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Fila Skeletoes Toe Shoes Exclusive Sneak Peak

AvailabilityHere is a sneak peak at a new barefoot shoe offering from Fila with an expected release date of Februaury 1st, 2011. Our friends over at Comet Shoes are taking orders now! Five Fingers Look Alike?Though they look conspicuously similar…

“What the heck are those” Fila Skele-toes??

If you must know, just skip this post and go straight to our detailed review: we’ve photoed and videoed the “heck” out of the Fila Skele-Toes here!

FiveFingers Look Alike?

If you’re new to the crazy concept of “toe shoes”, you might benefit from a brief history on their origins. Believe it or not, they got their start almost five years ago by an Italian company called Vibram — they produced the first five toe shoes called Vibram FiveFingers and have turned traditional footwear paradigms upside down.

Though the Fila Skele-toes look conspicuously similar to Vibram Five Fingers, our contact assures us that, “Fila does not see this product as a direct competitor to the Five Fingers.” How so? Well, this shoe is being marketed as more of a casual activity shoe. They see them being used for activities such as biking, boating, swimming, and walking.

They are not designed for running, which is one of the primary uses of our beloved Five Fingers. Instead they are intended to be more of a companion product. A comfortable and affordable casual alternative to slip your toes into after a hard work out in your Five Fingers. Skeletoes can give you the barefoot experience while reducing the wear and tear on your performance oriented Five Fingers. At least in theory, on review of the Skele-toes they’re not quite as barefoot as we would like.

Men, Women and Kids!

The Fila Skeletoes are barefoot shoes targeted to active men and women and Fila is even offering this product in kids sizes. It is great to see kids included in the mix. They are certainly priced right at $59 for Men and Women and $49 for kids (MSRP).

Under the Hood

Though in the photo above, the upper material looks like Neoprene, it is not. Skeletoes are made of four-way stretch, two ply nylon. They have a bungee cord for ease of entry and velcro straps for a customized fit. They have a multi-purpose slip-resistant rubber outsole. That’s the basics — more detail about them (and photos/video) can be found in our Fila Skeletoes review.

There are two things that really differentiate the Skeletoes from the original “toe shoes” (Vibram FiveFingers):

  • The bottom sole of the Skeletoes do not cover the top of the toes as this might infringe on a Vibram patent.
  • Skeletoes incorporate what they call an EZ slide feature that combines the smallest two toes for ease of entry. For some people that have issues with their toes and can’t wear Five Fingers, this feature alone might make the Skeletoes an attractive option. Our contact claims testing shows that Skeletoes were much easier to put on than Five Fingers.

If you’re wondering why we compare Skele-toes to something called “FiveFingers,” it’s simply because the concept of “toe shoes” was pioneered by the first toe shoes on the market, circa 2005-2006, Vibram FiveFingers: get caught up on what you’ve been missing a la the barefoot revolution.


The Skele-toes started showing up around mid-February 2011! That was when our buddies over at Comet Shoes started carrying them.

What say ye?

Do you like the look and would you consider buying a pair? What about that combined pinky/fourth toe thing?

By Justin

Justin Owings is a deadlifting dad of three, working from Atlanta. When he's not chasing his three kids around, you'll find him trying to understand systems, risk, and human behavior.

99 replies on “Fila Skeletoes Toe Shoes Exclusive Sneak Peak”

More power to them. Anything on the market that gets people to embrace barefootedness and minimal shoes is a step in the right direction.

Would I buy them? Maybe. They def have a specific purpose in mind, but I like the lesser cost. I’m interested in various reviews πŸ™‚

Can’t we just start calling them fourfingers right away, since that’s pretty much certain the nickname they’re gonna get anyway?

They look good and I really appreciate that they come in kid sizes for my little ones. I’d have to read a review about durability, life expectancy, if they get stanky and how to clean them, how they hold up to cleaning etc. before making a real decision on them though.

“Fila does not see this product as a direct competitor to the Five Fingers.”
That’s a ridiculous statement, of course. But hey, glad to see this, and hope to read a review soon. If tFila holds on to the same price in Europe, Vibram might be in trouble later on.

the toe shoe thing is on its way out! i already traded mine in for some trail gloves. i’m way more happy that i have shoes that i can wear, anywhere.

