given it is designed as a foot glove. This point is perhaps best exemplified with the Skele-Toes when trying to flex/stretch out the conjoined littlest toes within their single toe pocket; basically, you try it, and the sole sorta stays put while the toes move up within the pocket (see the collage above).

The Fila Skele-Toes are still functional toe shoes, all sole stiffness aside. They still afford some ground feel and are still minimal enough in the sole that they don’t noticeably affect walking gait. There seems to be a slight heel-to-toe drop in the Skele-Toes but I’m not positive about my measurements. If anyone knows the answer to this question, please let me know!

Aesthetic, Photos, Conclusion, and Video!

Here are shots of the Skele-Toes with toes flexed upward.

A few poses in the Fila Skele-toes shot from the ground.
Skele-toes are Skeletor approved!

Skele-toes are Skeletor approved! (Image via USAgent)

The Skele-Toes have an aesthetic that reminds me of water shoes. (Note that the Skele-toes 2.0 actually has a more breathable upper) That is funny to write as one of the most common misunderstandings about VFFs is that they are all water shoes (Even had someone think that about my FiveFingers Bikila LS shoes the other day!), but with the bungee pulls, the upper fabric, and the paint-on styling, I just can’t help but think of a wetsuit. Meanwhile, the “Skele-toes” name makes me think of Skeletor from He-Man.

I’m not trying to dog the Skele-toes’ look — they are clearly (to the eye) a fairly quality shoe for the price that is well-made of beefy materials. Just that given they are a lifestyle shoe, I’d have expected them to look more casual and less sporty. Of course, most VFFs are also very sporty, Speeds and KSO Treks perhaps excepted (Indeed, the Trek LS and Bormio are downright “dressy” as toe shoes go), so this is more or less par for the course in the toe shoe world.

Probably the biggest plus in the Skele-toes camp is that they can be had for $50-$60 or less — and they are coming out with kid’s sizes. At the $55 price point, they’re $25 cheaper than a pair of full-priced KSOs and almost half the price of any high-dollar FiveFingers. So if you’re looking for some affordable toe shoes, the Skele-Toes are worth considering. HOWEVER, it should be noted that a ton of the original soled FiveFingers can be had on sale right now. In my 100+ pairs of minimalist footwear tried experience, your money will be better spent on any pair of FiveFingers over the Skele-toes. Vibrams are just dramatically more dynamic, comfortable, and overall better toe shoes.

If you’re “toe-bent” on Skele-Toes, you can get them for $40 – $60 shipped free at Finish Line.

At the end of the day I’m happy to see the Fila Skele-Toes enter the toe shoe market. If you didn’t realize there was such a thing as “toe shoes” prior to seeing/hearing about Fila Skele-toes, well, welcome to the barefoot footwear community! Get caught up on what you’ve been missing and start here. Filas are actually “also-rans” at this point and the original five toe shoes were Vibram FiveFingers (read more).

Anyway, with the release of the Skele-toes we get some competition in the “toe shoes” market, and competition is wonderful. That said, Fila will have a tough time out-innovating Vibram insomuch as figuring out the ins and outs of manufacturing fully functioning toe shoes. Maybe my blathering above will help point them in the right direction (emphasis on “maybe”).

Update 1: We’ve now reviewed the Skele-toes 2.0!
Update 2: Vibram has filed a lawsuit against Fila!
Update 3: Wonder what Nike Frees with toes would look like? Wonder no further: meet the Skele-toes Voltage.

Finally, below is a photo gallery and be sure to sit back and relax — I put together a little video on the Skele-Toes. Check it out and be sure to let me know your thoughts/questions/comments below! And if you’re after some Skele-toes, pick up a pair here.

Video Review — Fila Skele-Toes

Photo Gallery — Fila Skele-Toes

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

169 replies on “Review Fila Skele-Toes – Four Toed Shoes”

These just showed up at a local Big Box sporting goods store near me. I picked up a shoe, gave it a quick bend/twist and came up with pretty much the same assessment as your one sentence summary – thicker, stiffer, slight drop.

I couldn’t get past those three issues, so promptly put the shoe down and engaged the manager in a conversation about how awesome it would be for them to start carrying Vibrams πŸ™‚ Another employee walked up and started raving about Vibrams too.

I tried these on the other say at the local Dicks Sports and they are too stiff. They feel like rushed VFF knockoffs. I’ll be honest and say they are vastly inferior to VFF. I agree competition is great but competition needs to “get it.” What a waste of resources.

I use Classics now for my casual wear and after your review, will continue to do so. The one thing that absolutely turns me off to the Skeletoes is the 3pt fastening mechanism. My Sprints do the same thing and I hate having to get three different straps (six really) to the right setting to be comfortable. I was never so glad as when my Sprints blew a hole in the big toe seam at around 350mi and I could justify switching to something else.

I now use the KSOs for running.

Kudos to Fila for trying, but honestly, I think these will be seen as also-rans. You’ll know this to be true when people call them VFFs and you have to correct them.

Agreed that they are thicker with a bit less flex. However the thickness seems to give a bit more protection from pebbles and stones and that is welcome.
I got my first VFF’s a few years back after having my horse land on my foot and breaking every bone in it. I needed a shoe that would work my foot to build up muscle tone and the VFF’s worked wonderfuly, but I could feel every stone and my feet got cold.
The Skele-Toes so far have adressed both those issues.
As an aside my Vibrams and now my Skele-Toes are the best driving shoes avaiable you can really feel the pedals!

From what I remember reading the Fila Skeletoes description of the shoes, they are not competition to the VFF shoes. The marketing of the Skeletoes from what I remember is they are a COMPLIMENT to the VFF, not a competition. These are suppose to be walking/casual shoes not made for running.

A compliment to the VFF is like an after shoe to wear or a totally different pair of finger shoes. They are stiff like a regular shoe and do have a bit more sole than a VFF, even a VFF that has a slightly thicker sole like the Trekpsport or Komodosport.

I’ve tried on a pair if Skeletoes last week and did a review on general discussions. As mentioned on this reveiw, the upper had me thinking of a neoprene/wetsuit material but it’s not. I did notice my feet felt a bit sweat in them when not moving, but when on the move I felt airflow to my feet.

One thing I did notice about the Skeletoes is since it’s stiffer than VFF, you feel like you want to walk normal in them, heel strike. I tried walking forefoot with them and I didn’t really get the natural feet movement I get when wearing VFF for walking.

The Skeletoes look more like water shoes with toes, especially the uppers but just a bit thicker. Actually the Skeletoes remind me so much of scuba booties with the thicker sole on them.

So that’s my thoughts…

I own a pair of Vibrams for running (I forget which style), and have generally stopped using them for that, as the seam between the uppers and lowers consistently causes blisters at longer distances, unless I fully tape my feet in the affected areas.

Today I tried on the new Fila model for women at Dick’s. I found them both comfortable and intriguing, and liked the price point, but the quality was inconsistent. The first pair I tried on had obvious defects in the toe area where the seam was stiff and poked into the foot. The second pair was an improvment, in that there was no obvious defect, but the size seven was too big for my size 7.5 foot (these don’t come in half sizes, per Dick’s). I finally tried the size 6, which were barely too small, but again had areas in the toes where the seam was too rough.

So, at least in the women’s shoes, the Skele-toes seem to run small compared to other shoes; also, be careful of the quality of workmanship. The overall design and materials seem very well done, but something got lost in the details.

Otherwise, this review is spot-on, from my observation.

Justin, your little digression about barefoot shoe design deserves its own spotlight. You succinctly explain why VFFs remain a unique, even revolutionary design. As you wrote, they are not a platform on which the foot moves independently. They mold to the foot allowing a more natural range of motion.

No, it is not the same as true barefoot, but it’s close.

Justin, Great review. Wouldn’t these be better for daily use and lifting at this price point keping the VFFs for more subtle uses? Im hesitant to give up sneakers for VFFs due to their thickness and expense so these may be a perfect transition! And I agree, competition is good. Admirable first effort Fila.

after reading everybodys reviews i think im gonna have to try them for myself and see what all the fuss is about…

I’ve been interested in these types of shoes for a while, and decided to pick up a set of Filas for about $40. Not having owned Vibrams before (though I did try some on in a store) I would definitely agree that the Fila’s are thicker/stiffer. They are definitely a bit more like shoes than the Vibrams. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t tell if you are stepping on gravel or something.

That being said, since I am not much of a runner and mainly wanted these shoes for casual walking, they really seem to fit the bill. There’s still plenty of flexibility in the toes/foot, just not as much as if you were wearing a sock (or Vibrams).

Having worn them for two days now, I can definitely say that they seem to make my toes more “involved” in the walking process.

Basically, if anything were to bridge the gap between regular shoes and Vibrams, I think these have a good chance. The design, while goofy, clearly makes them sporty enough that people might be tempted to try them for casual wear. These also look a lot less like socks or barefeet (in my opinion) then Vibrams. I think that might also make them more “acceptable.”

I’m an avid VFF wearer, but my wife wasn’t on board due to the bad fit of the last little toe in VFFs that we tried for her. I picked up a pair of women’s fila skele-toes, and they seem to fit the bill for her so far.
She wears them as her sport-casual shoes now.

The look of the shoes in women’s is much better than the men’s-especially in gray/pink. Women can get away with a sporty sleek look like this (think pumas). The Men’s version design doesn’t seem to be well thought out, as I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing these with jeans or shorts or just hanging out. I will stick with VFFs.

Saw a pair of these in a big-box store this weekend & had to try them on..

They felt more like water shoes than my KSOs, and less like an extension of my body. (Yes, my KSOs are great in the water, but they don’t feel like they were made for the water.) I couldn’t imagine running in them.

The Skeletoes also had a bit more shoe/sole under the ball of my foot, like I was stepping on something.

I was hopeful Fila’s big brand would bring mass-marketing to the toe-shoe market, creating more options and lower prices. But I’ll be buying another pair of VFFs soon!