Is the pinky/4th toe combo a way to get around some patent issues? They do look a little bit cheaper in material quality than VFF’s, but that might make them better to kick around in for things you might not wanna do in your Vibrams.

I don’t think I will b picking any up for myself; I don’t care for the way they look-maybe just the photos, but they look pretty cheap, as well as being cheaper.

If they do make them cheaper, I may pick some up for my kids, as they have been awaiting VFFs for 3 years now, and will grow out of them/trash them much quicker.

Also, I’ve never rounds VFFs hard to get on/off, unless I have been running in the freezing rain and can’t feel my toes :).

I think that they are pretty interesting. My daughter has been wanting a pair of VFFs since my wife and I purchased ours. I just have a very difficult time spending that much on shoes that I know she’ll outgrow in less than a year. These Skeletoes may fill that need.

As for “the toe shoe thing” being on it’s way out? Maybe. But not for me. Since having them my foot has stopped hurting (plantar fasciitis), my leg has stopped hurting, and my back has stopped hurting. And I’ve never had any problems wearing them anywhere.

I wear my VFFs exclusively for almost a year now. I don’t need a shoe that looks like the knock offs from China with a FILA logo on it.

Prices are interesting, but most people were appalled by the toes rather then the very slim sole, so IMHO something like the NIKE frees make more sense as a “competitor”.
If you want the real deal, it’s already there. And it’s durable enough for everyday wear as mine prove on a day to day basis.

“the toe shoe thing is on its way out!”
If that was true, why would appear now direct competitors (Inov-8, Fila) with separated toes designs?

As for these new Fila Skele-toes (they compete even with giving silly names, I’m more for 4-fingers), I find what can be an advantage real barefoot regular runners/walkers or during advanced barefoot transitioning, the big toe pocket is much more separated from the rest of the toes, as it really is placed in a foot perfectly adapted to walk/run barefoot. To support my claim just go to YouTube to watch a recent uploaded video of a barefoot half-marathon race hold in India titled: “Navi Mumbai Barefoot Half-Marathon”. Most of the runners are kids, and even so most of them if not all (kids and adults) have their big toes clearly dealigned from the rest in an open angle, even more than these Fila.
I believe wearing shoes holding your toes in the position your toes have developed if you didn’t wear shoes may actually help redress to a more natural position in case of mild toe deformities and flexible joints. Furthermore, a certain level of stiffness in the sole at that point by reinforcing the sole rubber between the first and second digit could actually promote the relocation of the big toe to its “original” position in the same way as an orthopedic device does.
I encourage Vibram to develop modified lasts and sole molds to fit the natural barefoot shape as well as those at more advanced progress in their transition.

They don’t do anything for me but I’ve got quite a few friends who wanted VFF’s for their kids who will really appreciate the lower price point.

Um, no…. The soles look too thick and there don’t appear to be flex points for the toes, which sort-of defeats the purpose… I want my toes to MOVE and flex, this is something even VFF has been getting wrong on their latest products….

I think that these will have a great market for kids since they are less expensive than VFFs. I also think that if the sole is thicker than us VFF wearers like it will also be great for kids for maybe a transition from sketchers but before breaking into VFFs.

I do not think I will be buying a pair of these for myself. I do like the pattern on the bottom of the sole, I think it’s fun…. But that’s really the only thing that appeals to me about them. I need to get my hands on a pair of these before I can truly decide but based on the picture it’s a no go for me.

I don’t like the two smallest toes being together, after wearing 5fingers it would feel weird…on the other hand, maybe some other companies will follow

Finally! We now need other companies come up with simmilar designs so that they will push VFF out of the market. Can’t wait for that because Vibram doesn’t deserve such praise for making overpriced shoes with mediocre quality. Sometimes it’s way below mediocre and won’t last a few weeks. Only problem I can see with the Filas is that they’re only 4 toe shoe, WHY??

My toe shoes are definitely not on the way out ….. my feet have never been happier and my runs are joyful and pain free. I see several more pairs on their way in to my house this coming year! I wear them everywhere now.
Not real drawn to these Fila’s, but maybe that is because I am so happy with my five fingers!