Thanks for pointing these out. I just lost my pinky toenails from running in classic VFFs (anyone else having this problem?), and am looking at sizing and other options. I think putting the small toes together is a great idea.

I do not think that FILA had in mind to compete with Vibram for the FiveFingers brand. It looks to me that this shoe is more oriented for the casual wearer that wants a cool look ……

I own two pairs of VFF’s (Classic Wool & the Trek KSO) and they are great but they are sorta expensive,I hope Fila get the message and fix the problem but I’m getting a pair anyway to see what difference is because I’m gonna use my KSO’s for bike riding and maybe the Skele-toes will be not that bad,I’ll be back with my two cents soon.

My boyfriend, best friend, and I all have Vff’s, and just found out about the Filas from a HUGE billboard. It seems like you get what you pay for as far as I’m concerned.

The main point of barefoot shoes is for walking and running is to form essential muscles to support your body.. (reducing less pain in your knees hips back ect.) using a less flexible sole would defeat the purpose for using this shoe to “compliment” VFF’s.

If you need a little more protection the bikilas (the running ones) work GREAT

I work for a sporting goods company here on the west coast and I’m an avid wearer of the Vibram Classics, KSO’s and the Bikilas, with that said we just received our first run of Fila Skeletoes.

After months of begging and pleading with my buying department to see if we could become a Vibram authorized dealer, this was the compromise…

At first glance I’ll say I do appreciate the price point of $59.99 (Which was better because I used my employee discount).

I was impressed with the overall construction of the shoe (However, when I tried them on the first time the little bungee cord in the back broke, which guaranteed I’d be buying them…) I tried them on and yes the sole is much thicker than Five Fingers, and yes you do lose ground feel, which is a feature I love in the Vibrams. I didn’t have problems with any of the seams and overall they felt pretty darn decent. I also do like the fact that the upper is very thick and kept my foot warm, yet allowed some circulation when I walked around.

Now keep in mind, they will in NO way replace my venerable Classics, KSO’s or Bikilas. I did however manage to sell my staff on toe shoes, most of my folks made fun of my choice of footwear but after I had them try on the Filas they now they see what my fuss was all about!

We actually received all black pairs (Which by the way I may be able to get away with at work!) So that was nice, when we got promo material it said we were going to get the grey/red combo.

So final verdict for me is this, for the casual wearer or the first timer who is wanting to get into a pair of toe shoes and don’t want to spend the money OR doesn’t have a Vibram dealer near them to try on the shoes for themselves this is a good start.

I will still suggest folks pony up the money for Vibrams. They are the BEST and you can’t beat an original!

Justin, I really like the objectivity and clarity of your reviews. I’m a die hard VFF guy and when I started reading this article I got the mildly queasy feeling that you were cheating on me/us… haha. But afterwards, and especially after watching your video I grew to respect your work even more and just wanted to tell you. When people ask me about my shoes (and now my 5 yr old son’s too) I give them your website. It’s so easy to remember because we were born in our “Birthday Shoes” πŸ™‚ THANKS

The billboards are plastered all over town. I wasnt surprised by the review. The design of the shoe has a “hey, lets get in on that toe shoe game…” look to it.
I was hoping that this entry would give vibram some competition. The pics in the review made them look like those water shoes you get at the tourist gift shops near the beach. I hope they redesign the product and bring some competition to the market

I love my VFF’s but I dig Fila’s version. I admit I wore my Skeletoes with jeans a few times and thought they actually looked cute, I got a few looks but it seems like most people who are not familiar with the style were intrigued. I wouldn’t run in them, to me they’re more for a nice walk in the park. I like that Fila is marketing these towards a mid-tier market.

I just bought a pair of skeletoes, and they are my first pair of barefoot shoes. After reading your article I am glad i did. Reason 1. With coupon paid $49.00 I fugure a reasonable price to try this styly shoe. 2. These will be a more everyday shoe for me once the snow is gone and I feel that with such a thin sole the harder bottom gives some protection against little sharp objects(I have never seen another pair so I dont know what protection these other ones u mention would give.)3. I am a larger guy,240lbs, I dont run a whole lot 2-3 miles 2 a week in none snow months, but I do a lot of curcit training, boxing,kenpo and polymetrics( a lot of jumping) and i would be a little concerned about landing wrong on my little toe. sizing, I wear a 12.5 in most regular shoes. The size 12 fits perfect. I will let u know how much I like them after a week of training.
PS I am trying them becouse the thiner a sole i wear the better my foot n legs feel when i run,jump rope ect. last shoe that I loved was a Puma.

I was not too surprised to see these things on sale in the latest Kohl’s flyer that went out a week or so ago.

I dislike the Skele-toes on a number of different levels (VFF ripoff, poor asthetics, etc), so they fit right in with the low-end shoes that Kohl’s sells. That isn’t a knock on Kohl’s either. It is what it is.

I just tried a pair on. I have big feet. size 12 or 13 and wide. It is VERY hard to find shoes in your typical department store that stretch and contour to my foot. I looked at these and had to try em on. They are surprisingly comfortable.
I only have 2 cons:
firstly, they are not super easy to put on, but also not to hard. You gotta make sure you get your toes in the right place or it can be very uncomfortable.
lastly the material i feel would make my feet sweat.

Cons aside, im going back sometime this week and buying them for sure!!

After several unsuccessful attempts at becoming a VFF wearer (due to extreme pinky toe discomfort and poor fit), I was pleasantly surprised to see the combined fourth and fifth toe pocket on the Fila. I will admit that they have a long way to go to compare to the style and flexibility of a VFF, however kudos to Fila for making a shoe that I can at least wear. I did pick them up at KOHLS, scored 30% off so total investment is $34.99. Cannot complain about the price. As soon as a little more MN snow melts, I will be sporting these for everyday use and will see how they perform and hold up. Obviously I cannot compare them to VFFs because I have never been able to wear those. Hopefully either Vibram will make a four toed shoe for those of us that cannot get a good fit on VFFs or Fila will modify their Skeletoes to improve flexibility and design. Either of which would be fine.

I’m one week into my Skeletoes, my first pair of minimalist shoes. I wear them mostly for lifting, but I’ve done two mile runs to warm up. The arch support is the primary reason I bought them, because I have to wear orthotics in my regular shoes and have had trouble with my arches running barefoot (plus my feet get too dirty).
I rinse them off after each workout, and they seem to be taking the dousing pretty well.

All it took was me buying a pair of Skeletoes and now my Vibram KSOs are fitting me comfortably and I can wear them. No more pinky toes discomfort. I haven’t even had the Skeletoes out of the box. I am going to return them, since I am now able to wear the VFFs. I think I will save my $35 and apply it towards a pair of Bikila LS VFFs at a later date.

I am very new to minimalist footwear. I recently had minor ankle surgery which left me with a lack of muscle in my right calf and foot. My ankle is also very tender from the tendon modifications. After having my cast removed I found most shoes very uncomfortable and stiffness didn’t allow me to walk striking my heel first so I started walking barefoot as much as possible while rehabbing my ankle. Sorry for the long intro, I’ll get to the point. I saw Fila Skele-toes on a billboard and thought they might be of some assistance to my recovery. My doc thought it was a good idea so I grabbed a pair. My overall impression was pretty good, no rubbing on my incision scar and since they allowed my foot and ankle to articulate more I started to gain more flexibility. My main problems with them are the look (pretty funky pattern) and the limitation to whole sizes. In search of something better I took to the web and found this site. After reading about VFF I looked them up and found out that I have a dealer down the street. After trying the KSO Trek, properly fitted at sz 44 I knew I had what I was looking for. I liked the Skele-toes but some modifications are needed.

I bought a set of these specifically to transition to running in a thinner sole, vibrams ar not sold locally and are more expensive and I liked the versatility and thicker sole offered by the skeletoes, especially as a new barefoot type runner. I love these shoes, I feel muscles engage I never thought I had, but still feel protection even when running outside over stones or gravel. they are super lightweight and breathable when moving and have a great grip when doing push ups or other weight lifting moves. Would recommend them to anyone!

I had been want to get more in to barefoot running being an avid runner, so I tried out the skeletoes and have to say I couldn’t even start to break them in. After 4 days and maybe only like 10 hours on my feet they started to fall apart. 3 dif spots of the sole were peeling. I btook them back and was able to get a full refund and went and go me a pair of vibrams, still breaking in but love the quality and feel!

I purchased a pair of Fila Skeletoes on Sunday as I was intrigued by toe-shoes but not sure if I wanted to spend the money on Vibrams. (I also don’t have a dealer near me so getting my size right with my weirdly sized feet would be a pain)

After wearing the Skeletoes for an entire day and then jogging in them I can say that yes they are more thicker in the sole and don’t appear to be as flexible as Vibrams but they are still very comfortable, breath nicely, keep my feet warm, a step up from normal shoes.

I can say Fila sold me on toe-shoes and I will definately be picking up a pair of Vibrams once my Skeletoes bite the dust. I must add hear that the quality of the Skeleteoes are excellent.

Basically I’m treating the Skeletoes as a stepping stone between normal shoes and Vibrams.

I have two pairs of vibrams. But I still went to try these on yesterday, as the pricing is attractive, and they look kind of cool….well I took six steps in them, and that was all I needed. Vibram did it right th first time. fila, not so much, sole is rigid, to the point of being slippery….two thumbs down, I do still think they look cool tho,NAND I like SKELETOR

Just got mine last week. I am not a runner. But do martial arts of different kinds and cross-train (kettlebells, insanity/p90x type of workouts). I really like these. I’ve worn running shoes and wrestling shoes and these just feel different. More “grounded for sure. I know that Vibram people smash it down. But for none-fanatics for Vibram. . .these will do. I got the black/gray combo.

I’m a 10 1/2 for sneaks and boots. What should I do with these Fila Skeletoes? 10 or 11, guess my question is do they run small or big. (using them for everyday boat fishing and once in awhile swim in)

After seeing a huge billboard for the Skeletoes today, I checked this site out, and headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get a feel for the Skeletoes myself.