I think if Fila can make an improvement to an innovative Vibram design then I’ll definitely get a pair. Having said that, Fila’s track record doesn’t reflect any success in training gear. As far as I know, they’re more of a lifestyle brand like kswiss. Vibram soles are amazing and can be found on my prada sport shoes and my 14 pairs of vffs. I haven’t had any quality issues with mine,and find that 100 bucks isn’t alot to spend on shoes.

I don’t own VFF’s yet, and the main reason is price….they’re just not within my budget, but the price point on the skeletoes make me want to try a pair.

I’m 53yrs old and started living a barefoot lifestyle about 7 months ago and love it, but naturally there are those occasions when some type of shoe is required, and minimal shoes will fill that need for me, since i’ll never return to wearing what we consider “normal” shoes again.

I’m glad to see more shoe mfg’s putting forth a minimal shoe design….I wish I could try them all….lol

Hmmm they definitely aren’t as good as vibrams, but I don’t think they’re trying to be. I wouldn’t mind getting a pair to try out things that might be a little rough on my fivefingers, but I agree that I would need to have a pair in front of me to really judge them. I also agree that it’s good for vibrams to have a little competition as it generally means quality goes up and prices come down.

YAY. Competition.
The 2 small toes together offer a bit more protection, but offer a bit less freedom.

anyway I like it as more companies follow the 5 toe design.

I went shopping for toe socks but the runners point store in Germany said the CEO wants nike free at maximum. they know the VFF but want to sell shoes with “STYLE” and hideous arch support and cushioning.

well keep your crappy arc support.

Oh but tracks.
It is snowing here again and I make barefoot-like tracks in the snow.

So we have Vibram, the Japanese and now fila. yay.

Oh and I finally was asked the question.
Are those socks?

hahahahaha πŸ™‚

I contacted and found out they are owned by Action Sports ( which is the place I bought my Vibram KSO because they were the highest rated retailer on Birthdayshoes. If Action Sports is behind this then I know it is a good product. I immediately placed my pre-order now that I know who I am dealing with. My kids will be getting a pair for sure.

Five Finger shoes are not on their way out, they are on their way up! I have 6 pair so far and looking to buy more. The spring collection and fall collection have great visual appeal and I would believe are as comfortable to wear as the ones I currently own. It is true it takes a bit of getting used too, to wear these shoes in public, they are strange looking. But, for those of you who are too embaressed to wear these shoes… I guess you are not strong willed and must have self-esteme issues. I think it is GREAT when people look at my shoes in public. I have had more positive comments on my shoes than negetive and it HAS helped my self-esteeme issue. My back has never felt better and and personal life has improved. A lot! Anyway, Vibram has an amazing product in Five Fingers, and that is why it is now being copied. One problem with them though is this… Once you start you can’t stop… it is a very addiciting shoe!

I just picked up a pair of treksports for my wife (her first VFFs) but her little toe doesn’t fit right into them, making them uncomfortable–I’m in for Fila Pewter/Pink Skele-toes-maybe they will fit better. If I am pleased with the fit and finish, I’ll probably order a pair for my 5 year old son when he gets into size 1.


somebody asked about the sole, they feel good,thick enough to run in but not so thick that you feel like youre wearing a shoe. i have nothing to compare to but they feel great on.

I tried on a pair today at the Dick’s Sporting Goods where I work (my jaw nearly hit the floor when I heard we had toe shoes of any kind!). They feel thicker all around than a VFF classic or KSO, but they don’t feel like “normal” shoes. For the price, I definitely want to buy them and wear them to work the rest of the winter at least; I may switch back to my classics or shop for new VFFs come summer.

I went to a store yesterday and had a chance to give them a try. I find them to be quite comfortable; the sole is pretty thick compared to my VFF’s . I would safely say that the Skele-toe is not for avid experienced barefooters; nevertheless they are well constructed. I felt a little constriction having my 2 little toes stuck together but again it’s just me. I think it is a great shoe for beginners; I will stress that there are no toe caps and time will tell on how good they hold together. They are priced right. The store sells them at $49. for adults and $44. for kids. I am always open to good barefoot footwear. (I have been wearing VFF’s for 6 years now every day and Evo-skin for some time)

Ouch. Just tried these on and they feel nothing like vffs. The two little toes together felt strange when I jogged around the store in them and the overall construction was very plastic and stiff. The spandex like upper pulled the front of the sole squarely against my toes and made it uncomfortable to flex my toes in any direction. I also wasn’t sure what the two toggle loop things had to do with fit or function as the two plastic velcro straps seemed to do the job.

This is definitely a lifestyle shoe not a training or running shoe. Not bad for 49.99 though.

I tried on a pair of these yesterday, and I wouldn’t even call them barefoot shoes at all.

The sole is stiff and unforgiving, with little flex at all and no ground feel. I was wearing my old worn out KSOs at the time (I have a newer pair that was in the wash) so I was able to compare the two shoes literally side by side.

The skeletoes are very comfortable, and in truth slid on easier than a new pair of unbroken in VFFs. The joined little and 4th tow wasn’t an issue, and I could see that being a boon in outdoor running, where I’ve experienced and heard tales of little toes snagging easily on stuff.

I have to agree with FIla that these are a lifestyle shoe, not a real barefoot, separate toe competitor to the VFFs.

I’d considering buying for just bumming around if the price were even a bit lower. For $60, I’d rather just pony up another $25 and get the good stuff.

I am a long time vff user and it is my favorite shoe. I like the idea of the style becoming more popular but I think the four finger design of the filas detracts from the value of having all toes seperated, thus preventing blisters. I will stick with my vffs.

I am not a runner, but prefer to go almost EVERYWHERE without shoes. I am an avid martial artist and when you have this intimate connection to your feet and the ground, ANY shoe just feels WRONG.
I ran across the five finger shoes over christmas and was put off by the very high price. These shoes, while not “high performance” definately feel more comfortable than tennis shoes. The sole IS a bit stiff, but really, tennis are much more so. They fit beautifully and do not push my natural foot alignment out of place. They actually feel like the sole was custom-molded to my foot! Definately a great buy. If I need “performance”, I have a nice pair of neoprene martial arts shoes for my indoor workouts πŸ™‚

I like the looks of them. I just bought a pair about 30 minutes ago…I actually cannot tell I have them on! They are very comfortable.

I just got a pair of these today. While I am not a big fan of the two little toes being put together, I am a big fan of the price. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vff’s and will not be replacing them as far as running and every day wear is concerned; but, I love practicing parkour and free running, as well as martial arts tricking. When it comes to those activities, my vff’s didn’t stand a chance. They are durable enough for running, but when I subjected them to parkour they didn’t last me more than a week. Hopefully I can get more use out of the skeletoes(horrible name).

I saw the video review on these and started to compare them to VFFs. I am drawn to the price since I am new to the world of minimalist shoes. I’ve never owned a pair before so I’ll be using these as a test run. Yes, I’ll be headed out to the store today to see if I can find a pair.

I’m interested especially at that price point however I’ve fallen into wearing my treks for everyday wear. Maybe I can encourage them to do a boot ala the surge I cant buy anywhere.

I just bought a pair of these, and they are incredibly easy to put on, and feel amazing when on. They are sturdy, the stitching isn’t flimsy, and they feel like going barefoot. I’d recommend them to anyone..they’re awesome shoes.

I think ill stick with my five fingers I have 4 pair and love them. Price wise u get what u pay for. I doubt that these will hold up on trails and water sports.

The wife and i got ours yesterday and they are Awesome!
They are a little heavier than the VFF’s but the combined fifth toe is actually easy to put on and feels less intrusive on the smaller toes.
I love them and for the price we can abuse them without a care.

Shame on Fila. The pathetic pocket for the last 2 finges is to avoid paying Vibram their patent rights. Embarassing to the least.

Just bought some, love them and the price was unbeatable! They have a flexible yet solid sole that gives You more support for everyday walking. They are very comfortable and highly recommended.

I love the combined 4th & 5th toe feature – my pinky toe doesn’t like some of the VFF models and after a few hours it hurts & I have to move it to share the 4th toe spot. Not a problem in the mocs/performas, but in the classics & KSOs it is.

I love going barefooted but my wife hates it when, after several hours shopping with her, I lose the shoes and shop barefooted. So….when I was able to get these at Kohl’s for only $27.99 I could not not pass up the deal! They are a little stiff..not quite like real bare feet. Quality looks and feels acceptable. They slip on easily and the 2-fingered pocket is comfortable. I won’t run in them but do feel they will join me for bike rides and bumming around.