I own a pair of Vibram KSOs, and the Skeletoes are no comparison (even if they aren’t supposed to be). I, for one, like the fact that all five toes are spread out, and with some practice, slip all of my toes into the KSO with ease. The fact that the last two toes are together felt strange and unnatural. I liked the blue/black combo (they only had the men’s in this color), but when looking down at the shoe, it looks cheap and knock-off looking.

Bottom line: the VFF are more money, but worth it. I was not impressed with the Skeletoes (though the skeleton design on the sole was kinda neat).

Do you people read your posts..80% sound like bandwagon elitist pricks..makes me wanna burn my vibrams and wear church shoes when I run.. Get over yourselves, please! I appreciate the input.. But seriously, realize that shoes dont make u any better of a person.

these shoe feel great!!! Only thing is that most store in Augusta don’t have them and we need more of them down here in Augusta. Please send some down here please.

I got a pair of skeletoes about two weeks ago and I really like them. I find they are easy to run in and like another review stated, I’m using muscles that I never have before. I had two knee surgeries so I didn’t want to jump into the vibrams just yet and actually liked the little bit of additional stiffness that came with the skeletoes. I’ve never had a pair of vibrams, so I wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money on a shoe I may not be able to wear, so the skeletoes were a nice compromise for me. I’d recommend them to someone that wants to try running in a shoe that’s more natural but doesn’t necessarily want to pay the extra up front.

i saw the billboards in Atlanta, I bought a pair at Dicks. I never wore anything like these before but I found them to be a great fit. Im not sure why everyone keeps talking about other brands. Is this a shopping comparison site? Anyway I think the shoe is well made and definitely worth the money. I’m not an avid runner although I go to the gym to work out often. I find the Skeletoes to perform well. I’m REALLY HAPPY WITH THEM.

Hello, the exchange on post just got the skele-toes and they feel fine, i still have to run on them to complete assessment of them. Also I’m a big guy 226 and 6’3″ as a soldier i need to be able to run faster and harder to push my peers fwrd I have always used kyano 16 for support but I wanted to try toe shoes to lower my times in the PT test i’ post something else after a couple of weeks. lets see!!!

You know what people are going to do. I mean, it has to be done. Please let someone make the mod to turn these fourfingers into fivefingers with some cutting and patching! That might change the whole marketing and intended uses of these thigns. And yay for another design to come into play, for as good as FFs are, my last pair of Flows haven’t been so successful, falling apart prematurely.

fila? seriously? This is obviously a sad attempt by a has been brand previously associated with hip hop and thugs to reinvent it’s self… I’ll pass. 4 toes and a kango… no go!

Jon, I also where a 10.5, went with size 10 and its works great.

Soles seem to breaking in and getting better feel after a couple weeks and 40+ miles on the treadmill. Feet, ankles and calves are starting to get used this kind of running.
Overall running form is better and easier to maintain as well.

I love walking vearfoot and was all excited to get vff but after trying them on they just didn’t work for my small pinky toes… The 3+2 has allowed me Try toe shoes… Sofa I love them. Not everyone has long toes

I have never worn this kind of shoe before last week, though I’ve wanted to for a long time.

I went to Kohl’s to check out the Filas. I wear a 13 in regular shoes. However, in the Fila Skeletoes, 13 seems too large for me and the size 12s were way too uncomfortably tight. I bought the 13s. I wore them around for a couple days and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing myself a disservice by not trying the Vibrams. The Filas felt cheap and I wasn’t pleased with the fit. They seem way too loose. The only positive is that I don’t have to fight with the shoe to get my toes in there.

I ended up going to REI and getting properly fitted for KSOs. I am so happy I did this. They fit way better, they’re a much higher quality shoe in terms of materials used, and they just feel better on my feet.

To sum it all up, as a person that tried Skeletoes first, Skeletoes do not do toe shoes justice. I’ll still wear them bumming around, but when it comes to doing any serious barefoot athletic training, I’ll use my KSOs!

I bought a pair today. Couldn’t find them at Sport’s Authority, Sport Chalet or Big Fives. I finally found them at Dick’s sporting goods. I am one of those guys who really like going barefoot all the time and I like things that are different and unusual. I love my flip flops and scandals. When I first saw these on a billboard, I knew I had to own a pair, so I bought a pair today. They look so strange that it is actually cool to wear. They are pretty confortable and maybe even more confortable after they are broken in. These will work great for everyday wear provided you work place will allow such a shoe. I just might buy another pair if these work out after wearing them for a few weeks.

I bought 3 pairs: one for my six yr old, one for my brother and one pair for myself and we all LOVE them! They are so comfortable and not as hot as the VFFs! All three of us train A LOT of Brazilian jiu jitsu (I train three times a day), use TRX and train crossfit and we love to be barefooted! During jiu jitsu training my pinky toes will come dislocated every other week and the 4th pocket is a wonderful idea! I have noticed my knees are stronger and little muscles and tendons are becoming stronger as well. I own +40 pairs of shoes from rare Nike Dunk Lows (which I collect) from Japan, Sanuks, Chuck Taylors & Cole Haan dress oxfords and these are well made minimal shoes. I use these for my weight training and TRX session, all running is done in New Balance MT10 Minimus. These are NOT VFF knockoffs, knockoffs are generic brands trying to pass off as the original. You know that LV purse you bought your wife for $250.00, yeah, that’s s knockoff! These are by FILA who has been in business since the 1900s. Anybody saying these shoes are crap are just being a DIVA or works for VFF!

The skeletons work just fine for what they are designed for. Casual wear. The harder sole and heel to toe design is necessary for things like…walking. unless you plan on walking on your toes which would be foolish. Having said that, the other good design point for shoes like these is that they look better than any other water shoe around. You may as well buy the filas. Vibrams are glorified water shoes and will cost you 40 bucks more. You can run correctly using any shoe. Save your money and buy some filas.


The skeletons work just fine for what they are designed for. Casual wear. The harder sole and heel to toe design is necessary for things like…walking.

Actually research is pretty inconclusive how people walk when they’re barefoot — some heel strike walking barefoot and some walk more midfoot. I actually don’t know many who walk on their toes in Vibrams or barefoot.

Having said that, the other good design point for shoes like these is that they look better than any other water shoe around.

You just said they were for casual wear (which is true) — the Skeletoes aren’t water shoes.

Vibrams are glorified water shoes and will cost you 40 bucks more.

For one, the cheapest FiveFingers are $15 more than MSRP of Skele-toes ($60 — Classic Vibrams are $75). Closest comparative FiveFingers model is $25 more. For that price you get a shoe that breathes considerably better and is more comfortable due to the less rigid sole. Sounds like you haven’t actually tried Vibrams. The sole rigidity makes a big difference when your shoe is designed to move with your foot and be “locked on” via individual toe pockets–that is, unless, you like your foot to feel bound to a hard sole. Skele-toes’ sole is too rigid for my taste though I’m also spoiled by knowing how much more comfortable Vibrams are.

You can run correctly using any shoe. Save your money and buy some filas.

If this was true, then Vibrams wouldn’t have ever taken off — their success has been predicated on the fact that most people can’t seem to run correctly in most shoes.

I definitely want to try toe shoes for walking exercise. What concerns me the most reading the review and the comments is that nobody commented about pinky toe injuries and it seem that Fila shoes offer more protection. Is this true???

I am currently studying in the Uk, and my parents sent me a pair of purple Fila Skeletoes for my birthday. I LOVE them. They are great for running on the beach and they are easy to get on and off. Most people over here have never seen anything like these – so it is fun to encourage them to get a pair.

I wore them around Berlin, Germany just last week and I couldn’t keep count of how many times I noticed a person near me take a picture of my feet. A German man and his little girl came up and talked to me and they were just so incredibly fascinated by my Fila Skeletoes.

I really think these shoes are going to take off – hopefully all around the world!


I do not foresee Skeletoes being a solution to stubbing or injuring one’s pinky toe in toe shoes. I found that the combined toe pocket made the shoes easier to put on, but did not really provide additional protection. The only benefit may be that the pinky toe is nestled close to the next toe, keeping it somewhat further from harms way, but that could also just mean that when the pinky toe is inevitably going down, now it is taking it’s neighbor down with it. I found the Seletoes to be too rigid and inflexible. I would look at a Merrell trail glove or something if you are looking for a lightweight flexible shoe with less risk of pinky toe trauma. Keep in mind, they are not toe shoes and they are even more expensive than VFFS.

I have had my Five Fingers for a few months. I got them right after returning from Afghanistan which is where I first saw them. I really love them a lot. I have had Knee and Back pain for years, and I have not had that pain since I have consistently been wearing the FF shoes. I think that Justin hit the mark on the Skele-toes. I have tried the Skele-toes in Dicks and they just did not have the Quality feel that I got when I feel the FF. I read what Christy wrote and I have read all kinds of comments from FF people and I do not ever remember seeing a complaint like that. For me I will not own anything other than the Five Fingers that I have grown to Love.

I would like to know if you can place the Skele-toes in the washing machine. I have not been able to find any information on this.

Long time wonderer, first time buyer of toe shoes. I walked around penny’s for about a half hour, at first i thought they were the most uncomfortable things ever, but after 10 minutes either my feet got used to them or they got used to my feet.
I bought them, 38 bucks with my credit card discount.

I’ve been wearing them around the house for 3 hours now and my feet feel really comfy in them. I bought them because I live a mile from the beach and I pull my kids in a wagon for that mile, which meant going to the beach in sneakers instead of sandals.

So far I am glad I bought them, they only had the blue/black in my size, I could take them back and order the black/black but I don’t want to risk getting a pair that aren’t as comfortable as the ones I am wearing now. After reading about seams and other things here I’ll deal with the more ostentatious color scheme. All in all I am looking forward to using them outside and this review and subsequent comments helped solidify my wishy-washyness.

If you’ve never worn toe shoes I think these are a safe bet for casual wear, if they don’t work out for you then at least you aren’t out a Ben Franklin on them.

I am new to this, and avid runner. My wife bought the Fila and I got injured with ITBS, so I bought the Fila too and seemed to work a lot better than shoes so now I am able to run again.

I then got a pair of Bikila LS and have now tried running in both the Bikila and the Fila and I must say I prefer the Fila for running outdoors.

For not running, like exericsing in the Gym or maybe for running in an indoor track, the Bikilas might be better. Time will tell.

My son just bought a pair and seems to really like them….can / should he use them as swim shoes…totally immerse them?

these shoes are so cheap i tried a pair on in the store trying to use the strap on the back and the whole thing poped off it was glued not sowed they are nothing compared to VFF’s

I am new to the the toe shoes andI saw these at Dicks. I bought a pair and like them alot. Now to be fair I have never tried on a pair of VFF but after reading the comments I think i need to try a par of them as well. I do a lot of boating and kayaking and the Skele-toes worked well for me and were comfortable to wear all day. Thanks for the feed back and I will go check out the VFF.

Hubby bought me a pair of Skeletoes this past weekend… I love them! I tried on Vibram’s (several styles) and because I have a very high arch, they just didn’t work for me. The salesman said many people have come through with the same problem, and there’s no solution except to NOT buy them. We stumbled upon Skeletoes accidentally, while shoe shopping in the mall… I tried them on, and fell in love instantly.

For starters, the molded arch helped the problem I had with the Vibrams. It was easier to get the right size because of the American sizing chart (I tried on 3-4 different sizes of Vibram before finally deciding they just weren’t for me, versus being able to ask for a size 7 & it fitting perfectly). They were much easier to put on, because of the 3 + 2 toe design and the pulls on the top and back of the shoe.

And, another perk to the 3 + 2 design… hubby’s co-worker just broke his little toe in a marathon a week ago, wearing his Vibram’s – pinky toe caught a root and there it went. While trying on the Skeletoes, two other people were purchasing the same shoe, and both of them were previous Vibram wearers – one had a toe injury, the other needed more durability between his soles & the rocks on the river. That cinched my decision, having previous owners (total strangers) extolling the virtues of the FILA brand.

I bought a pair two weeks ago after shoulder surgery, so they would be broken in from just wearing them around by the time I was cleared to run again. I’ve worn them less than ten times, walked maybe five miles, and have noticed a few major flaws; I liked the sole as it was hard enough that pointy rocks didn’t hurt, but this and possibly poor glue caused the sole to start separating from the upper, the toes of the sole were a poor design, there’s no lip so if the ground is wet, your feet are sure to follow, the middle toe pocket was far too long, and they look a bit silly with the colors and designs. I’ll be returning them tomorrow.

One advantage to the four-toe design–people with syndactyly can wear them. I know this won’t matter to many people at all, but it’s worth mentioning. I have no plans to wear toe shoes, but it’s nice to know that now I could if I wanted to.

I have been running in water socks or completely barefoot for over a year now. I typically run between 20 and 30 miles a week, and decided to try these (mostly due to the price) before jumping full on into toe shoes. When they were initially put on, I did notice the lack of flexibility and dexterity in the toes, as well as a lack of sensitivity to the ground. I went for a 4 mile run the next day, and found these shoes to be extremely painful. The biggest complaints I have are 1. the pain on the ball of my foot, and 2. the blisters that formed on the top of my toes in the ezslide pocket. I tried to tough through the pain over the next couple of weeks, and finally gave up on running in them. They are now reserved for yard work and wading in the surf. My experience is bad enough to turn me off to the toe shoes for some time. I definately would not purchase these shoes again. I have gone back to running in my $7 water socks.

I have both Vibram Five Fingers and Fila Skeletoes. Not being a runner I can’t comment on that but for just walking around both are fine. I’ve the Vibram’s playing golf. The Fila’s have a price advantage, I paid $45 for mine, and they are slightly easier to get on with the two small toes in one pocket.

I bought these shoes two weeks ago and wish I would of spent the extra $40 for the Vibrams. I asked the salespeople at the shoe store if these were good shoes to run in and they recommended them. I ran the first time in them and so regretted it. It wore a huge blister on the bottom of my foot, on my heel, and the stitching cut my toe and it was bleeding! These shoes are maybe okay to walk in but I seriously think my left foot is broke or fractured from running in them. I have been running for two years five days a week and have never had a shoe hurt me like this before.

As someone who has been wanting a pair of Vibram but unable to afford them, and therefore has never worn them, I think the Skele-toes are great. I also have flat feet and have read that Vibrams may not work well for people like me. Not only that but my second toe is longer than my big toe. So the thought of spending $80 to $100 on a pair of shoes that I might not be able to wear is daunting.

I just bought my skele-toes today and I’m wearing them now. I love them.

As far as the rigidity in the sole is concerned, having never worn Vibrams, the soles feel plenty flexible compared to the athletic shoes I was wearing. Watching the video I understand what you’re saying, but for me they are plenty flexible enough.

Can they compete with Vibram? I can’t say. I CAN say that they fit and work well on my feet and, ultimately, that’s all that matters.


I tried these on just yesterday, and I have to admit, the four toe design really does work out much better for me.

My feet are just not shaped like VFFs. My pinky toe is so short that it does not even make it into the pocket in my KSOs. And that feels very strange to me. Too bad, because I really love how thin that sole is.

If Fila had just made that sole less stiff, these would easily replace my VFFs.

I have to say save your money and don’t buy the fila’s. I’m on my 3rd pair in less that 1 1/2 months. I wear them for kayaking and boating.

The soles aren’t glued on very well and after a short period of time in the water they just split apart from the material. The last pair lasted less than 30 minutes in water. I walked around my boat and walked about 100 feet to the beach and there were 3 places that the sole came unglued on the sides. As soon as I can get back to the store to return these I’ll be buying a pair of Vibrams and giving them a try.

I find it funny that people touting VFFs think the Filas are ugly… a couple people I know have VFFs and frankly, they’re the ugliest shoes I’ve seen. The color combinations, that aren’t neutral, are just gross, especially that nasty green color. Yuck!

I just got a pair of Filas today as my first foray into the five (four?) toed shoe world. I must say that I love them to pieces already! Bought them this morning and wore them all day. I also have very small pinky toes and have problems with the nails, and the warnings of people having pinky problems is keeping me away from VFFs. That, and the nasty color combos. I just hope Fila grows with these shoes and offers better and more varied options in the future!

Really enjoy my Skele-toes. I use them as walking shoes. After wearing “normal” shoes all day, it’s like going barefoot but with the protection of that sole.

I have been a (normal shoe) runner for three years now. I was diagnosed with shin splints and took two months off to recover and physical therapy. Physical therapist suggested expensive running shoes with expensive insoles. I walked around in them and worked out but the pain never went away. Today I started running again after picking up the fila skeletoes.
I like the four toe idea. I have retarded pinky toes that look underdeveloped and have the smallest two toes together were a big help. Having babied feet since I started running, this was a good shoe to go with and I got them after walking around in them for a few.
They are thicker around the ball and heel of my foot. I like this because my feet bruise easily. The upper material is kind of like an aqua sock, which hints at the potential versatility of the shoe.
I ran on grass and it was awesome! Had to switch to concrete for a while and being as my feet were tow virgins, I believe I developed a bruise. I am letting it rest a day and they will be right back on for the next run and weight lifting session.
My running partner has the 5 fingers and they are considerably thinner and the separated toe is a problem to him too. He identified my shoe, Fila, as an improved designed that addressed his problems with his own.
I love it and I think I am converted. I would buy again.

Nice review, That being said you never said if you thought they were comfy? Also someone else brought up can you wash them in the machine? Add all you VFF fans don’t put down another shoe just because it’s not to your liking thats like saying BORNS are worse then Nike to different shoes ment for two different things! So come off your high horse and give them a little credit for trying to make a mid range toe shoe for everyday use! And you can keep your VFF’s for your special duty! Fila keep up the good work!

WE SURE HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON OUR HANDS TODAY! I agree that the VFFs have a good variety to choose from and can be used for different physical activities. BUT sometimes that is a problem. They are expensive! needlessly so, I believe. The Classics are not good for running, especially on rocky terrain in NM. The KSOs can be used for more activities and are closest to the Skeletoes, but the thin soles ware quickly. I am a retired environmental scientist and used to difficult rocky and/or wet slippery sand. I broke my foot in 2 places 3 years ago and my toes numerous times because I have to wear, by law, steel toed boots! So, I always had a problem with the pinky toe thing. Yes, the VFFs have a slot for this toe, but for my friends and I that is more a curse than a blessing! I broke my toe twice when it slipped out of the pocket! My classics were replaced twice by REI because the thin soles tore and the toe “gloves” began to split too quickly. And, let’s face it MANY OF THESE REVIEWS ARE ONLY TO SHOW OFF HOW VERY MUCH WE “KNOW”. EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT. I have the Skeletoes and I love them! They are what they were meant to be — another variety of minimalist shoes for running, walking, whatever! They were not meant to be VFFs or they would be more like them. They were meant to be SKELETOES. My soft leather flats are not like my Okabashis either, but both are great! OH and I am all with the guy who uses water shoes for running — love ’em best for barefoot running. Get the bright red ones with the laces from WalMart! Only 7 bucks! I own a pair of Merrill Gloves 9$100!) that are are great barefoot shoes too. Let’s be fair. A higher price does not always a better shoe make. It’s just a personal choice. Oh, and I lived in Native communities for 20 years and ran with my friends for years in bare feet or mocs. So, I have never liked fancy springy stiff plastic “sports shoes”. lol The only constant thing about all of our conversations is that we all like the freedom of actually USING OUR FEET TO RUN, WALK, ETC. instead of following those brightly colored “heeled” shoes. Remember “tennies”? Who didn’t want them as a kid!? And they are back! Oh, FYI, I am female, 5’1″ and a young 65. I like my Skeletoes, they are good quality, and, just like my KSOs they needed a bit of “breaking in” — solved that one because one review I read suggested putting cans in them over night! Worked fine, all broken in! Wahoo! REMEMBER HEALTHY FEET ARE CRITICAL FOR THE REST OF THE BODY AND SHOES SHOULD BE FUNCTIONAL AND HEALTHY — not always a fashion statement — not that you would know it by looking at my shoe closet! BUT THEY ARE A PERSONAL CHOICE. IT IS NICE TO SEE CHOICES FOR REAL RUNNING/WALKING FEET. I AM SURE FILA WILL BRING OUT NEW MODELS JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER SHOEMAKER. IN FACT, THEY HAVE TO, YOU KNOW CAPITALISM AND ALL THAT? Enjoy your birthday feet whichever way you choose, just use ’em!