I’m appalled that a lot of people on here actually like them. I saw billboards for these and hated them since. I love my VFF’s and will continue to support the original brand.

i just bought a pair of fila skeletoes at Dicks Sporting Goods. They are really awesome and comfortable. I like the idea of the joined pocket for my little toes, makes it much easier to get on. I’m not a runner or a “minamalist” (whatever that means) just a guy who likes cool comfortable sneakers, and I found them in this one.

I saw these in the Kohl’s flyer last week for 41.99 and made a mental note to try them on next time I was in there. I went shopping on Saturday and tried a pair on. I was really hoping I would like them because I’ve been wanting a pair of Flows and these looked similar and the price was right, but I was disappointed when I tried them on. the soles were very stiff compared to my KSO’s, and I couldn’t get a good fit no matter what size I tried and how much I played with the straps. As much as I wanted to like these, I had to pass.

After wearing my new Skele-toes for two days I just had to get a second pair. Kohl’s has them on sale for $41.99. After using my $30 in “Kohl’s Bucks” & 30% discount coupon they only cost me $8.81…what a deal!

I’ve got a fun pair and my 9 year old daughter will be getting a cute pink pair really soon. We have shoes that compliment the awesomeness of toe-socks!

As for the combined 4th and 5th digits…it’s perfect for my feet! I have the most negligibly small 5th toe and it made the VFF awkward.

I’ve suffered from fallen arches, plantar fascitis, and a rheumatoid arthritis for years and these shoes have provided the most comfortable walking in footwear ever! The sole is thick and not as flexible as I’d have anticipated, but I’m eager to see if it will gradually become more flexible with more wear. The breathability is okay, but this is definitely NOT neoprene.

For the price, I think this is a pretty good shoe to start with, for those looking to try out the “toe shoe” gig.

i bought a pair of these shoes today at Dicks in the mall near my apartment. I never wore a shoe like this before and have nothing to copare it to. They feel very comfortable and seem to be made well. I’m planning on taking them with me to Florida for spring break. Seems like they can be used for a million things,not only running. All I can say is that I’m really psyched about wearing them on my trip

I bought a pair in a men’s small size because our stores don’t have the women’s in stock yet. My husband and I got them for weightlifting. They are great for heavy squats and deadlifts, as having your toes in the seperate slots keeps the shoe from rolling under the weight. Love the anatomically great sole and no cushion, so you can ‘feel the floor’. I have decided to take mine back and wait for women’s sizes, because the are just a tad too wide for my female feet. Love them, otherwise.

Bought these for running and come to find out that these are NOT meant for running at all. Since I found that out, I guess I’ll have to spend the bigger bucks for the ones you can run in. I feel like I wasted $40. on “barefoot” runners that I assumed these to be. The Fila Skeletoes are for anything and everything else but running. Do your homework first.

all i can say is i LUV MY VFF’S i have the kso, kso trek and just got the komodosport. i wear them almost everyday. the fila looks whack!! like a broke avatar shoe, i dont want them, i dont care what the price is. the fila looks hard, i saw them advertised in modells sporting goods but i wont be wearing them. i’m sticking with vff’s

I just bought a pair and wore them to work today. They feel awesome! I’m really curious to see if they help my lower back and siatic nerve problems. Today was pretty much pain free. Time will tell!

I really like my pair. I have been suffering from sciatic nerve pain for some time now, and these shoes relieve that pain. As for the four toe thing, I like having the two toes together. My baby toe has been broken for years, and the two together are much more comfortable than they would be separated. I don’t know how long they will last, but they are approved to wear by my employer, and I am excited to have something new.

I’m running with this for about 2 miles and believe me it’s great, if you’re never run barefoot like i do you will thank with the thicker sole cuz it act like cushion unlike vff. and for whoever says it’s not for running just because fila says so they “eat” advertising as it is, I test run myself skeletoes and compare it with vff sprint … and guess what, I like this better cuz it has more cushion, yeah yeah its not true barefoot and skeletoes is stiffer bla bla bla but I confirm that i run with this 4x for the week and my foot didn’t hurt that means it’s good for me; again though i’m the guy who always run with cushioning shoes!