I bought a pair of VFF KSOs back in October, and used them primarily as footwear for my Kung Fu classes, but I also used them as walking-around shoes from time to time, when the weather was warmer. I haven’t had the chance to try them in the water (pool or beach) as yet.
When I saw the Skeletoes were coming out, I thought that they would be a cool addition to the VFFs.
I went to my local Dick’s Sporting Goods, and tried a pair. They felt comfortable. I didn’t notice any appreciable stiffness in the sole, nothing that would caused them to be uncomfortable, or provide difficulty in walking. So, the next evening, I purchased a pair of the blue/black shoes.
So far, I love them. For the most part, they’re comfortable to walk and lounge about in. The only complaint I’ve had in the past couple of days is the pull tab on the instep causing some irritation, but I’m chalking that up to the “break-in” period. A little bit of foot powder in the shoe helps any irritations during the break-in.
Apart from that, these shoes are really nice. I’m loving the skeletal footprint it leaves behind, and am looking forward to trying these out in the water.
Now I can wear funky toe-shoes without my son calling them “monkey feet.” πŸ™‚

I had never heard of or seen “toe shoes” until last week when I came across a pair of Fila Skeletoes while shopping water shoes for my 10 year old daughter. My daughter tried on a pair of Skeletoes and was immediately “soled” on the silky fabric inside and the funky toe design, which I thought was perfect for our climb at Dunn’s River Falls (Jamaica) next week.

I had never heard of or seen toe shoes until last week when I came across a pair of Fila Skeletoes while shopping water shoes for my 10 year old daughter. My daughter tried on a pair of Skeletoes and was immediately “soled” on the silky fabric inside and the funky toe design, which I thought was perfect for our climb at Dunn’s River Falls (Jamaica) next week.

I just wore the skeletoes in the Spartan Race. This is like a shorter version of the tough mudder. Everyone with the vibram five fingers complained about the rocks hurting their feet but thanks to the skeletoes having more rigid soles, this want even an issue.. The shoes felt great through the fire, mud, water obstacles, and all out uphill sprints. Very Happy.

I bought a pair of VFF’s due to back pain issues and the promising reviews I’d read in search of an alternative to pain medications. As an RN I have to be totally awake and functioning throughout my shift but after a car accident and the resulting backpain I was fearing the my beloved career was coming to an abrupt end… then I found VFF’s. I’ve been pounding the halls 12 hours at a time and my back pain has dropped to “barely feel it” levels. The pinky toe thing though has been an issue with bumping up against bedside tables and whatnot… now I’ve found the Fila’s and after reading these reviews here am willing to give these a try too. Thanks to all of you for your input!

I have the children’s skeletoes for my 7yr old.
He’s competing in a triathlon and these are perfect for in and out of the water. I like that they are thick and tough on the bottoms, I know he will not be hurting his feet on rocks or stubbing his toe.
Also the price is right for a little boy who will soon grow out of them.
I don’t know about the vibrams but we are very happy with our fila skeletoes.

I received a pair of these for my birthday because my Chiropractor recommends toe shoes for improving posture. I no longer run because of health reasons, instead I walk 30 to 40 minutes a day. These seem to do what my Chiropractor wants, improving my posture and are much more comfortable than my water shoes. I have no idea about shoe fashion, but for walking at 2 to 3 miles an hour I like these. Also, the other brand mentioned in these reviews is not available where I live in Wyoming at stores. Also, I normally wear size 11 but I needed a size 12 for these.

I just bought of pair of the Fila Skele-toes and I knew to the barefoot shoe world. I like them a lot. I have ankle and knee trouble, so I like the more flexible soles. I think they are nice as a casual shoe for me. I go to the gym in them and I have no problems with them. They are comfortable and very orthopedic for my feet. I wear them all the time. I really like them. In time, Fila will improve upon this design and the fashion aspect of it. I applaud them for taking that first plunge. Great shoes.

I am interested in using a barefoot shoe for playing golf. It is supposed to get you more connected to the ground. Sam snead pro golfer found when his game was off he would take off his shoes and play barefooted. I have taken my shoes off and it seems to help. Can I get your comments on this and which shoe would work best. Thanks

I got the Filas when they came out because a) they were cheaper and 2) easier to find with my location. After a few months, I can say that the shoes have never worn in… They are still just as stiff and hard after all this time. I ordered a pair of KSOs ad I’m not looking back.

These shoes are bad ass , after using these I get 0 shin splints, no knee discomfort, and they are super light, I am a runner usually running 6 miles daily , and all I have to say is wow!

I’m thinking of buying a pair of Fila Skele-toes shoes but have become extremely weary of buying them now after this review. It seems as if everyone says the shoes are to rigged in design.
But the price seems to be affordable (60 is just about the most I’ll spend on a shoe) KSO’s seem to be more than I can afford.
Either way, I need a pair of shoes that would be light, flexible enough, but resilient to withstand the impact that I give my shoes normally when Playing a game called “In The Groove” You can more than likely find a good video on YouTube if you just type that into the search bar. When Playing in socks only, my feet tend to hurt ALOT, and its just unplayable.
Would you suggest these shoes?

Also is it possible to wear socks in them? What about 5 toed socks?

Another HUGE plus to the Skele-toes is that they come in a 13(my size) and from what I can find, vibram does not.

Just purchased the Fila Skele-Toes yesterday because of the comments and reviews I read here. I have been wanting to try Vibrams, but could not justify the price if I did not like them. The Skele-Toes were a perfect answer. I wore them yesterday and today. So far the bottoms of my feet were sore last night. I am interested in running in them, but will get more accustomed to them walking around first. They are hot, but not uncomfortably so.

I worked out in the Skele-toes this morning. Lifting was OK. I did legs and it pretty much felt the way I thought it would. Next I did what I call “the trinity” of cardio – elliptical, stairs and bike. The only difference I felt was that I could feel the raised parts on the pedals. My legs felt fine and my feet were somewhat tired, but nothing too different. I want to also say that I normally wear Nike Frees when I work out, so maybe that makes a difference in how I felt and will feel. I am not sure if I am ready to run in the Skele-toes yet, but I run in the Frees with no problems. I will post results when I try running in the Skele-toes.

I have been wanting a pair of VFF’s for about the last year and finally was able to afford them. I went to my local retailer and tried on a pair of classics and was so upset that the seams kept rubbing in between my toes. I tried on 3 different pairs and had the same problem. I did not want to give up on toe shoes, so i decided to try the skele-toes and have to say i am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the seams around the toes, and I love the arch support. My only complaint is they have rubbed a small blister on my achilles tendon on my left foot, but almost all new shoes do this to me until i get them broken in. I do have to say the girls design is much more appealing than the guys design.
All this being said, i do still wish I could have worn the VFF’s, maybe i can try them again in the future, but for now i’ll stick with and definitely suggest the skele-toes to anyone.

planning on hiking trails with alot of stones and pebbles, i prefer the fila, on smoother grounds the vibram is better as to the safety issue on what you step, filas thicker pads will help alot as to groundconnection vibram wins, but if you plan on rigid form or tremendous running and hiking just buy the good quality shoes, barefoot shoe are goodonly for casual hiking/running

When I first saw these shoes at my local shoe store I was stoked. I bought the last pair they had, which luckily fit me perfectly. However after about three days of wearing them heavily (eight hours a day while running around at work), they started to peel apart. Sadly I was determined to wear them, so I superglued the crap out of them. I didn’t have any problems for the next few days. While ate work i noticed that they were much too loose, so I went to tighten them, but somehow the Velcro went missing. Still determined to wear them I then slapped some duct tape on them and called it good. The nice thing about these shoes was that I could easily climb aroud at work. Wearing these shoe has definitely strengthened my feet, but they have also beat the heck out of them as well. If you get these wet you’ll want to take them off within an hour or two because they will chafe your feet as they have mine. I have however been wearing these shoes daily for several months on pavement and using them to longboard in. I have put several hundred miles on them. Their broken in well enough that they no longer have the annoying raised toe line. To sum up my rather long and disconnected spiel i honestly cannot recommend these and i say that even though I still wear them. (awaiting my upgrade n the mail!)

Great review. I’ve been wearing Skele-toes for a couple months now and they’re great. I mainly wear them for running short distances. You said that they’re not designed for running but I’ve had no problems. Are they safe to run, say a 5k in?

Very disappointed in this review. Not the review itself, but more that the Fila’s weren’t up to par. As an Avid VFF fanatic (Have 5 pair, and when not at work I’m barefoot-shoeing!) I was hoping these would turn out to be better then they apparently are. I love Vibrams, but I was hoping to have some new options as well. I guess, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ll stick with the FiveFingers.

My wife and I bought a pair of Skele-Toes for our eight-year-old at the end of May. I am chagrined to report that they were falling apart in about three weeks. We spent way too much money on these things for them to disintegrate within a month!!! Granted our son wore them nearly every day but a month, come on guys!!! We highly recommend you stay away from this shoddy product. In addition, if you sweat a lot in these shoes, the smell will be ungodly!!! They need to come up with a design that breathes. Obviously, we will not be wasting any more money on Skele-Toes in the future. If Fila is a reputable company, I expect some feedback from them regarding our less-than-memorable experience!!!

My wife and I purchased a pair of Skele-Toes for our eight-year-old in May and we are chagrined to say they fell apart (between the toes) in three weeks!!! Granted he wore them nearly every day but to last less than a month?, come on guys!! We spent way too much money on these things for them to disintegrate so quickly. In addition, if you sweat a lot, the smell is ungodly!!! Fila needs to come up with a design that breathes. Obviiously, we won’t be wasting any money on these shoes in the future!! If Fila is a reputable company, they will respond to this review and hopefully try to make it right!!

Anyone who thinks these are NOT a direct RIP OFF of VFF is completely insane….. VFF are worth the money

I need some opinions here. I have extremely flat feet but liked running in the original Nike Frees. When I heard about the Vibrums, I was very interested and went to my local running store. They had them there, but said that they didn’t recommend them for me and my “problems.” Does anyone with flat feet use the Vibrums or these Skele-toes? Would they cause problems?


@ Dan Seymour. I have flat feet and have worn the VFF for about 3 months now. They worked great at first, but what I have recently found is I have developed pain in my heels and ankles. My other running shoes had supportive inserts and I did not have any pain in my feet, but since wearing the VFF’s even while walking, the pain returns. I don’t believe these are good for people like us with flat feet. I hope this is helpful to you.

I bought these shoes a few weeks ago because i’m a avid hiker. I live in Okinawa Japan and hike the mountains and waterfalls all over the islands. These shoes work wonderfully! The thicker sole helps me climb up the rough mountains and grip the rock while hiking up a water fall. All in All I love them.

What type of V5F should i buy for parkour? i really appreciate the review it was very helpful and informative!

I bought the skeletoes a couple of months ago. the quality is a bit shoddy (elastic on the back broke immediately and the sole seams are already pulling away from the uppers) but for $40 I was mostly looking for a better water shoe, and they work really well for that purpose. I use them for working on our dock in rocky water and going to amusement & water parks. they are also really comfy for driving.

Trying them out has convinced me to invest in VFFs. My only concern is the solo pinky toe, I like the four-finger style.

I dont understand why all the comparisons? Fila Skeletoes are marketed for just about everywhere…. I never saw them compare them to any other shoe or brand for thgat matter. I found the product to be completrely reliable, and comfortable for a bunch of activities,running,trekking, working out, beach and boating. As far as I’m concerned Fila made an excellent product that seems to be very good quality. As far as 4 toe design goes, I like it because my pinky toe is turned in and doesnt need a pocket of its own. I’m really enjoying my Skeletoes…freedom at last!

I had only heard about toe shoes before seeing these at my local DSW. I just had to try them on. I’ve never tried any other brand of toe shoe.
These felt absolutely amazing, so I picked them up. I decided to wear them home and I must say, I’m in love. Perhaps the Vibrams are superior, but being new to the toe shoe, I couldn’t say. I don’t regret my purchase one bit. The high arch works well with my feet, as I have high arches. The 3+2 toe design is great, as my pinky toe tends to roll under a bit. They also corrected my tendency to walk on the outsides of my feet.
Now, just to convince my friends that they’re more than just funny looking.

I got a pair for a gift in May.
They took a extra minute to get on my feet even after several months of use.
I like the feel of these shoes. I wore them on all my runs, running on an average three times a week around an hour or 6 -8 miles. They only lasted two and half months, the soles of my feet were sore and the toes were starting to shoe. Although I did on occassion wash them it was nice to run with out socks, but they did become stinky.Bottom line, comfy shoe, made me run faster, but not durable or long lasting for my running purpose.

One thing no one has mentioned is people that DO have feet problems. I have plantar facitis and so I need support in my arch (contrary to some people’s beleifs that our own natural arch is best… I’ve actually been told by a doctor that going bare foot is the WORST thing for my condition). However my husband has been raving about his toe shoes since he got them. I felt like he really wanted me to have a pair, but they just didn’t work for me! I also have a small pinky toe that I was afraid wouldn’t stay in the 5 toe shoe, it never has when I wear toe socks… The Filas offer just enough of an arch “support” that they are very comfortable for me, and that pinky toe stays put! I’m not against Vibram… my husband has 2 pairs now and my daughter has 1 of each brand!! But for my needs the Fila’s are better… I don’t expect everyone to agree because we’re all made different… but I don’t feel Vibram wearers are even giving them a chance. Minds seem to be made up before they are tried! Yes, they are different… but does that mean they shouldn’t be worn by anyone? No, they have their good points too (like not paying $100 for a child to have toe shoes they will grow out of next month!)

Worst shoe EVER. This is a ‘regular’ soled shoe with toes (4 toes, mind you- so ugly!). That is it. I had the displeasure of trying some on the other day (one foot I had my Fivefinger Black jayas, the other a purple skeletoe). My feet wanted to cry! So not even close to minimalist… Fila.. take a HIKE!!! I hope Vibram wins their lawsuit!!

Worst shoe ever? Ugly? I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I kind of liked how they looked. Four-toed, ok funny idea, but the concept of attaching the toe end toes does make sense.
Minimalist shoe, it might not be close to the other minimalist shoes, don’t know, but what I do know my 5k times were quicker wearing these shoes then my normal shoes.

I bought a pair of skele-toes for my vey active 11 yr old son. He can never keep a pair of sneakers for longer then 2 months (he wears them out!!). He had the skele-toes for over 3 months and they are still in good shape. I think that they are a good cross over and for a kid the price is good. At first he had a hard time learning how to put them on and I think that the VFF would be harder for him to put on. We wash them (air dry)- he does complain that his feet sweat (but they do in other sneakers too).

I am going to buy his VFF and let him decide which he likes best.

Again, for the price as a stepping stone to VFF, I think that they are worth the price. My son also engages in freerunning/ parkour and does complain about not enough shock absorption (says he feels tingling in his feet after jumping- 13 ft or higher)

Does anyone have a recommendation for a style of VFF to assist with shock absorption for jumping (heights of 13 ft and higher)??

All in all, my sons does love his skelte-toes and I am sure that he will also like VFF.

Follow up from my 8/12/11 post:

Still loving these things. My only complaint is about the rubber tabs on the top of the foot where the elastic loop is attached. If you wear these for several hours, the rubber piece really does a number on your skin. Simple solution was to take a stitch ripper and remove the tabs. Problem solved!! They actually look BETTER with the tab and loop removed, as well.

Hats off to you! Been wondering bout these new shoe/not shoe thingies and im very glad for chaps like yourselves. Im still a shoe person, so will probably go with skeletoes for the fact that theres still a tad of a sole. Also, my pinky toe being nonexistent nubbin, it is not worthy of a special compartment πŸ™‚

i rec’d a pair of skele toe shoes for my birthday. they are wonderful and make me want to see the difference btwn the vff’s. one thing about the skele toe shoes are when you take them off your feet stink to high heavens. must be due to the non leather soles.

I was turned on the FILA Skele-toes by my wife. We were in a BIG 5 sporting goods store and I tried them on. I am a big dude at 6’2″ and about 320lbs so I was concerned about support for my feet. I was so impressed by these shoes for casual wear that I were them at every opportunity. I am a walker, not a runner because of knee replacement this summer. I have just begun walking more and more. The FILA shoes are so comfortable and secure on my feet. I walked around 5+ miles and no foot fatigue or chafing, which I cannot say the same for regular athletic shoes. I catch a lot of ragging by my friends when they see the shoes on my big ol’ Gorilla feet but I just challenge them to try on a pair. I have converted many to the barefoot feeling of these shoes. I will buy more of them!

they are the worst shoe ever,put blisters on the bottom of my feet and my back calves hurt for days,messed my feet up could not walk because of them,they are going back

I have had a pair of vibrams for just uner a year now and have been running in the vibrams and water socks for about that same time. After my watersocks died and I couldn’t find a good quality replacement and I bought a pair of these (price point was an issue for me) and I was not impressed.

I wore them for a 5k and one run and they got a small hole in the upper from running in them twice and walking in them once (maybe a totaly of 10-15 miles from both the walking and running), they definitely feel like they have a raised heel in comparison with vibrams and toe socks. They also gave me a blister in the arch from the raised arch (which has been a problem for me with traditional shoes, even though I don’t have flat feet).

I did like how they looked (mine were black with neon pink), but the issues with quality – come on a hole after 10-15 miles and only 2 runs? not cool fila not cool.

Then, I went to REI for their year end sale and managed to find vibrams on clearance for $50 (a pair for both me and my husband πŸ™‚ )

I just purchased my first pair of Fila Skele-Toes. Loved how they felt when I put them on but I have one complaint (not sure if it is just the shoes I bought). I stepped into some wet grass to take a break and instantly I felt the water on my feet.

Is there a Fila Skele-toe or a Five Finger Shoe that keeps the water out and my feet dry?

I have to say, I was sold on the Skeletoes after one simple factor became apparent. Fila makes shoes in extra large sizes (13, 14, 15, US sizes) and I have big honkin’ clown feet. Sorry, Vibram, I wanted and wished. VFFs in 46 and 47 exist in super-short stock and at up to a 50%-75% premium. Not happening.

Quality seems good, although I can see where they glued instead of stitched in some places, and in others I can see both glue and stitching. Glued soles are common in less expensive shoes, and since I picked these guys up for $40 (on sale with multiple coupons. Thank you, Holiday deals), I have no issue there. We’ll see how they hold up.

i bought the fila skele-toes and so far i like them. they may not be as vff but they sure are better when it comes to running in the cold and snow. so far i have ran a descent amount with them and they keep my feet warm and don’t give me rage blisters as the vff after running 8 miles or more. over all i would buy the skele-toes, theyre good for what you pay.

I just got my new Vibrams FF Komodo Sport shoes (on sale for $70 at running warehouse!) and OMG! these are even more comfortable than the Fila’s. I still love my Gorilla shoes and will wear them as well.