I just bought a pair and have worn them at each of my workouts in the gym with the exclusion of running. I like the feel and sturdiness of them. They have worked well. And feel great.

Got a chance to try these on today – a retailer here in town in southern MN started stocking them about three weeks ago. I asked a lady that was working how the reception towards them has been…and she said they’d sold probably a half dozen pairs – one to a lady who was just ecstatic.

I didn’t mind them (I like my VFF’s better, though), and I think they’d be either a great entry shoe or a great and much cheaper (they were on sale for %50) alternative to someone looking to try out the minimalist thing. The soles felt a bit oddly shaped to me, but I think that’s just a matter of being used to VFF’s. And being used to the ‘Five’ fingers, looking at the ‘Four’ fingers was strange. They do have a very nice pink and gray/black color for the ladies though.

Kudos to Fila for jumping on the bandwagon…

try going to a shoe carnival they have them there now i got to try a pair on and there super comfy and the thick soles make it better to me and the whole 4 toe design makes it alot easier, also the 3 straps make it easier to fit your foot i have no negative points on this product its a great quality shoe and seems pretty durable.:)

I’m simply looking for a pair of these, or the vibrams, that will work well for Kayaking. I want something that will transition well from water to the kayak, and stop my feet from slipping on either rock or the web hull of my kayak.
I think it seems like for this purpose, either brand will work. is this true?

Thanks πŸ™‚

I bought pair for my 9 year old son. He loves the so much he doesn’t want to wear anything else. My 16 year old daughter wants a pair for the lake. So we love and recomend them highly.

I LOVE THESE SHOES! We live with a creek in our yard and I’m tired of buying shoes for my 6 year old. These shoes I just dish sopa and wash in the kitchen sink, towel and air dry! He loves the cool look, so do I! I walk my 90lb German Shepard in them, I really depend on that great grip! And I have always loved walking barefoot! I’ve always known the benifit of spreding the toes though my yoga pratice. People notice! I’m alwyas hearing, “Great Shoes! I’ve got to get some of thoes!’


I just bought the shoes yesterday and absolutely love them! I am a youthful 51-year-old and enjoy their athleticism, feel and look. I saw a guy wearing them at the airport last week while traveling on biz and said to myself, “I need to find those things!” They breathe and are the next best things to flip-flops but with greater support. And the style alone is worth the price. Thanks, Fila!

Probably doesn’t need any individual toes for the little ones, just the split for the big toe. That and a real foot shape, which it indeed has… not rocket-like at all. At the very least, the 2nd and 3rd toes could also be joined or share a common sole section. Westerners have much weaker bones in that area since we haven’t been barefoot our whole lives. The outsole going up over the top of the toe I could probably do without as long as the top is re-enforced, which it appears to be. My middle toes, in particular, often rub on the top of my five fingers. I’m wondering if the soles are using anything sophisticated in there and are thicker than Vibrams. It’s pretty tough to beat a Classic for pure stability and fit, but if you need more underneith then a Bikila often isn’t enough.

THESE SHOES ARE AMAZING!!!!! Everywhere I go, I get comments like crazy… They are the next best thing to being barefoot. I tried the VFF’s and really didnt like them much because of the 5 toe design made them a pain to put on… The skel’s not as much. I literally wear these everywhere….As far as cleaning, a soak in laundry soap/warm water and a sun dry will do the trick.

I wish there was a personal review that wasn’t from an angry Vibram fanboy. I mean seriously let’s review the product, yeah yeah yeah Vibram came out with the whole 5 finger thing 5 years ago…. get over it

I absolutely love these shoes. I love walking bare foot but always had qualms about trying on 5 fingers because of working in a construction based industry and definitely had hesitance when looking at the price tag.
I tried on my Skeletoes at the store and immediatley bought them the same day. I wear them anytime I don’t have work. I love my Skeletoes.
I love the soles on the bottom – It’s just enough for the added sense of security. It still moves with my foot and I’m able to feel texture. As for the durability, No issue. I’ve been wearing them constantly and there is no wear and tear any where on the shoes. Even the soles haven’t worn down the way almost all of my sneakers did within the first month.
The only two complications I’ve found are the slight smell and the length of the toes. After about a month, they do become a little smelly, but nothing Goody’s Foot Powder hasn’t helped with. The length of the toes though is something I’m always going to come across (being a girl with size 11 men’s feet I don’t have a size option in women’s. And the men’s toes are about an inch longer on every toe). But neither of these problems have deterred me.
I cannot wait to try hiking in Hawaii with these shoes on!