I bought these a week and 1/2 ago. I have high arches, broke my lower back getting bucked off a horse 10 years ago. These shoe fit me like a glove are extreemly comfortable. Yes I get comments on how ugly they r, but they have helped my feet and knees. I am walking taller and even my back is responding to the shoes. I LOVE my slele-toes!

I just have a question not really something to add sorry. If I were to get one size bigger skeletoes than I normally would have (I’m a size 13) could I wear toe socks with them? Meaning that I got a size 14 and wore toe socks? Thanks for input!

I bought the skel-toes for my 9 year old son. He hates to wear shoes, but loves these! The problem is quality. I bought his first pair the end of March and by May the fabric was pulling away from the big toe on his right foot. He continued to wear the shoes throughout the summer. When school started in the fall we bought him a second pair, thinking he had done something to rip the shoes. But within three weeks the upper fabric was pulling away from the rubber sole on the new shoes. I paid $50 for the shoes and expect they should last longer than 3 weeks. I feel foolish for buying the second pair when we had issues with the first, but had not read about quality problems with the shoe in general. Also, the smell was horrible! Again my son hates to wear shoes, so he would wear these everyday, but they did not breathe well.

I received my skeletons today for christmas. I’m pretty stoked. I wanted some Vibrams but the entry price is a bit much for my family right now. Also the slightly more heavy duty sole may be a good transition for me. I’m really enjoying the beginner’s handbook to learn how to walk well in these. I just noticed that my particular Skeletoes are version 2.0. Does anyone have any data or options on how they differ from the 1.0 version?
Merry Christmas, etc.

I’ve got about 50 jogging miles into my skeletoes. The first pair lost some stitching in the back very quickly so i returned those and exchanged for these. I agree with the quality inconsistency, including fit. I got lucky with my second pair as they are holding up very nicely and feel fantastic.

I have never tried on a pair of vibrams five fingers. I’m considering the filas as my trainers and if i keep up with my minimalist running i might graduate to vibrams.

My filas have pink rubber on parts of the bottom. I could see that i was still heel striking because some of the pink rubber, only on the heels wore down to the black. I found that to be an accidental benefit, and after every run I check how the pink is doing. I’ve adjusted some of my movements and the pink is telling me I’m doing better!

So i broke down and got the skele-toes. I must say they are very nice shoes. At first you may find that your feet hurt a bit but by reading blogs and posts, that is quite normal becasue your feet are getting use to them. Once they are use to them let me tell you, its a incredible feeling wearing these shoes. The inside is soft and comfortable and can be worn barefoot or with socks. It does take a bit to break them in but it is well worth the wait. I have a friend that got the Vibram Bikilias and he says they are comfortable but not thick enough. But he went on to say that they are excellent to run in. Personally i would recommend the skele-toes. The vibrams are more costly and are excellent for running but the skeletoes are good for “just about anything” to quote them. So final thoughts are: If you want a good running shoe that is durable and well made, Go with the Vibrams Five Fingers. If you want a pair of toes shoes that you can wear around and treat like any other shoe stick with the Skele-toes. They are incredible, comfy, durable, and easy on the wallet. Definatley recommend these for a shoe you can waer all the time.

I bought these on sale at a local retailer because I had heard much about toe shoes but didnt have the money for Vibrams. I bought these mostly to play my drums in but quickly started wearing them more and more. let me start by saying these aren’t nearly the barefoot experience a pair of Vibram classic, kso or flow model’s will offer. the bottoms are pretty stiff, they dont offer much give when you fold your foot or wiggle your toes but they offer a decent amount of protection and support for the minimal shoe they are. I dont like the toes, the 2 being separate is fine but the design seems kind of lazy. they dont fully enclose them like VFF’s will. they dont breathe very well so sweaty feet will stay a little moist in these, I haven’t worn mine with socks yet but I wouldn’t bother either. the straps on the heels are a nice touch to get a sure fit, my top and heel bungee strings are long gone. I’ve had mine about a month, no tearing, no significant amount of wear and I wear them as my main shoes. for a budget, they work. these will quickly become donations once I get my KSO’s but I cant say they were a bad experience.

I got my pair of VFFs a few months ago and I love them. I picked up these, and while I don’t like them as much, they do offer a few advantages. The stiffness might take away some of the appeal of them, but when I first started wearing my vibrams, I stubbed my toes an awful lot, and I’ve tried to replicate that with these, and I can’t. I get less rocks and stuff caught in them (I hike with mine). I also noticed that some of the stiffness does wear off after a few weeks of use and they do become slightly more pliable (not vibram pliable, but still).

I have wanted a pair of toe shoes for several years now. I have tried on various styles of the VFF’s on numerous occassions over the years. The problem I have it that my pinky toes do not stay or sometimes even go into the toe slot. I have the same problem when I wear toe socks but the problem isn’t as big of a deal in socks as it is in shoes. This pinky toe issue is the only thing keeping me from dishing out the money for Vibrams shoe. So, imagine how excited I must have been upon the discovery of Filas skele-toes with the last 2 toes in one pocket design at a much cheaper price! I couldn’t wait to try a pair on. However, once I tried the Filas on my excitment was diminished because I completely agree with you about the sole of this shoe. It is just too rigid for its style. I am also fairly tender footed and tried to convince myself that this shoe might be better for me. After going back and trying them on a couple more times I still can not bring myself to buy them at the more affordable price that they are. Especially considering VFF’s have many different models whose soles are specifically designed for specific use. I need my finger shoes to have better “grip” and less slip. I can see the Fila sole being the opposite of that.
So I just wish (with all my heart) that either Fila come up with better sole designs or Viabram come up with a way for my pinky toe to fit better.

The stiff sole isn’t much stiffer than the KSO-Treks, really (Having owned a pair of the SkeleToes (now called 1.0 by Fila…), a pair of KSO’s, and now KSO-Treks…)- but what makes it different is that the Trek’s are just that bit more flexible and you get more feedback out of them. I still like my SkeleToes for duffing about in- but they’re now beginning to wear out.

Now…you want to see something where the manufacturer missed the boat? Look at Fila’s “2.0” lineup of SkeleToes. They’ve just made classic modern running shoes with toe pockets in most of the lineup- and the minimalistic version of it feels like you’re walking on a marshmallow. Talk about missing the concept…they probably listened to a “focus group” that griped about the “lack of padding” on the originals. Sorry, if you’re using these as they’re intended, you shouldn’t NEED the padding.

While training for a 5K when I first started running, I injured my knee pretty badly. I rested for a few weeks and then resumed my training. Within a few days I had reinjured my knee. I did some research about running shoes and that’s how I learned about toe shoes. I’ve been interested in the VFFs for awhile, but I’m just not thrilled with the price point. My question is this: would these Filas be a cheaper alternative for those wanting to make the transition to toe running shoes? If I ended up liking them, I’d probably purchase a pair of VFFs, but $100+ is quite an investment for shoes that I may not like. Thanks!

Which Fila Skeltoes would you suggest for walking? The ones I found are Trifil Sport, EZ Slide, AMP Barefoot, 2.0, and Running Shoes 2.0. Not sure if these are all different or if there are more styles. I only need a shoe to simulate walking barefoot. I have a bad back and knees. Thank you for your help.

I had tried on several pairs of VFFs, but none of them fit my foot. I have a wide foot and after trying on at least 5 differant styles and sizesI just couldnt find any that would fit. I found the Filas and tried them on and they are great! I have two pairs and I am fixing to buy another style that is made for training.

I just bought a pair of SkeleToes yesterday and went for a run. I was on pavement, sidewalk, dirt, and grass and was surpised how comfortable the shoes were. I love them because they are lightweight and decently small (I travel for a living and never check a bag so this is perfect for me.)

My biggest complaint is that they rubbed the underside of my big left toe raw. After returning from my run and feeling the pain I felt inside the shoe and realized that my toe was riding on top of the split between big toe and second toe. It’s a pretty sharp edge (relatively) due to the stiffness of the shoe.

Has anyone encountered this and do you have any tips? It’s interesting that it’s only my left foot (right foot felt great.) I don’t have anything that’s particularly odd about that foot/toe (no bend due to a poorly healed broken toe or anything like that.)

TIA for any feedback! Wes

I just want to throw out there that I have been planning to purchase some filas for travel. I can be set in my ways at times so one of the things I like was that they are toe shoes but because of the differences you listed they also still feel a little like regular tennis shoes! I may eventually transition into vffs but I think the skeletons are a good baby step for people like me!! Just my thought on the matter.

Just bought two different styles of Fila Skele-Toes yesterday. Tried them on as I’d been watching the “toe” shoes for a while but could not decide. So I have not experienced the Vibrams, but I will say that these Fila shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. Kudos to them for a great product.

dear justin,
thank you so much for starting this site!it has been so helpful! if u have any recommendations though for some toe shoes please email me at [email protected]!
thank you so much! πŸ™‚
sarah b

I recently purchased filas skeletoes and I own Vffs and I found that the skeletoes offer more protection due to the thicker sole and work just as well as running shoes. The vffs give me blisters as well. I’d go with fila

Does anyone know if the skele-toes by Fila are “non marking”. I see references to people using them for boating but it is generally kayaking or canoeing. Do the soles of the shoes mark boat decks? Are they good for sailing and the white decks?

Great shoes! I really enjoy my FILA Skele-toes! The minute I wake up I put them on. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I wear them to work, walking, jogging and at home. I would like to buy a solid black pair to wear with everything. Does FILA make these in solid black?

While I desire a pair of Vibrams with three children, and heavy debt these are so far a vast improvement over my existing pairs of shoes. I think for any who are looking for an interim shoe these are definitely a viable option. Having said that can’t wait till I can afford a pair of Vibrams!

I just picked up a pair of FILA Skele-toes today. I will let you know what I think of them soon. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for this review! It really helped.

My wife got me a pair of Skele-toes for Father’s Day. She gave them to me early on Friday. Love them. At 55, I’m bothered by knee pain. Not any more. As soon as I put them on my knee pain went away. I’ll try running in them next week, since I don’t run Friday through Sunday. Can’t wait. But, even if I can’t run in them, I know I’ll be getting several more pairs. Good shoes are hard to find.

You will not purchase another pair of tennis shoes. FILA Skele-toes (4 toes) made it easier to walk and jog. I have had mine for 5 months and wear them to work everyday. Saturday, I wore regular dress shoes and could not wait to put my Skele-toes back on. Peggy, let me know how you like these shoes and Jeff, you will enjoy your walking longer than ever. These are amazing shoes and the price is right. I just want FILA to make solid back shoes without any color on the shoes. Hope you enjoy yours like I am!

Im new to the toe shoe thing..I like my pair of skeletoes.. I tried on the 5 five fingered vff but my pinky toe was feeling discomfort. These were comfortable enough for me to go to the gym in and do my weight training I’m not a runner so these fit me well but with that aside both vff and skeletoes has their pros and cons.

Reality check for the 5finger shoe crew:

I ran for the 1st time in my Fila Skeletoes & this is what I have to say. IIf Vibram has a shoe thats thinner than those, they should be ashamed of themselves. The reason man created shoes, was to protect the feet against the forces of the environment & to relieve the feet & body from strong impact. Geeze, if u take that out of the equation & run on pavement (sidewalk) as I do, you could do some serious damage to your body if wearing 5f shoes. Maybe it’s better when running in the grass, but I hate dodging doggy poo.

Im sure there are many people, especially on THIS forum who disagree with my theory & thats fine.

-From a 5toe shoe-girl ONLY when walking & leisure activities.


Vibram should be “ashamed of themselves” for producing shoes with thinner soles than the Skele-toes? Strong words.

Do you realize that the reason these are even popular is because of the power of running *actually barefoot* on surfaces like pavement, sidewalk, and concrete? Why is it so beneficial to have thin soles (or no shoes at all?)? Because it teaches you how to run with less impact on your body — and that is the entire point, when you boil it down — low-impact running is better for your body and it’s hard to learn how to run with low-impact while wearing cushy shoes. The ground feel of minimalist shoes helps you learn how to run this way.

In other words, you’re sort of missing the point of all this.

I had been interested in trying toe shoes for some time now. The problem I had was in spending so much money on a pair of shoes that I might only wear once. While fila may not be as good as vibram, they offer a chance to try the technology without spending a fortune. The stiffer sole also seems, to me, to be a good transition from standard shoes. So far I like the filas, and I would be more inclined to try the vibrams now too.

I love the skeletoes. I have arthritic toes and they are great. The sturdy bottom is more acclimated to every day wear. I got mine on sale for 24.99 as opposed to $75 for vibrams.

I have freakishly wide feet, an enormous bunion on my right foot, Morton’s toe on both feet, and digits 3,4 & 5 on both feet are all hammertoes. I have significant problems getting shoes of any kind, and even with in-person fitting, I wind up giving many to charity, or just throwing them out. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on shoes that don’t fit, figuring that they would fit once I ‘broke them in’.

I thought I’d take a chance on the Filas after reading this article. I just got them today, and so far they’re working out great. In any other ready-made shoe, I would take a 7 D just to get the width. I got a 6 in the Fila, and they’re even just a little on the large side, without sox.

I also got a pair of Vibrams, size 36, which also came today. They’re a shade small in the width. I can get my toes in the Filas quite easily, but not the Vibrams. I admit the Vibrams will probably feel quite a bit better in the long run, but for the moment, the Filas are my shoe of choice.

From things I’ve been reading on this site and a few others, the Filas may turn out to be an ‘interim’ shoe that allow my toes to straighten out to the point where I can deal with the Vibrams. I’m not a runner— actually I was getting to the point of thinking I might wind up in a wheelchair before the year is out, due to the problems in my feet, legs and lower back.

I’ve been having difficulty walking one city block, one way, to get to work. Today, when I got these, I was able to walk 3 blocks to try out a new restaurant, and then 3 blocks home! That’s not something I would have even attempted in any other brand new pair of shoes (except the Vibrams. I’d already taken them off, and didn’t feel like spending another 15 minutes convincing them to go back on.)

I actually came here looking for an alternative to the VFFs, as I’ve just worn out my KSO Treks (men’s 38). My first style was a pair of women’s Sprints, size 37. I busted the seams on those in no time because they’re too narrow. Unfortunately, the men’s sizes only go down to 38, but they’re nearly impossible to find, and too long for my feet. Why can’t we just have Narrow, Medium, and Wide sizes in toe shoes instead? I doubt we really NEED “Men’s” and “Women’s” labels to tell us who the pretty pink shoes are marketed toward.

Okay skeletoes 1.0 were good looking but stiff and uncomfotable. Skeletoes 2.0 were ugly looking but felt amazing still not as good as vibram. My brand new skeltoes 3.0 feel better than skeletoes 2.0 and look better than 1.0s. PLus 2.0s broke easily even though the 3.0s are obiously better quality online i got the coastal version just to be safe. The coastal version is more durable. I have ran, wlaked, gone to school, and played airsoft with 3.0s already in 2 days i love them.

I am in the minority here. I tried a pair of VFFs and they just felt weird. The Skeletoes feel more natural. I’ve had mine about a month now and I love them. I’m about to buy a second pair of a different style and color.

I tried my best to fit Vibrams on my feet today. The toes are way too short for my toes and when the shoe fit my foot, my toes were curled/cramped. A larger size fit my toes but was about an inch longer than my foot. The Skeletoes fit but not as comfortable as I thought they would be.

WHile I recognize the health benefits of “low-impact running”, I’m having trouble appreciating the sensations of jagged little rocks stabbing my feet, the benefits of blisters & the joy of jamming my estranged pinky toe in a $135 pair of vibrams. I’ll leave those simple pleasures to the brand enthusiasts who clamor in anticapation for the next hole in which they can graciously toss their money into.

I recently purchased a pair of skele toes “bay runners” and I absolutely love love them. My feet feel safe and comfortable and they also make me feel athletic and energetic while feeling barefoot at the same time…love the shoes.

I have been wearing the Skeletoes for a year now. It isn”t the style you show in the video, it”s not as stiff and has only one velcro srap that services the front and back in a wrap style. I had a car wreck that crushed one ankle and broke both knee caps about 30 years ago. I had some surgery and doctors kept recommending this shoe and that. Last spring I found Skeletoes before going on several youth trips with our church. I climbed mountains,hiked,waded through water, walked mileson the campground , and 2 days at Six Flags…without pain medication for the first time in 20+ years. After summer I bought another pair to work in.I think because of my injuries I need the extra thickness and ease of on-off.I have worked in them 5-6 days a week all year and I love them. I have recommended them to a lot of people with similar injuries. Thanks for your site and insight.

I bought these to wear to the store and anywhere shoes are required. I am barefoot most of the time and these to me are great. I don’t train in them so I am not going to fork out the extra money for the five finger ones. Mine are the green camo size 12. Yes looks like bigfoot but I really like them. I have had them 2 years. Bought them at meijer for $25 on clearance. The soles are still like new.

I bought a pair of Skele toes Amp and the water shoes last year. They took a little bit getting used to as I never wore these kind of shoes before.I love them! I wear the Amps for everyday wear, driving and working out in. They are so much more comfortable to use at the gym than traditional shoes. They really do make me feel like I am in my bare feet! The water shoes are awesome and I can say are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned! They are light weight and very easy to swim in, plus protect my feet from rocks and clamshells. They also have drainage holes so they dry out really fast! I like my Skeletoes so much I just bought a third pair of the Coastal 3.0 so I can wear them as combo water and all around shoes.
These are really comfortable shoes for me and the quality has been excellent! I have had no problems with any of my shoes including the pairs a year old. People having quality issues should just take them back and exchange them for another pair. I really like the four toe design, it is easier to put on and very comfortable. It seems to me there A LOT of VERY BIASED people on here who like the Vibram shoes. I say to each their own, but you dont have to be rude either. These are NOT knockoffs! I personally do not like having my pinky toe seperated, so for me these work.There are many different kinds of Skeletoes with different ways of keeping them on. I have a pair of bungee lace ups, a pair of pull ons and a pair with two hook and loop straps. I do not have a problem with stiff soles, mine seem to be pretty flexible. Especially my water shoes. I do watersports, hiking and long distance walking with no problems. Its funny when people have to come up and ask me about my shoes. I love my Skeletoes!!!

I was so happy to find something as close to barefoot as can be as I hate wearing shoes. While I was worried about them causing blisters inbetween my toes, that wasn’t an issue at all but after wearing these for about 1/2 hour the backs of my heels had blisters. The backs of the heel have very rough material why don’t they use the same mesh on them as in the shoe? These really were a dissapointment for me.

I don’t approve of these, there just like making knockoffs but branded. I know 2 people at school that have these and they also have vibrams. they say that there uncomfortable for long term wear. They ware out easy. I was so close to buying a pair myself(I also own vibrams SeeYa LS greatest pair ever!!!) But I’m glad I didn’t.

yea i bought a pair of these so called toe shoes and i had them for a two months and i wore them for my track and field practice and let me tell you guys what happened i had to have toe surgury cause i had a nail bed infection and i had a needle stuck up into my toe so after my experience with these piece of crap shoes that i got for 30 dollars i would never in my entire life span recommend these shoes to anyone not even my unborn son would i ever say hey these shoes are great ware them cause your all wrong i had to pay 100 dollars out of pocket because of these stupid dumb looking shoes so thats my opinion

I have wrost Experience with FILA. Within a three month of warranty period I have given its shoes for service two time. Don’t go with FILA.

My first toe shoe experience was with Skele-Toes, and although I own Vibrams I still wear Filas two times outa three. Besides, after I lost my arm the double toe pocket makes them easier to put on.

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