these shoes are awesome, i really like how sturdy they are, i bought mine at Dicks…they had plenty of stock, i checked Famous Footwear but they were sold out.
i heard fila is coming out with a few more versions soon…anybody know what they look like? Fila’s makin a comeback!

I have a few pairs of VFF’s some are for running/hiking others for more common uses. My opinion is that for kids that will outgrow the VFF’s in a year or less fila skeletoes is a good choice. But at the end it comes to how much $$$ you are willing to spend or don’t like to have pinky toe lonely. πŸ˜€

the shoes are so amazing! i did not think that they cool thell i tryed them on. i am so glad taht i got them

i honestly love my skeletoes i wear a size 13 and cant wear vibrams πŸ™ but thn i found these and fell in love and i run in them every day i do parkour in them bike wear them out places they still hold up sooo im happy πŸ™‚

I have been using both. The FFS are the best for minimilist hiking and trail running.I use the filas for walking down what I ran up in while wearing the FFS.The filas are good in boats and on bikes. Plus whith both I can pick up things with my toes.

i have a pair of skeletoes and I really enjoy them. I wanted Vibrams but when I tried them on I realized that my pinky toes don’t stray too far from the toe next to it, therefore skeletoes were the best choice. However I need advice on cleaning these things!

I have 2 pairs of the these and I love, love, love them. They are so comfortable with great arch support. They are hard to get on at first, but get easier as you go along. I will get more. I would sleep in them if I could. I wear the kids sizes and I wish they would come out with more colors.

I have these shoes and they are amazing! I love them so much and you can wear them anytime! Amazing is just one of many great ways to describe these shoes!

I became a barefoot person the first of this year with my fila skeletoes. After much wear with the first I bought a second loving every minute of it. This should was so comfort, it also helps with my back and legs they never fell tired or worn out with them on. Then i discover Vibram i wanted they so much, but again price was a factor. I was so excited on day when i check this site an the recommeded a store called River Outtiffers until receive my shoes and they didnt fit (TOO SMALL) i contacted the store immediately for a bigger size and was denied several times. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS STORE. THE price was good THE SERVICE SUCKS. Stuck with pair of shoes I can’t wear

You can be machine washed on cold or warm/cold with a little bleach free detergent. It would be best if you threw in a towel or two they they did not bang around the washer so much. They should be air dried and ever put in the dryer.

so I’m a size 13 mens. Will my size translate directly to the skeletoes size? Or is their measuring different. If so please tell me what size would fit best. Thanks!

I just bought a pair of Skele-toes. What are your thoughts on the support of these shoes and the needs of someone with planters fasciitis?

I love these shoes.They feel really great on my feet.I just wish that they would be allowed on the pt test.

I just bought my first pair of skele-toes last night. I am new to the whole barefoot shoes and have heard that these would help take away some of my pain from my fibromyalgia. They didn’t have the ladies size in my size so I ended up getting a kids pair, but so far wearing them two days, I love them! They are comfortable and easy to walk in and easy to get into!

just bought my first pair of toe shoes (fila skeletoes)in a size 8 because the 9s were too big. now that i have worn them around the house for an hour or so, the 8s are feeling a bit small. do they stretch at all or should i go back and get the 9s?

I have the fila skeletal shoes in punk and black I washed them in cold/warm water on delicate with detergent and the black part faded to grey they look horrible these shoes are cheap what kind of shoe would do that really very disappointed will never buy these again:(

AWESOME SHOES!!!!!! I have a bad arch and these seemed to help. I am a barefoot live with nature kinda a person and love hiking but tragically you can’t hike barefoot in the California mountains. After buying these shoes I could get that barefoot feel and STILL HIKE!!!!! One question: How do these help your feet????
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I live in India. I love these shoes, seen a friend wearing them and raving about them. How can i buy myself a pair?

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